Tuesday, July 06, 2010

You're shaking my confidence daily

Lets put this out there first. I don't want to hear. "I wish I could sew." "Your lucky you can sew" "I can't sew"
No I have a good book and I followed the instructions. You can too. I was very adamant for the past 32 years that I couldn't sew. No not me. But I kept trying. You can do anything ewe really want to.


I have made a handful of skirts from this book Sew What Skirts 


Dave helped me draft a pattern last year from my measurements.




I literally sit there with the book in my lap.

The result. I need to tighten the elastic because I made it WAY too big. In the elastic weight skirt you need to make it big enough to come over your bum. Which I did I just was way too generous with the elastic I put in the waist and it keeps slipping down a little.


Yeah and that shirt? It is totally RED not orange. Since it is SO DAMN HOT out I did minimal makeup. I just did an eyewing and mascara and blush. The eye wing came out soo good. I have become a fan of my Covergirl brown eyeliner. (see more here)

See it's red!



Red shirt H&M 2008
Red lace cami Forever 21 2009
Skirt made by me
Sandals Born from TJMaxx courtesy of TJMaxx
Bracelet Gap 2008
Earrings Gift


david said...

job well done, it's so pretty. what you going to make next?

Emily Kennedy said...

I have that book too! Can I borrow your Dave for help with the drafting? Some of that nice thin paper would be lovely as well.

hillary said...

it is actually really thick paper which is great because I keep reusing it.
It is kinda translucent. Maybe Dave (above you) can tell you what it is as it's from his work.
I had made some with thin tracing paper the first time and the cat DESTROY it upon seeing it.

david said...

it's clearprint drafting vellum that i bought for school while i was in my first year (hand drafting, as if...)
it's usually stupid expensive in art stores but amazon has it reasonably priced.
it's great for many things because it's translucent, holds pencil and ink well, and it ages nicely.
i started with tracing paper first and it was going to be too much effort for what is basically trash.

D'Rae said...

I wish I could sew...... LOL!!!!!

The skirt turned out awesome!

I am trying to draft a skirt with a zipper and it is throwing me into convulsions! I am so scared of the zipper!!!!!

hillary said...

**eye twitch**
I avoid zippers like the plague. I all elastic. I did just buy a foot for zippers but I haven't tried it since I got it.

La Historiadora de Moda said...

Well, I don't currently have the space or the money for a sewing machine, but maybe at some point... Great job with this skirt!

hillary said...

My apt is 300 sq ft! It takes a lot of set up then cleaning.

Rachel said...

So cute! I've determined that I don't have the patience for sewing. I've got 3 or 4 unfinished projects laying around that I probably will never finish. I want things done NOW and really have trouble sitting down to sew - totally admire your determination to learn to create pretty garments.

Melissa said...

I don't even have the patience to sew on a loose button. I am so incredibly lazy. Can I blame it on the fact that I have a three-year-old and I'd rather spend time with her or cleaning the house?

Yeah. That's it.

The skirt looks lovely on you! I think you did a great job and I love the print that you chose.

Tina said...

I love that even with such a tiny apartment, you make room for something like sewing. You rock!

Lisa said...

That skirt is amazing! I can relate to the "I wish I could _____" since I knit. However, I am probably guilty at some point or another of "wishing" I could do something or other. I should amend my statements in the future to say: I wish I was more motivated/less lazy so I could learn to do _____.

hillary said...

I'm guilty of it! I said it for 32 years regarding sewing.

Urg I mean 23 years. Yup.

Sheila said...

That's so cute! I love the cut and colours. Wow, good job, you!

I also don't have the patience for sewing. I used to attack my clothes in a sort of kamikaze way when I was a teenager (Mom had a sewing machine), and make weird things out of scraps. No more!

hillary said...

Thanks everyone. I kinda was hoping I wouldn't hear that kind of talk.(since I asked nicely and everything.) Mostly because it makes me assume things about myself and I kinda just wanted to show an accomplishment that was years in the making. But ya know... Can't win them all. :)