Monday, July 26, 2010

squeak squeak

Dress H&M2010
I have on this drapey cardigan that can really change the look up.Target 2010
Marc Jacob sandals 2009
Eiffel Tower earrings 2010
Ring gift

Letting it hang so it ruffles a little


Or pulling it back and showing off MY POCKETS (I am so easily amused)


The back is the best part


I actually tied it at work at one point and now I have it pinned which is great for cool AC meeting. I will have to work on taking a picture of that.

I have a giant weekend post to write up but I thought I would break them up this time so the people who are here for the outfits don't get annoyed by all those words. (I never ever claimed it was a fashion blog. It is very much a lifestyle blog but I do realize some people are only here for the clothes and that's fine. :) )

Oh yeah and I have on shoes and accessories.


I wanted my nails to GO with the outfit without being a dead on copy. (Which I almost did. red nails, white polka dots and black bows. Dave said it was one step too much) and I love how teal goes with red. They are MUCH more electric green tinged instead of blue in real life. My polish is
China Glaze Turned Up Turquoise
The white is Konad special white polish.
The red is Kennebunk-port by OPI
(I will throw all three in my shop if you want to reference later)

Webcam but you can see my eyeswoooooop and my Eiffel Tower earrings.

I may or may not of laid out my minnie ears for this outfit and may or may not of forgot them and swore on the street when I realized.

How is your Monday going? What is for lunch? I am HANGRY


Melissa said...

This is SO adorable! I love the bow on the dress!

I saw that cardigan at Target this weekend, but I was in a mode of "must NOT buy anything full price!" so I didn't even try it on. Oh how I love it. It looks fantastic on you!

PS - Being easily amused is good. I'm also enamored with pockets!

Sal said...

That bow is FUN!

And I must steal the word hangry, I'm afraid. HM and I refer to it as "crossing the hungry/angry threshold."

rlutz said...

love that dress with the bow. Your nail is so cool!

Lisa said...

I adore that cardigan. Your nails are fabulous as well. My day is pretty good. I had an egg salad sandwich for lunch.

It was a pleasant surprise bumping into you on Saturday. Andy and I immensely enjoyed our cupcakes and will definitely be going there again in the future, so I'm really glad we got to discover a delicious new place thanks to you.

Kimberly said...

ooh-ahh, big black bow . . .ooh-ahh, mani - ♥ it!!

Cara said...

Pockets are definitely worth all amusement they bring!

I can't decide whether you were serious about the ears are not... and I like that!

hillary said...

Cara totally serious. I'd say I'm quirky but ifnyou have to say it then you aren't. So I'll let you decide that one.

Sheila said...

I love the bow! Nice pairing the turquoise with the red - very cool.

Clare said...

I tried on that cardigan and looked RIDICULOUS. It looks fabulous on you, though.

And I ADORE the Minnie-inspired look!