Monday, July 12, 2010

My weekend in pictures

Dave and I went to New Hampshire to see my gram and my dad this weekend. We drove up Friday night and stopped at Woodman's in Essex MA for dinner.

Saturday morning I woke up to find Dave and Gram on the porch with their iphones furiously playing scrabble.


We went out to breakfast then to the mall. Gram won't wear her seat belt it is INFURIATING.

photo 1.JPG

It was HOT and pouring there wasn't much else to do. I got two cocktail rings from Charlotte Russe.

photo 2.JPG

The end of the day we went to see my dad and walked around their amazing gardens. I believe these were potatoes. (and tomatoes hanging.)

photo 2.JPG

Look at that!

photo 3.JPG

I took home some too. It's not quite time for everything else.

photo 4.JPG

We just sat and talked and my dad fired up the fire pit.

photo 4.JPG

Gram and I had s'mores.

photo 1.JPG

Sunday gram made up a GIANT breakfast and we headed home early. We made a few stops but got home at a decent time for once. We made sure to get out Free Slurpees on Free Slurpee Day!

Free slurpee day
Free slurpee day

Oh and Waffle got hers too.

photo 3.JPG

How was your weekend?


Emily Kennedy said...

He he! I hate wearing my seat belt too. I'm with Gram on that one.

Free Slurpees?! NOM!

My weekend was kinda stressful. I have a bunch of deliverables coming due by Wednesday at work this week, so I was prepping for that over the weekend. Also, I'm going out of town this weekend to see my parents, which stresses me out, so I was getting ready for that. I got the lawn mowed and most of my clean clothes folded or steamed and hung up. Oh, and my sweetie and I watched the first three episodes of Glee Season 1. S'OK in my opinion, but he quite likes it!

Felicity said...

i love the pics of your gram playing scrabble and your kitty slurpin'. So funny.

Kelly said...

When someone doesn't buckle their seat belt in my car, I just sit. And when they ask why I'm not driving I say (in a sing-song voice my dad used to use) "buckle up for safety, baby! It's the LAW!"

It only works sometimes.

This weekend was TIRING. We did a shit ton of yard work at our new house and now my arms are sore and covered in poison ivy. And I bought the most comfortable bed ever. It makes my current bed feel like a sack of rocks.

hillary said...

Kelly Its not the law in NH. Which pisses me off. I also don't drive but dave and I discussed and the future he will pull over and refuse to drive.

I don't care if people don't like them. I've been into a windshield and I'm lucky to be alive and if we got into an accident she would of come into me!! So it's not just her life. I've lost people to car accidents. Wear a damn

*End rant*

Lisa said...

I am 100% with you on the seat belts. I was in a really bad car accident in which I probably would've died or been very seriously injured if I did not have my seat belt on. I will not go in a car without putting on my seat belt and insist everyone wears there's. It really does save lives! I know some people find them irritating b/c they rub against their necks, but they make these things you can put over the seat belt so they don't rub (I don't know if this is the reason your Gram doesn't wear her seat belt but I know that's a common one).

That aside, your weekend looks awesome! I'm so envious of your father's garden.

I went to a Bastille Day party (even though the real Bastille Day is Wednesday) and also got free slurpees.

Chelsea said...

So the big question, where Gram & Dave playing Scrabble against each other?! Cause that would be hilarious :)

My weekend was splendid! Started with friends over for dinner, and mini-slumber party, some alone time Saturday, and honey time Sunday. Fab weekend all around!

Kelly said...

Oh duh, I always forget that it's not the law everywhere. I guess I forget because I find it so hard to believe that it *wouldn't* be the law everywhere!

hillary said...

Chelsea they were playing each other!

Lisa I was in two accidents where the car was totaled. The first time I wasn't wearing a seat belt. I was 16 and stupid and I'm lucky. The second time I did have one on and it saved me and Dave.

Lorena said...

Waffle+Slurpee= SOOO CUTEEEEEE!

Cara said...

I get the rant. I used to babysit (when I was much younger)for a family who would buckle up their kids, and then not buckle up themselves. Then, when the kids took off their seatbelts, they wouldn't have any response to: "But mommy, you're not wearing yours", so they'd just let their kids run (yes, run, they had a rather large van) amuck. Sigh.
My weekend was all right... we wandered through a couple shopping districts of our small city, but walked far enough that I was exhausted and had to have a nap when I got home.

Melissa said...

I'm seriously loving your weekend in pictures posts. They're so fun!

I totally agree with the seatbelt issue - they need to be worn! They're there for a reason! Ugh. It's so scary when people don't wear them.

I love the rings you got at Charlotte Russe!