Thursday, July 29, 2010

It is my friday. HAPPY DANCE

Last day of my summer schedule. Hopefully Dave and I can get back into taking photos in the morning on a real camera. I don't know why I haven't been carrying my camera in my bag being as I have carried one for about 4 years now. (right about the time I started my photography degree in grad school) can you tell I dropped out?

Not feeling my aesthetic best today. But I like my palette of colors and my makeup.

A bit bosomy of a shot but you see my shirt and necklace (H&M and Marc Jacobs)

Oh and here is my watch. Gift from MIL it's from Target

And das shoes

I have noticed that when I am not feeling my best whether it is body wise, looks wise or whatever I gravitate to red. I think it is my comfort food of the color word. Do you have a color that does that for you?

A small PS.
I entered a contest.

I apologize but I am going to shamelessly plug that I am in the Mad Men Casting Call contest and you can vote once per day until September. I WANT TO WIN. It takes two clicks. One on the link. (which I also put in the top right sidebar of my blog) and another click on the "vote" button below my photo.

So please vote early and often. 

Thanks you all so much in advance


Emily Kennedy said...

I think that color for me is green. I think it's because, when I put it on, I think of things that are growing. Growth means change, and change isn't pretty. But that's OK.

DanaElayne said...

Pink. Pink always makes me happy. Two years ago I decided to see how many days I could go wearing a piece of pink clothing...14 days. :)

EvaNadine said...

youre right, lady -- red IS a fab color for you. it makes your green eyes pop!
i have noticed lately that i have been gravitating toward a violet-y purple color a lot (much like the shirt i am wearing as i type this). i dont really think of it as my go-to color, but i do always feel that i look good when i wear it.

spygrl1 said...

LOVE that red watch! I feel a sudden urge to visit Target ...

I gravitate toward red as a perk-up color, too -- red and purple, especially together.

LA and BD said...

I am wearing that same shirt today - only in blue! I totally get what you mean about the comfort color; I think mine is pink.

Jess said...

Red kind of tends to be my default color, though lately i am also really drawn to teal and royal blue. Today I am wearing pink and it has me in a really good mood!

Clare said...

Happy your Friday! I think I tend to go with neutrals when I'm feeling blah, which probably isn't the best way to fight the blahs. Anyway, I love all the components of this outfit!

Sheila said...

I go to yellow when I'm feeling blue (ha!). Red is for when I need a boost of confidence.

Love your shoes!

Melissa said...

I tend to gravitate towards wearing clothes that are bigger (a fun dress rather than a slim pencil skirt), rather than towards a color, when I'm not feeling my best.

Keep up with the reminders about the contest! I have an awful memory and almost forgot until I read your post! I voted on my computer and phone and just got my husband to do the same. Yay!

samantha said...

Have you ever read the book Color Me Beautiful? it is all about how every persons skin tone and hair color determines which season they are and which colors look well on them. I would definitely say that I tend to wear the colors that get compliments, and which go with my "winter" tone: Fuschias, Pinks, Bright Yellows and Aquas all make me happy!

Ps. Love your fishtail braid, it reminds me of the new Hermes ad!

Andrea said...

Like Clare - I also go to the neutrals... just easier that way since I usually don't want to stand out at all.

I have been meaning to pop over from Reader to say that I LOVE the sweepy bangs you've been rockin lately.

Last thing - I VOTED!

hillary said...

Andrea I'm embarrassed to admit the reason they are like that is vie been too lazy to cut them and they make smudgy marks on my glasses if I don't keep pushing them. ;)

Samatha omg my mom read that and did out colors when she was in beauty school 25 years ago. I'd bet money she still has it too.

Melissa I do that too. Usually a wrap dress.

Shelia yellow hates me but I love it so much. It tends to make me look ill but doesn't stop me from keeping trying!

Clare I discovered recently I own almost no neutrals I need to remedy that

Emily in highschool I wore green everyday for 6 months.

Danaelayne I LOVE pink. Hot pink. I could marry pink.

Evanadine but my eyes are brown. Ok no they aren't but I wish they were.

Spygrl I think it was like $12! It's so over the top I love it.

La and bd I know a few people with it and I think we all have fantastic taste in shirts.

Jess teal and red are mad BFFs yo.

hillary said...

Where are my manners?! And thank you so much everyone!

Stylestance said...

My "comfort food" of clothing is black. I choose it when I can't find anything else, and it always makes me feel classic and confident. Red looks great on you :)


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