Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I'm late. No I am not but I am RUNNING late.

Running late again today. Got up half hour before I had to leave. Sopping wet hair and all.

Remember on Friday I was telling you about how I going out of my comfort zone? Well here is another toe in that water. This shirt is sleevless with a racerback and is a big low cut.


Dave got this one where I wasn't paying attention. It isn't the best "outfit" photo but you can see the ruffles, my cute polish and me holding my glasses which I usually hide. (I am leaning here so this isn't what you normally see.) If it gets hot at lunch or something I might take the sweater off. I still don't think bare arms is work appropriate.

yup camera phone photos again. Hey I said I got up late!

dis one coot

Skirt and shirt Target 2010
Sweater Ann Taylor loft 2009 (it has gathered princess sleeves but black is so hard to capture details)
Shoes Marc Jacobs 2009
Bracelet Gap 2008
Ring gift

Further out the daily comfort zone is the shorter skirt. Which is work appropriate. (well my work) It would pass Dave's Catholic school rules at least.


How are you doing today? Tell me about your week so far. What are YOU wearing?

Last night I decided I wanted to enter Waffle in pageants.

She knew the camera was on her. I had the screen showing her.


Melissa said...

I looooove that flower ring. I need to get some cute accessories. I only have a few.

The Waffle picture is adorable!

I don't think the shirt is too lowcut but maybe it just doesn't photograph that way. The skirt is really cute, I wish I could get away with denim at my office.

To answer your question about what we're wearing, my outfit for today is up!

Emily Kennedy said...

I totally saw that skirt at Target last weekend, and I wanted one so bad, but my pregnant belly would totally get in the way.

My week so far has been busy in a good way. Today I'm wearing a coral maternity top with a babydoll cut, and dark jean capris, with sandals. Summer is way casual in my office.

EvaNadine said...

i always find it interesting to hear peoples personal rules about what is + isnt office-appropriate. for myself, i have never thought of bare arms as being inappropriate, at least for my business-casual office. however, if i needed to look more on the "business" side, i would definitely put on a cardi or jacket to look *more* appropriate.

this shade of red is great on you. :)

today, among other things, i am wearing the gray petal cardi from Loft that you inspired me to buy (speaking of you inspiring me, check out my recent post, where you subconsciously inspired my entire outfit!)
the rest of todays outfit will hopefully be photographed when i get home and posted in the relatively near future...

DanaElayne said...

I'm walking around in my summer house wear which equals tshirt and shorts (nothin' fancy).

All week I've been attempting to get "stuff" done because I'll be going back to school in about two weeks. Summer will be over *sigh*

DanaElayne said...

PS. Waffle is freakin' adorable. Will she be on Tabbies and Tiaras?

Sheila said...

I love this top - very pretty. I adore the ruffles and the colour. Great red accessories too!

Waffle is freakin' adorable.

Sal said...

Way to push your boundaries! I think both top and skirt are smashing.

Lorena said...

Welcome to Lateville!
Lately I have been running late too...
This color is great on you and I want your skirt!

hillary said...

Lorena I am never late for anything so just running late was making me twitchy. By running late I mean I had 30 min to get ready as opposed to my normal 60. I was still on time for work. I just had wet hair and thrown together makeup. Makes me crabby.

Sal thanks!

dana elayne She certainly will. Get her little frilly things and me being the worst stage mother you've ever seen.

Melissa I was typing on my lap in a meeting. uh it is not denim is it actually chambray.

emily kennedy
I didn't know you were pregnant congrats

Bare arms is a dress code rule at my work. But I agree with it. I do not think they are appropriate in my workplace.

hillary said...

oops and shelia. Thank you i am TOTALLY biased but she is the cutest to me that's for sure.

Kelly said...

haha whenever I need to look respectable and I'm not sure if my outfit fits the bill, I think back to my catholic school dress code too! I figure if my super strict dean wouldn't punish me for something, then it's appropriate anywhere :)

Fashion Girl said...

I really love that top, I am all for ruffles. I agree with the running late thing. My friends all make fun of me but I need more than 30 minutes to get ready in the morning.

Chelsea said...

Love the whole ensemble, lady! Way to push some boundaries... the low cut top is super cute!

I'm Debbie Downer today... just really stressed! Everyone is outta town and I have to cover all their asses while also figuring out my future. Plus my wrist is fucked up and it pisses me off. So, crankypants are on! I couldn't deal with trying to be cute, so skinnies, sneakers, and a long sleeve tee (and okay, a necklace) it is.

hillary said...

chelsea I don't know where i met you in the grandschmene of my wrist but I screwed up my wrist really bad from computer work and there are ways it hurts so bad i sit on my hand to avoid using it. Besides the obvious brace one thing that helped me was flipping my mouse to the other hand. There is like a day learning curve but it really helps. also tip your keyboard away from you so your wrist isn't bent up. Neither are cures but they will help. I had an ergo study and the keyboard thing was one of the ones they told me. I also had to switch which hand i use the iphone cause im on it for hours at a time.

Jess said...

So cute I'd never know you were running late! I loooove chambray and I need a new skirt, so I may be heading to Target after work to check it out, if I can stay awake. I'm super cranky today because for whatever reason I could NOT sleep last night. I got maybe 2 good hours of sleep. I am pretty exhausted and my contacts feel like saran wrap no matter how many drops I use.

I'm wearing a pair of light blue-gray pants, a cute top from Old Navy that is darker blue, scoop necked, and has three big stripes (almost like from a paintbrush) across the front in green, purple and a light blue), black and silver Seychelles sandals, and my daily jewelry--silver hoops, my circle necklaces, and my new watch. :-)

P.S. I love Waffle, I think she and Coco should be penpaws.

hillary said...

Jess its $19.99 it has pockets and its ELASTIC WAIST it is so worth it.
I am so over tired because I keep having nightmares. :(

IrishRedRose said...

Hi Hillary! I've been reading (and back-reading) your blog for a few weeks now. You are funny, lovely, smart and original, and I adore your sense of style. (And, as you and I are SO very similar in stature and coloring it's educational on a personal level too--you inspire me with fun new ideas to try on myself.)

Also, I must admit I'm a huuuge Waffle fan. I just want to hug her and snoogle the little exclamation point on her nose. I have a friendly family of kitties myself. They help keep me sane while happily driving me nuts, lol.

I've been intrigued by all the discussion of celiac disease, too, as I have IBS and one of my best friends has ulcerative colitis. Taming our digestion is a lifelong struggle. I just read this article which I think came out today:

Some hopeful stuff there! *meow* and I'll see ya in the comments soon.

julie mack said...

you look super cute! & huzzah to the pushing of boundaries!

Josh said...

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