Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Weekend roundup on a Tuesday

I never understood how some bloggers got so behind posting their outfits a week after they wore them. But now I get it. I am still a post same day person but other things I meant to post A LONG TIME AGO (maybe tonight) are still sitting in my drafts folder. I won't apologize for it as it is my time line I set and I shouldn't be sorry but oy I hate being late.

I swear we do more than eat. I actually have a small appetite. I just only think to take pictures when we are eating because we are both sitting. (and I am ADD and get twitchy)

This weekend. Well it was a 3 day weekend again. I only have one of those left! (we get 4 a summer at my work.)
Thursday night we went out for some Gluten Free pizza at Stone Hearth in Cambridge. It was so crowded we took it to go and ATE IN A PARK.(the one outside Harvard to be specific) We haven't done that in years. Mostly because GF takeout is not a common place thing. (yet)

A highly attractive picture of me eating. My hand is probably blurry because I was stuffing my face I was so hungry. We got bacon and pineapple. They use only locally sourced organic ingredients and on the box it points out what farm they got each ingredient at. I kinda love that.

I love this picture of Dave here. Reminds me of a photo of him when he was 4.

 dave and me

Friday we went to lunch and both ordered the same thing. Got astronaut ice cream at the camping store and went to see Inception.

And somewhere along the way I got a macaroon.


Saturday Dave got up early and made gluten free glazed apple pie munchkins. He winged them, inspired by a post I sent him with all kinds of wacky donuts.
See the demon in the background?

Then we hit up Newbury street and I got some new lipstick. This picture does it no justice. Dave actually SWOONED how much he liked it and made me stop so he could take a picture to show me. (do you do that? Take a picture of the person your with to show them what you see? Like when Dave tries on a hat in Target for example.)

Fwd: Some photos

Then I stopped in Sweet cupcake shop. How could I walk past? I couldn't. Little did I know I was in for a surprise!

Look who I found inside?! Lisa of Knit Teach Ride!

How cute is she? After I totally embarrassed myself in front of Lisa and her fiance we went for lunch. (yes cupcake then lunch. I have priorities people) I am so socially awkward and I am sorry Lisa! I am just painfully shy. Once I warm up you can't shut me up.

After lunch we were attacked by a gang of cute girls giving lip make overs on the street. (see them over my right shoulder in the daisy dukes?)

Fwd: Some photos

They were from Buxom Bare Essentials "Sexy sister" Above that is me trying to make my lips look inflated. It is a cooling plumping gloss. I got a coupon for a free tube from Sephora which was across the street!

When we got home the border patrol searched all our packages.

Then threatened to punch us.

and Daisyboo forgot who she was for a minute and GOT UNDER THE COVERS AND STAYED THERE. Never happened in 5 years. She does not like things touching her, people picking her up or well anything other than cat food. She is particular and I love her for it. Dave and I kept poking each other and going LOOK LOOK SHE IS STILL THERE!!!!

I made some homemade soda too!

Making homemade cola

There was lots of other stuff but like I said I never think to take pictures when we are moving. Sunday while watching Mad Men I organized my train case. This is not all my pretties. I have more. This is just my train case. I am not apologizing for or making excuses for anything. Don't even try and make me feel bad for it. I WILL moderate your comment. Sorry but I had one too many snarky people make comments on my collections of things. Dude you have your thing I have mine. Deal with it.  I love my pretties.


A friend asked how I keep track of what I have. Spreadsheets.

What did you do this weekend?

Edited to add. You guys might not know. I have been a Mark rep for 5 years and was Avon for 3. I got a fantastic discount on makeup. That is how my collection grew initially.


Melissa said...

I want to see the spreadsheets. :)

hillary said...


Jess said...

I kind of want to dive right into your train case and not come up for air until I'm all prettied up. It's glorious!

Felicity said...

You guys are so darn cute, as adults and as kids. Your border patrol comment seriously had me howling! : D

Lisa said...

Don't feel bad at all! I'm glad I bumped into you and got to meet you and Dave. I just voted for you in the Mad Men contest. Also, I love your make-up case!! I just have a make-up bag of the stuff I use on a daily basis and the rest of the stuff I keep in a drawer, or under the sink, or on the shelf above the toilet . . . you get the idea. Also, the spreadsheet is a genius idea!

D'Rae said...

Could you imagine if we ever met! We would look at each other and nod in passing....lol! Maybe after the 6-8 time running into each other, we may say hello. lol! I am so glad that I am not the only one out there who is very shy and socially awkward. (I mean that in the most loving way)

hillary said...

D'rae it would be awkward and oddly silent. Yet we thrive online. Le sigh.

Lisa Most mine is above the toilet too! Dave got me the train case for Christmas one year. I think he was tired of knocking things over.

Felicity it's a non paying job but she takes it very seriously.

Jess Just put it all back where you found it but other than that GO NUTS. Its in type order. (all loose shadows together etc.)

Melissa there is more than one but I linked to one of them above.

Sheila said...

I love all your stuff. I have my things too (miniatures that my husband and I paint, about 4,000).

You're adorable - so funny.

Dave77459 said...

Jinkies! Just saw this, sorry.

A) It is your blog. Post the weekend on Sunday, Tuesday, never. No worries. It's yours!

B) Socially awkward shyness. Blargh. I didn't think you were really like that, but I am slowly becoming convinced. Does make me want to ambush you to see what you would do though. Part of me thinks that it is a double cover, where you pretend to be a shy person pretending to be a forceful and outgoing person.

C) Thanks for the Daisyboo photo. <3 I wish our cats were more easily photographed.

david said...

Yeah, in the real world (not meant to sound nearly as judgemental as it does) Hillary is quite shy except for new situations and meeting people - in which case she is painfully shy.
The interwebbing that she does has always struck me as a bit out of character because of this but I guess it is very different to meet someone IRL vs online - there's an extra layer of anonymity/distance/separation involved.

Farmgirl said...

Hillary even as a little kid was wicked wicked shy. We'd force her to "get out there" ~
I can remember once in McDonald she was little not quite to the height of the counter. We were sitting down and she wanted more "Fry Fries" I handed her money and told her to go get them~ She went up to the counter and just stood there and quietly stood in line~ Lady behind the counter ignored her and waited on the adult standing behind Hillary.... I had to get up and AWAKEN the clerk that ~ LOOK Down the little girl is waiting her turn and please take her order..... I think it's a Only child syndrome.
OR maybe it's because her mom is bold as a berry? Hum? One has to wonder.

Kelly said...

Looks like you had an awesome weekend!

How did you like Inception?

Speaking of Mad Men - can you believe I JUST started watching it? I KNOW. I have watched seven episodes in the last three days. I pretty much know the storyline already because I'm 3 seasons behind and have read so many "spoilers" - I told Erik that I had watched it (he's been working late and hadn't been around) and he asked me to stop watching it online and start over with him.