Thursday, August 19, 2010

Chanel Chanel so nice I had to say it twice.

Remember how a few weeks ago I went to Chanel and had an amazing experience? A few days later Dave and I stopped at the Chanel counter in Saks at the Prudential Center and I was showing him the things the woman used at that last visit. We were just strolling and the saint he is ENJOYS me showing him 5 of varying shades of pink lip gloss. He actually offers thought out opinions too. None of that "That's nice hun" or "What ever you like" business. I have been with this man for 14 years. (I was just shy of turning 18. He was 17) I have taught him well. It doesn't hurt he works in a design profession and needs to have a keen eye for details.

Oh yes so we were at the counter and the insanely nice girl who works there Carrie said "Hey we are having an event in a couple weeks you want to make an appointment?" I did a typical Hillary and awkwardly said no thank you. Loud mouth with me says "Yes she would! What time do you have available?" I could of kicked him. My mind went $$$$$ I think I even gave him the look. OH you know the look. The don't take me to the kitten store to look at kittens look. There was much hmming and hawwwing this week and me saying I was going to cancel. Kinda like the eshop and ditch. YOU KNOW YOU DO IT. Spend hours on sites only to run away. Who else puts things back in the wrong place in a store when you change your mind? Dave hates when I do that. Starts saying how the sales people have to put that away. HEY buddy I've been that sales person WAY too many times and I kinda loved it. I loved seeing things in random places abandoned by someone with second thoughts. Last night he asked if he could borrow some cash because he had to pay cash to the car inspection guy this morning. I didn't think anything of it. Today in the middle of the day he IMs me saying "So you are going right?" I made a bunch of excuses and said "no I don't want to go sniff a cupcake." How I only had enough allowance (budgeted fun money) for one thing and why waste their time. He says well count how much you really have then I will help you preshop online. (Yes I ALWAYS preshop online so as to have a strategy when I get to the store and don't get distracted by shiny sparkly) I opened my wallet and that bugger had slipped money in it last night! I had no idea. "From my calculations you have enough in there to get THREE things or one big fancy and a glosss" DEAR LORD I LOVE THIS MAN.

I went. I had a blast. Carrie who booked the appointment was there but she was doing more of the actual cashing people out and two people from corporate Chanel worked on me. YES TWO. The main person was Shirley a cute little thing with long gorgeous hair (Think Demi) She really addressed my concerns and made it tailored to my likes and skin and didn't just put on me what she wanted like many makeup artists tend to do. I feel terrible I didn't catch the guys name. I was shy and didn't ask him to repeat it. I was distracted by him. He was confidant and assured and said I had nice eyes and I got flustered and missed his name. Whenever people compliment me I get all awkward. I need to work on the being thankful in the moment. I always say thank you but get all fumbly.

Enough talk. Look how pretty I look!



And the big reveal!!!

I have a picture with all the makeup listed on it in order. They also prioritized it for me because they knew I was working with a budget. I love when people GET THAT and are respectful and tell you what will get you the best bang for your buck. I also asked them to mark things that were limited edition. Because I hate nothing more than going back in three months to get something from the list and it is sold out! Now I know!

I got the Lipgloss in Fatale, Eyeshadow in Amethyst and Mascara in Rouge Noir. The mascara is UNGODLY expensive for mascara but hands down it was the best one I ever used and it is PLUM!!!! (remember I got a sample two weeks ago? Strangers in public have said how nice my eyes look!) I asked a good friend recently (a very literal minded male engineer) how do you review something that is more expensive than normal? He said that if you really like it say "it is the kinda thing you save up for"

That is Chanel. The kinda stuff you save up for. I'd rather have one AMAZING mascara then 3 or 4 MEH drugstore ones I can't try before buying and end up never using because I don't like them.

PS Remember how I said this was the year of me being bold? Breaking that shell? I told all three about my blog and GAVE THEM MY CARD! Can I get a high 5? If you guys are reading this.. THANK YOU so much you really made me feel special and I can't wait to save up for my next piece to add to the collection!


