Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wednesday. Yes yes it is.

I am not sure why my face is blurry but I am not. That's what I get for being too lazy to grab a real camera and did ifone pics again. but I REALLY dug my outfit yesterday. The bottom of the shirt is elastic in the waist so it does a nice bubble feel and the flutter sleeves and tie and while I didn't check the tag I believe it is a fabric made with elements found in nature and not scratchy chiffon.

Shirt H&M 2010
Skirt Esprit 2002 I got this skirt for $2 in a going out of business sale. I had just graduated college and needed clothes for work and this I have kept since then.
Shoes Nine West 2010

nine west sandals

Today I had to leave before Dave and again I forgot my camera. But you guys know the dress well. My spotted Marc Jacobs Silk number.
and I have shoes on you can get your own here.

My makeup is nice today.

Since some people asked me what the name of the lipstick Dave loved was I took a picture.

The lipstick is Dressmaker, Dressmaker and the Cremesheen glass is On the Scene. Both available at a MAC counter near you!

I entered a contest.

I apologize in advance but I am going to shamelessly plug that I am in the Mad Men Casting Call contest and you can vote once per day until September. I WANT TO WIN. It takes two clicks. One on the link. (which I also put in the top right sidebar of my blog) and another click on the "vote" button below my photo.

So please vote early and often. 

Thanks you all so much in advance. I need something exciting in my life right now. I am in a funk and this is just the ticket!

Some of you might of noticed the Wibiya bar I added at the bottom of the page (Thanks Kimberly) from there you can:
* search my blog
* share it on twitter
* share my post and a variety of outlets. Just click the share button and it gives you a bunch of options including emailing the post.
* see my latest tweets
* share on Facebook
* translate the page in one click
* see recent posts
* see random posts
* like the post on Facebook
* see news flashes from me

It is a neat little tool and I am hoping it makes sharing and finding things easier and more fun. (Come on it's PINK! How can that not be awesome?)


Emily Kennedy said...

I love the skirt on you in the top pic. So pretty.

Nice functionality with that Wibiya link. Interesting.

Jess said...

I love both outfits, especially the Marc Jacobs dress...*sigh* Someday I hope I will be small enough again to fit into such designer wonders.

Dave77459 said...

Your makeup is nice today. Your expression is undoubtedly meant to display the makeup, but makes you look very shy and modest. Totally unlike the real you, I've heard.

Also? I voted for you again. I'll do it again with the phone in a smidge.

hillary said...

dave did you read yesterdays post. I ran into a blogger in the city and totally said hi and ran because my shy gets in the way.

Melissa said...

I voted again! And I'll keep voting as long as you keep reminding. Because I forget a lot.

Felicity said...

I love your braid, so pretty! And I voted again. : )

Lemondrop Marie said...

Your mad men outfit is gorgeous! Best of luck. Love those 9west shoes, how did I miss those?
Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
Christmas in July giveaway

Clare said...

These are both SUCH great outfits. They seem to embody perfect Hillary style. :)