Monday, August 23, 2010

An award.

I have been less than timely lately regarding blogger duties. I would like to thank Melissa from A Working Mom's Closet for the Stylish Blogger Award she gave me. Thank you Melissa.

Since I took so long to post it instead of 5 I am giving you 10 things about me. I have a theme too. A peak into the "more creative" part of my mind.

1. I love Miley, Mary-Kate, Ashely and Posh and ESPECIALLY Tori.

2. I am trying to grow my hair out to what I like to refer to as Mermaid length. I directly attribute the desire to my love of Waterhouse and Mucha paintings.

3. I read Dear Theo and the Andy Warhol diaries in middle school. I had a thing for artist diaries. I was fiercely addicted to Warhol. When I was in 7th grade my step dad and I skipped school one day and he took me down to Boston (big city!) and we went to Warhol exhibit at Museum of Fine Art.

4. A few years before on a school trip to the MFA I became infatuated with this statue. Degas' Dancer (I took this about 6 years ago on a cellphone.

My favorite statue.

She isn't always on display. The cold hard bronze with the soft pink fabric. The pairing of those stroked my young mind. I still love it as much as I did when I was 10.

5. As a freshman in college I had this wacky professor that had us compare Billy Budd Sailor (Herman Melville) Interview with a Vampire (Anne Rice) Cities of the Red Night (William S Burroughs) and the 4 Alien movies. (the fourth came out that semester) I thought the teacher was certifiable. I fell in love with Burroughs that semester though. I only now 13 years later appreciate how deliciously brilliant that teacher was.

6. Roald Dahl is my favorite author of all time hands down. No comparison. I was 10 when Matilda came out and I seriously thought it was about me with a few name changes. My mom has called me Matilda for the past 22 years because of it. (also my online persona)

7. I was always drawn to the artistic broken boys. But I wasn't like that in with real life boys.(edited to say OK OK maybe I was) James Dean, Jackson Pollock, Jim Morrison, William Burroughs (hello he played Willam Tell!), Jack Kerouac, and DEAR LORD ROBERT DOWNEY JUNIOR. If they weren't broken I didn't like them.

8. I miss my art. I have never ever refereed to myself as an artist. The longer I go without doing it the more I am inclined to say it. I think it is my mind willing it to be true.(aka guilting myself into making something)

9. The piece I am most proud of was my impossible room


I wish there was secret footage of Dave and I making it. I would of made my carpenter dad weep a little. But I did it and it looked AWESOME. The hardest part was getting the sheet rock and door from the hardware store to the studio.I had wired a tape player to the door frame so when the door was closed the button was pushed and you could hear someone whispering and the light was on the second you opened it, it all stopped.I wanted my family to see it so bad but no one was interested.

10. I officially "took a break" from grad school 2 years ago.I don't think I will ever be going back. At least not photography.


Melissa said...

Wow. I'm so glad you were able to post this. You are one of the most fun and interesting people I've "met" so far through blogging and all of these tidbits of information just reinforce how great you are.

Thank you for sharing!

Clare said...

Your art installation piece sounds awesome! I love the idea, and it looks like it was really cool.

Emily B. said...

I love the whole concept for your installation - and I wish I could have seen it.

I am hoping that the next time I visit you, we can visit Degas' scupture. I just saw some of his paintings at a show here in Toronto and I was fascinated.

Dave77459 said...

I want an impossible room now. Also, Posh.

Congrats on the very deserved award!

I've always thought that mermaids would end up with tangly hair as it floated about. Not true?

hillary said...

dave But there is always a fork.

(the waterhouse one above kinda looks like she is using a fork too.

david said...

I love the room project but I think your day/night video is my favorite. The power you felt when you flipped the switch was spooky.

Felicity said...

I love your installation concept and of course the first thing I thought of was the door in Charlie and teh Chocolate Factory. And cutting school to see the Warhol exhibit? Your step-dad sounds awesome!! This was great getting a peek inside your art-mind. : )

hillary said...

Dave do we have footage of the day night video??? It was pre digital cameras and I can't remember if we filmed it.

Sheila said...

I adore Roald Dahl! Have you read his adult short stories? They've recently been reissued after not being in print for decades. And read "My Uncle Oswald" (his only adult novel) - it will make you blush and laugh!

What an awesome art installation! Love it!

mamichan said...

I love that Degas dancer. And his paintings, I like the funny awkward non-perfect dancers. Your impossible room reminds me of the little door in Being John Malkovich :)