Felicity said...

You really, really look beautiful. Sounds like you had a great experience. Also, your posts really convey what a great relationship you and Dave share, it's so cool.


Melissa said...

Could you please introduce your husband to mine? So maybe he could share a thing or two with him? That'd be awesome. Thanks. {Not that my husband isn't great...but he certainly doesn't slip money into my wallet. Ever.}

You look stunning. Seriously so gorgeous. I'm so glad you were able to purchase some of the make-up too. This sounds like so much fun, I'm glad you didn't cancel!

Megan Mae said...

Your eyes are popping like crazy awesome wow. Congrats on the awesome experience.

Jodie said...

Although I read your blog every morning, I never comment - I start to feel all awkward and shy. But I had to comment, WOWSER! Your eye's look incredible! Just wondering if you could share what eyeliner was used aswell? (might, just might, start saving ...)

whenlifehandsyouapear said...

Holy poppin' gorgeous green eyes! And those lips!! Yowza!

hillary said...

Holy wowzers thank you people!

Jodie well thanks for stopping by. I just looked at the paper so I knew I was saying it right.

The bottom lid had Amethyst shadow and the water line and top UNDER top lashes is with Cassis. (It feels weird the first time you do it. Kevyn Aucoin was a big fan of doing this.

Cassis liner is waterproof and I have it on my hand and it's been almost 5 hours and a couple handwashes and it is still there. I think this is definitely a liner you need a good remover to take off.

HollyElise said...

Wow, your eyes!
That is definetely mascara to save up for, because every time I see a photo of you I think "Wow, her eyes' but when I scrolled down today it was like "WOW!!"
It's always great finding the right products to make great features (like, uhm, your ENTIRE FACE) look even more amazing!!

Alicia said...

Hi Hillary-I started reading your blog a few months ago & I adore you. You & Dave are simply adorable & you look stunning in these pictures. I love to read about what you guys do on the weekends. I love that you are so content in your 300 sqaure foot apartment. More people should strive to be like you :)

Heather said...

Your skin! Your eyes! Your lips! Your cheeks!!

Truly - they did a wonderful job and you look beautiful.

Double high five on the giving out of your cards!!!!!

hillary said...

I try very hard to not tell people how happy I am. (which sometimes people take as me being depressed)
Instead I try to SHOW it.
you know the whole show me don't tell me. My mom said the ones always saying I AM SO HAPPY MY MARRIAGE IS THE BEST THING are usually the ones who are the most miserable. You wouldn't have to say it if it were self evident.
Does that make sense?

Thank you so much everyone!

Sheila said...

What a good husband. :) So nice when the training we do sinks in.

You look amazing - your green eyes looks so GREEN with all that purple around them. Just gorgeous.

And woo! High five, baby! You gave out your card - you are in the big time now!

spygrl1 said...

Awesome! I am so glad that you had such a lovely, fun experience! And you really do have a great husband (Um, not like you need anyone to tell you that) -- your relationship is inspiring.

Your eyes are totally gorge in those photos!!

Kelly said...

You look great! I love the whole look but my favorite is that purple liner (shadow?) below your eyes.

Lorena said...

Love, Love
Loveeee how your make up looks! You look so pretty and that red lip color.
We gotta clone your hubby :)

Lacey said...

Your husband rocks!! I agree with paying a little more $$ for a great product instead of wasting $$ on mediocre stuff. It's all about saving and splurging where appropriate!!

Bianca said...

Stunning. Your eyes are beautiful on their own, the makeup helps them pop all the more. Fantastic look, and the MU artists must have been in heaven to have such a lovely face to work on.(you made their job much easier)

Alicia said...

Hillary-Yes, I do know what you are saying. You & Dave have been together for 14 years & it is VERY evident how you feel about one another without saying anything at all. That is so awesome. Marriage is such work for so many people & it seems you guys have it down. Kuddos to you two. I wish you many more years of happiness!

Clare said...

Dear god you look BEAUTIFUL. So unbelievably gorgeous. Sounds like an incredible day!