Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My dress, she is bright.

Atomic even.

Dress Diane von Furstenberg Saks SUPAH sale 2009
Shoes Nine West 2010
Black Cami Newport News 2008
Black slip (you can see in twirl photo from last year below) Kids slip at Salvation Army 2008 Works perfect under dresses.
Earrings Marc Jacobs 2010
Necklace Tiffanys 2010

You can see all my usual out of shot stuff today. I usually set it up on a fence and take pics across the street but today we were running very late so I took this out our front door.

You may recognize this dress with my blog identity (see header.)

byhillary.com got a makeover

It is also on my business cards.


This is the photo Dave made the blog design off of.

He gave me a balloon after me asking 25 times and him realizing I wasn't kidding I did infact want a heart balloon.

I have only worn this dress 4 times in the past year but I see me owning it for a very long time. It has everything I love. Cotton, pockets, wrap (multi size) and bright beautiful color.  I also only paid $90 for it and it is a $400+ dress.

My earrings and makeup

Pin on my waist band

The amazing Julie from Rottencupcakes surprised me with this custom made Waffle pin. I think it looks just like my little magnificent bastard. She loves it too as you can see.

Waffle likes her pin. It's tasty

She also made me this adorable little book. (That is mine and Dave's stamp on it. Fits perfect!)

And while we are talking about amazing presents. Julie also sent me a Japanese polish and earlier in the week my friend Megan sent me polish she had her dad pick me up in Germany! So I did a manicure with the two. I mean how awesome is that? I admit I like saying my manicure it unique and hard to replicate! Unless you go to Germany or Japan then yeah... hey give me something here.

Prior to clean up.

What did you have for dinner last night? How are you today?
Yesterday was terrible for me. I ended up giving the day the two finger salute for being such an asshole. But my husband the amazing awesome man he is knew all this. So for dinner he surprises me with Parmesan potatoes, homemade corn dog nuggets (because I prefer bite sized food) and grilled zucchini! He also made plain hush puppies and a plain hot dogs incase I didn’t like the corn dogs. For dessert he made homemade dairy free white chocolate peanut butter caramel sundaes. It was mean to look like the friendly's one but the heat did a number on it.
Homemade dairy free (ish) white chocolate peanut butter caramel ice cream

PS Bethenny on Bethenny Getting Married wore this exact dress on last Thursday's episode!


Melissa said...

I looooooove that dress. So much.

What an amazingly considerate and sweet thing of your husband to make such a great dinner and dessert for you! I do hope your day ended up getting better.

I think perhaps your bad day floated itself my way, because today has not been my friend so far. Meh. Perhaps I need some ice cream too! Or cupcakes! Mmmm, cupcakes...

hillary said...

Not gonna lie I do have the best man. Best 14 years of my life so far.
But I spoil him just as bad. He just doesn't have a blog. :)

Sheila said...

That dress is to die for, seriously, it's an amazing dress. What a colour on you, too!

Your husband is a sweetheart - treasure him. :)

Are you using some sort of foil thing for your nails, to get that design?

hillary said...

Shelia it is just regular polish and a stamper.

Read about it here

and here

and here is a quick pictorial of how easy it is. (scroll down a little on page)


hillary said...

weird this comment didn't come through.

Sal has left a new comment on your post "My dress, she is bright.":

Bright and beautiful, that dress. I think you're right - you'll have it FOREVER.

Lorena said...

That is a dress to HOLD ON TO!
The color suits you marvelously.
Yesterday was shaky.
I was totally surprised by an email I got.
It was a reply to a birthday email I sent in May.
It was from a high school friend.
Every time I have news from him - something happens
that I cannot control. It's so obvious you can READ it in my EYES. How can that be hidden ? DAMN.

julie mack said...

You look lovely as usual. I adore that dress; it really is perfect.

I'm glad you found a fabulous way to wear the pin! I was a little worried as I never know how to wear pins myself. Silly me, of course you sorted out a spot!

I am really glad you like your little surprise. Your manicure turned out lovely as well. What did you think of the actual polish? I have a matte one (that teal color)and it wasn't the smoothest application ever. Did you have troubles with yours?

rlutz said...

That dress looks amazing on you...love the color. Very cool nails.
Today has been one long fuzzy day...my contacts are all cloudy and I have a ton of work to do!