Monday, August 30, 2010

All the dirt you've wandered through

like this one? i do

I get fussy holding my glasses. I don't know what to do with them when they aren't on my face.

This should be interesting. I can get to blogger but not my blog so I can write this but I can't actually view it. So if the formatting is screwy sorry! I wish I could see it.
Shirt Target
Skirt New York and Co
Shoes Clarks
Necklace Marc Jacobs

In the top photo something isn't quite right with my middle section. It looked like was I AHEM larger than I am. (I am not skinny by any means but I know what I NORMALLY look like) I kept enlarging it wondering if this shirt should be donated and what the heck was going on in that section. Then I realized what it was. This shirt is see thru so I wore a nude cami tucked into the very high waist of the skirt. That is the skirt you can see thru the shirt. See I used an arrow to show you.


It also has ruffles down the middle. Which you so can't see in top photos.

IMG_1938 cute

I don't have many pairs of brown shoes so I was at a loss last night WHAT to wear with this outfit. I finally decided to try red. I threw the necklace on so if anyone called me on it at work I could say SEE I HAVE RED HERE TOO. Because my coworkers are so the kind to point them out. All the shoe pointer outers were out today though!
clarks red mens oxford shoes shiny


I am wearing my liner, lips and shadow from the MAC Fabulous Felines collection. Shadow Palette is Palace Pedigree lips is Fanfare lipstick with Wildly Refined gloss on top and liquid liner in Smoky Heir Then I have my Chanel deep red mascara Rouge Noir Inimitable on.For blush I mixed Coralista by Benefit with a peach blush from a long ago MAC limited edition line. (Its in a safety orange package)


My weekend? Uninteresting. Dave was doing homework. I read.
Sat we went to lunch. I asked Dave if the front camera on the iphone also shot video. Apparently it does. (I knew it did facetime but I didn't know if it recorded. I just had never tried)

Oh this is worth sharing too. We had to take Daisyboo to the vet on Saturday and $500 of tests later we just heard from vet and my furbaby is OK. Her sugars were great and she won't have to go on insulin. I was so sick over it. I honestly thought I was going to have a nervous breakdown in the car on the way there. She was crying and crying and we were in traffic. She hates the car so much she cried the entire way. She was sniveling by the time we got there. We ran into someone Dave knows and she even was saying "oh the poor baby" as Daisyboo cried the entire time waiting for our turn.  In the room when they were doing the ultrasound and sticking a needle into her and you could see it going in on the monitor and I was shaking. I could feel Dave watching me the entire time waiting for me to pop. But once we were in the room and they were shaving her and doing all the needle poking she didn't say BOO. She didn't try to get up, she didn't cry, she didn't do anything. She is SUCH a good girl. They all loved her there. She also didn't say anything the whole car ride home. Once we were going up stairs she started crying again. I let her right out and she ran and hid for a few hours.


Yeah I don't know if I can handle having children. My nerves can't handle it.


Bridgett said...

glad your kitty is okay. i am the same way with my pets- worries me sick. i am not sure if i can handle having children either.

the little video cracked me up, and i love that skirt.

Kelly said...

First of all - I love this color combo. Even though the shoes and your hair are far away from each other, I think they really bring each other out and POP against that skirt.

Also - I'm so glad you hear that Daisy is OK! After your email I was worried something terrible was happening. Traci has diabetes so I know how stressful the whole situation is. I still get nervous every time we go to the vet. But it sounds like Daisy will be fine, yay!

hillary said...

Kelly we already knew about the diabetes but when we went this time the vet didn't explain at all so we had no idea what was wrong. I didn't know anything until he called so we thought it was bad.

Lemondrop Marie said...

Poor poor Daisyboo, glad that she's better and over the vet fright.
Love the eyeshadow.
Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

Kelly said...

Oh yeah I didn't mean that your email was misleading, just that I knew she has diabetes so when I heard you were going to the vet again, I was nervous for her!

Kelly said...

(I hope I am making some kind of sense, today I have been so "off" in e-communications. I think my brain isn't working today!)

hillary said...

Kelly. Mercury is in retrograde!
Its in the cosmos.

Melissa said...

I do have a child but sometimes I feel like I can't handle being a mom! It's VERY nerve-wracking! My in-laws think I'm crazy (they don't particularly like me to begin with, I don't think...) and they think I don't trust them. I'm just crazy over-protective, that's all!

I absolutely ADORE the blue and red together! That is a fabulous skirt and now I want to go find one in just that shade. But I'm pretty sure I won't. Cuz that's my luck.

I love the ruffles on the top and those shoes are adorable!!!

beyondthebath said...

I'm so glad your kitty is okay. I have 2 of my own fur-kids, and if they were sick/injured, I'd be sick with worry, too.

I saw part of your wedding rings. Can you tell me about them? One looks vintage/antique!

hillary said...

Beyond the bath
Good eye. My wedding band (the one with a row of diamonds) is an antique 1920s ring we got at an estate place. The engagement ring Dave "made" in 1998. He picked the setting out and band and a loose diamond and they made it.

Megan Mae said...

LOVE the red shoe with the blue skirt. Adorable color combo.

Also omgoodness. Everyone and the kitty photos lately. I'm dying of cute. Thank goodness your furbabe is okay. She's terribly precious.

Sheila said...

Oh, your poor little boo - my heart goes out to her, and to you. I know how tough it is when they are hurting.

Awesome blouse (love the ruffles), and your make-up is lovely (I'm a major MAC fan).

Heather said...

Sooooooooooo glad kitty is ok!!!

spygrl1 said...

I love the phrase "the pointer-outers" :)

And do they not realize that a red shoe goes with EVERYTHING?! That is my policy, anyway. I loooove a red shoe.