Thursday, July 01, 2010

Might be worth a second look

Yeah so I don't have an entire outfit photo for you today. Dave left at 6am before I had even got up. But I do have some bits and pieces for you.

It is going to be a frigid 75 as a high today. (sarcasm) After the 98 on Monday 75 sounds like a dream day to me. Also I have been FREEZING in my office this week. So I went with wide leg denim trousers that Dave lovingly ironed a crease in at 11:30pm last night. (I didn't even know he'd creased them until I put it on. He knows me so well) and a black shiny fun top from Target and my favorite Marc heel.

See cute shirt. Same hair style as yesterday but today I made the braids a tish thicker.
photo 3.JPG

See. Thicker.

photo 5.JPG

I am wearing one of the eye shadows Dave and I made earlier this year. (Read about my makeup making here.) I am wearing the green one that I made.

photo 4.JPGphoto 2.JPG

And das shoes.

photo 5.JPG
photo 1.JPG

Edited to add. I also have jewelry on.

photo 1.JPG
photo 2.JPG

As I told you earlier this past weekend was mine and Dave's 14 anniversary.Although he likes to count July 3rd as it because that was the day he gave me his first present. (if we are going to get technical we were both dating people at the time. Love didn't care.) I was on ETSY looking for fun presents for his birthday and I clicked on the "geeky" category and I saw this girl who had a robot stamp. I sent her an email asking if she could tweak it for me. She did and it is AMAZING! I gave it to him last night and he loved it. The paws are Daisyboo and Waffle. This will now be our signature. I love when you aren't even looking for something in particular and the most perfect present pops into your lap! I would definitely recommend Doodlebug Design on ETSY for your custom stamp needs!

Happy anniversary Dave!


Tina said...

LOVE the shoes. I am coveting them in the worst way. And somehow, even if they are still available to buy, I don't think they're going to fit into my $10/week spending restriction that I just started. Darn.

spygrl1 said...

Cute stamp!

I know I've seen those shoes of yours before, but they have not gotten any less hot -- love!

hillary said...

Tina I did not buy them recently but they are worth saving for. I decided I'd rather a few nice pair then a bunch of cheap that hurt and fall apart. I paid $90 they were $400.

Emily Kennedy said...

I'm amazed at what a vibrant green you got making home-made eye shadow. That's excellent!

And those shoes??? My word those shoes.

hillary said...

emily if you follow the link to the post where I made it you can see in the background the pigments I was working from and they are BRIGHT!

Danielle said...

Love the shoes! The stamp is adorable.

Lorena said...

How I love your shoes... and that green eye shadow looks perfect on you.
Wish you were my neighbor so you could braid my hair... sigh.
BTW I dont mean to be, well you know, nosey but, did you send my Waffle-gloss ? :)

hillary said...

Yes over two weeks ago.

Kelly said...

I sigh over those shoes every single time you wear them. I love them so much.

I'm wearing my wide leg jeans today too WE ARE PANTS TWINS.

Lisa said...

The stamp is such an awesome idea! By the way I'm totally envious of your braiding ability. I can braid others' hair but never my own.

Beck, At Her Best said...

I think I've mentioned before how much I <3 those shoes, but the real reason for my comment is I LOVE the braids you've been doing with your hair lately - I am fully planning to do something like it this weekend. I only hope they look as good on me as I dont have bangs and I think they really seal the deal.

david said...

I didn't get to see this outfit in person - I must say I loves it.

SwanDiamondRose said...

wow, those shoes, up close, they are just wow. happy anniversary! you two are insanely cute.