Monday, July 19, 2010

Weekend wrap up

I had 3 hours sleep last night. Not in that I didn't sleep long so I will say three. No really I only slept 3 hours last night. I am DRAGGING because I didn't sleep well this weekend either. I barely got out the door and I forgot my camera. So I employed my ever popular I am over tired makeup routine: Slap on a TONof blush, put white liner on my bottom lash line and sparkly pink lip gloss.

We had a nice weekend. Saturday my in laws came to celebrate Dave's birthday. We had lunch (The boys had fried haddock, my mil had mushroom risotto and I had a BBQ chicken salad.)

While waiting for our food we entertained ourselves with the "Dave" puzzle my mil made.

and for dessert:

We then saw Despicable Me and we all loved it. It was cute and funny and a perfect movie for mixed company. I then took my mil to my favorite smoothie place while the boys looked for parking. The fact that it was gone before we got to our apartment tells me they liked it.

We found a photo booth in our travels too.

Once back home we had Dave's birthday cake. (Notice we do lots but somehow only the food get photographed. I sense a theme)

That is "cootie cake" in a cone with buttercream icing. (Yet there is no butter nor cream.) They are 100% Gluten and Dairy free cake put into the cone and filled with icing. Dave's entire family is Celiac. (They also own Little Bay Baking A gluten free baking mix company. Go check them out!)

They were delicious and it is safe to say the sweetest food on the entire planet.

I probably shouldn't of had a second one later.

Gluten free dairy free cupcake cones

I wised up and yesterday and cut it in half.

Lady like. You're doing it wrong.

For dinner Dave made me him and waffle pancakes.

Sunday there was much house work and much of this....Lady like. You're doing it wrong!

Lady like. You're doing it wrong.

Oh and I finally finished my puzzle! Before Dave even! (Mind you I spent hours more than him. If he spent half as long as I did he would of won. He gets out a damn ruler. I am more willy nilly.)

How was your weekend? Any good food?


Felicity said...

Where is that photo booth? Looks like you had a fun weekend, word games, cake, cute kitties etc. The most exciting food I had over the weekend was a PB Twix. : o

hillary said...

at the movie theater. The fenway one.

Candycane said...

Looks like you had a great weekend, those cream cone cakes look delish!

Sal xXx

Lorena said...

Oh those ice creams look delicious !
I had a really awesome breakfast on Sunday morning, we went with friends and *GULP*, I Over ate.

Bridgett said...

i love ice cream cone cupcakes and those look so yummy.

hillary said...

Lorena even better it is all cake! nommmmmmmmmmmm

Beck, At Her Best said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend. Those cupcake cones look delicious!

The major highlights I can share about mine are going to the zoo and we made some really yummy pot roast.