Tuesday, July 06, 2010

My 4 day weekend told with pictures.

Friday I started off with a mini photoshoot with Dave for my new Shabby Apple dress. (read about it here) My Marc Jacobs heels suffered a terrible injury and I am hoping a cobbler can do something for them.

Then we had brunch at the Friendly Toast. I had a Godiva liqueur piece of anadama bread french toast with strawberries and cherries.

My brunch

Dave got Coconut cashew chocolate chunk with coconut sauce gluten free pancakes. (his was much better than mine)

Daves brunch

We then went to Target for a few essentials. One not being this bike. (I have NO WHERE to store it but I want it)

I have no where to store this in 300 sq ft apt or it would be mine.

Then off to pick up Dave's birthday cupcakes I ordered. Gluten Free Mint Mojito (I had them dye them blue to match his 4th july themed bday) from Kickass Cupcakes. We had to taste test them to make sure they were safe.

photo 2.JPG
photo 3.JPG

I might of heard the siren call of another cupcake. I mean I couldn't NOT taste it. Cotton candy topped vanilla cupcakes with tart strawberry buttercream center.

photo 1.JPG

Saturday Dave's actual birthday when we got up I plated him 3 cupcakes for breakfast. He thought I was trying to trick him.

Then we went for Thai food at Amarin. Both our favorites. (we went here for my bday too)

Then we went off to the Chestnut Hill mall and we got chair massages in this little parlor. It was WONDERFUL. Its that weird chair you drape yourself over and put your head in a hole and dangle your arms on the bars. I told him I needed a picture because he was all pink cheeked a chilled looking.

He spent some of his birthday money on a Shiseido skin care system. I had nothing to do with it. I use cheap face stuff. I got a deluxe sample of Shiseido and we have been using it when we travel and he loved it. This the man that will use whatever I don't like and buys bathroom stuff in $1 bins. heee I am oddly proud of him.

We then we home to wii playing and kitten snuggling. We call this her puddling stage.

We call this the pudding stage.

Then the designer we ordered a bag for him from HAND DELIVERED it she felt bad it took so long. It is SOOOO gorgeous I am so insanely jealous of it.

That night Dave made me a new purse organizer for my Neverfull. I gave the last one away to a friend (waves hi caroline)

He had help with his.

Whatcha making? Can I help?

On Sunday I was inspired and I made myself a skirt.

Here is about half my homemade collection. All pieces by my mom, gram, dave and me.

While doing laundry I started sorting things

Monday I woke up to homemade munchkins and coffee.(Have I told you how awesome my husband is?)

Homemade iced coffee and munchkins

And kitten snuggles. She crawled under the covers and tucked herself in.

Actually there was lots of kitten snuggles on Monday. SHE IS A LOON.

photo 2.JPG
How was your weekend?

There was also HOURS UPON HOURS of scrabble with my dad, his cousin, his girlfriend, my gram and dave! Sunday we were all up to 12:30 playing! I will ask Dave if I can post his presents.


david said...

what a fun post! if you asked me what i did this weekend i wouldn't have remembered all this so i'm glad you did this post. i had a fun weekend, didn't i!?

Sheila said...

Aw, I love your kitty! She is adorable.

I played Scrabble this weekend too!

Emily Kennedy said...

That sounds like a totally awesome weekend. I am amazed at all the good food you're able to find that is gluten-free.

My weekend was pretty excellent. I saw almost all of my friends at various different shin-digs, and I also got lots of time to just lay on the couch, finish a book, and surf the internet. Good stuff indeed.

Kelly said...

Aw looks like you had an awesome weekend! I am so jealous of your cotton candy cupcake. And I am jealous of Dave that he gets cupcakes for breakfast.

My weekend was good. We spent the weekend with Erik's family. They live on a lake so there was a LOT of boating and swimming.

hillary said...

Emily it is either that or go hungry. Dave also has 31 years experience and I have 14. His mom has known she was celiac since 1979.He was only diagnosed 6 years ago but we've been doing it for his mom before that.

hillary said...

Dave and that is just the stuff I remembered to take photos of!

Shelia iphone scrabble or analog. (bwah did I just say that?)

Dave77459 said...

A completely awesome weekend, in pics even! I love the photo of Waffle helping on the sewing machine!

Melissa said...

Your cat is adorable! I love the kitty pictures! Our cats were our babies...until we had our daughter. :) Cats are awesome!

Those cupcakes sound absolutely delicious! How great that you can find such fantastic things to eat with a challenging diet restriction. That's great!

This is such a fun post! I hope you do more of these because it seems like you have fun weekends. :)

(PS - for reference, in case you haven't been able to put my two names together, I'm "musicow2" on Twitter.)

Bridgett said...

oh my gosh, i want that cotton candy cupcake!!

Nicola said...

That looks like such a fun weekend - there should be more long weekends in the world!

mamichan said...

oh fun!
and this dress is lovely. makes me so mad that i missed their groupon offer yesterday -- $100 of stuff for just $40. i could kick myself.

SwanDiamondRose said...

uh, oh my goodness! i think you win the fun beautiful weekend contest. i was just going to comment on the amazing breakfasts and then it went on and on! but, wow, amazing breakfasts. breakfast is heaven i think. oh, and excellent cotton candy eating technique. i need some!