Friday, July 16, 2010

Look at me being all daring!

First off.
1. I don't wear sleeveless. Ever. If you seen me sleeveless it was only because I thought it worked for the photo and PROMPTLY covered up.
2. I don't do maxi dresses. (I'm 5'3"!)
3. I don't like to draw a lot of attention.
4. I don't show my back.

Dress Vintage, Shoes Born, Earrings High Gear, Flower in hair H&M, Sunglasses RX Coach, Bag LV,

As you can see I blew all that out of the water today. A dear dear friend Emily got me this vintage Hawaiian dress. Her best guess from the metal zipper and tags is that it might be from the 60's. I LOVE when you see 1950-60's ladies at luaus with bouffants and floor length Hawaiian gowns. I actually have three of them. two that are a bit snug in the ladies and this one which is a bit big under the arms but is much more wearable. I felt fun and funky but wicked insecure about my arms. I actually deleted a bunch of photos because I hated my arms it. All the full on back photos were deleted too because my arms were just terrible in them. Even Dave said it wasn't too flattering in them. I don't see me going out and buying any maxi dresses but I do love these vintage Hawaiian ones. (One of them has a train!)

It has pockets too!

yeah so umm....I have a permanent farmers tan. I have so much sun damage freckles on my arms that that isn't a tan half way down. That is where all my freckles start!

I wore cute earrings too.

My toes matched but it was a coincidence. (They are hot coral with gold leopard spots.)

My mom the smartass she is emailed me this this morning saying she didn't know what happened I was born with a tan.

1 day old Hillary

My mom emailed this to me this morning

We went out for Thai food, to the Chestnut Hill Mall and I got some amphibious makeup at MAC. Dave got a chair massage and a Soda Machine.

Dave's new toy.

Any plans for the weekend? 
We both had the day off because we worked longer days this week. (I am allowed to do it 4 times in the summer!) Dave's office does it for 3 months in the summer. My inlaws are coming tomorrow to go celebrate Dave's birthday. I hear she is bringing cake!

Past Helen cakes.
cookie monster.
birthday cake and petit fours
(note the petit fours right in front of me! My favorite food on entire planet!)


DanaElayne said...


I LOVE the dress! :)

DanaElayne said...

I want one of those soda machines. As much soda as we drink, I think it would be fun! :)

Let us all know how you like it!

Felicity said...

I love the dress, so bold and pretty. I'm going to see Crowded House tomorrow at The House of Blues. "Happy birthday" to Dave. Have a good weekend. : )

Lisa said...

Awesome dress! I am in complete envy that you will get to eat one of those amazing looking cakes! Happy birthday to Dave. Hope you guys have a great weekend.

Jess said...

I think you look amazing! That dress is so colorful and fun.

This weekend will be pretty low-key for me, since I am just getting over a bout of the stomach flu. I had to stay home from work yesterday, it was miserable. So I will probably clean the apartment, catch up on some TV (Bones and Leverage) and maybe take a trip to IKEA for some new bedding. Yeah, exciting.

Those cakes look amazing and I know one for Dave will be GF. Save me a piece. ;-)

hillary said...

All those cakes are gluten free. Dave's family is all celiac.

Beth said...

Just found your blog adn I am loving it. What luck that your polish matches your dress. I have to try that sometime...maybe the fashion gods will send me something!

rlutz said...

You eyes look so cool. Think that dress looks great on you!