Thursday, July 22, 2010

Different day same story

Different day same story. Today 20 minutes to get ready. My hair is wet and snarly so it's in a bun.
Dress Gap it is Chambray (wore a zillion times)
Sandals Born 2009
Necklace Avon 2007
Bracelets gift from coworker
Tanks Old Navy 2007

Dress and Bracelet Details


Makeup and Necklace



remixing from work

I have had a rough week just a lot of stuff all at once and over tired and crabby. I am throwing myself a very tiny pity party. Actually I just have to say it aloud and I feel better so by the time you read this I might of moved on! Last night Dave brought home a little bag of goodies!

Wednesday he brings home Wagagmama for dinner and it's fun because while he is waiting for it sometimes he wanders around Faneuil hall. heee. So for dessert I had astronaut ice cream.

I also got a smencil. Cinnamon.

We had a competition on who could solve the Hillary puzzle first. I won! I never beat him.

Today I ask you.... what is one food you can't stand the smell of?
There are these natural olive oil chips Dave loves and I honestly think they smell like vomit. I can't stand them. I can smell them across a room. Also boiled cauliflower. Someone was eating it at work yesterday and I thought I was going to have to leave the room. I ask because someone in my office makes a coffee everyday and I kid you not it smells exactly like a skunk. Exactly. When I have a migraine like today those smells are so much stronger to me.


Bridgett said...

aww i like the little goodies dave bought you. sorry you are having such a bad week!

i always hated it when people had chinese food at work- not b/c i couldn't stand the smell but b/c it made me crave it something fierce.

Distractedly Yours said...

Oh definitely olives. Every time I have to walk by the olive bar at the grocery, I hold my breath.

What a fun bag of goodies! Good husband! :)

Maria said...

I for one cannot stand the smell of fish (especially if someone heats up leftover fish in the microwave) or bananas. Fish is one thing, since "fishy" is often a pejorative term, but I'm the only person I know who absolutely despises bananas! The smell makes me gag, but gawd forbid I accidentally eat some. Why is it that every smoothie recipe has to have banana in it? Why ruin a perfectly good morning muffin with banana slime? Blargh!

Lisa said...

That's so sweet that Dave brings you home goodies.

I really like olives! I never noticed a smell to them. However I can't stand veggie cream cheese. Thinking about it right now makes me gag a little bit. I absolutely hate when there are bagels (like at a work meeting) and someone dips the plain cream cheese knife into the veggie cream cheese . . . I can't eat it.

I also can't stand tequila (taste or smell) but that is totally my own fault.

Jess said...

Dave is such a good husband! Goodies are the best when they're unexpected. :-)

I can't stand the smell of really strong curry. When someone at work brings Indian takeout leftovers and then heats them up, it turns my stomach. Also, ever since I had the stomach flu or food poisoning after eating sour cream chicken enchiladas, the smell of them makes me sick.

hillary said...

I didn't say I disliked the smell of olives I dislike the smell of these olive chips which dave tells me they are wonderful. I can't eat them because of a sesame allergy.

hillary said...

maria then you must not know me! My dislike of bananas is legendary in my family!
I have spit food out on the table before (I was young)

Melissa said...

That necklace is giving me a HUGE urge to go shopping right now. I don't own a single statement necklace and I love that one.

So food, huh? Well...yes, fish. Fish is icky. Broccoli also doesn't smell enticing. I like to eat it, not smell it. It smells like farts. I don't really like the smell of eggs either, nor do I eat them.

DanaElayne said...

I loathe the smell of tuna. It makes me shudder. My brother, who lives with us, loves to make tuna and pasta. Yuck!

I love that you can totally change the feel of that dress with the jewelry, tank top, and shoes. You always wear it well.

hillary said...

Melissa do you have a charlotte russe , H&M or forever 21. You can get statement necklaces for a few dollar. Forever 21 has wicked cheap stuff which is perfect so I can get a few different things.

EvaNadine said...

Laila Rowe is also a great place for fun, affordable jewelry.

im on the bandwagon with the smell of fish. i seriously think heating up fish in the microwave should be outlawed, especially in an office setting. i have had to leave my desk for over an hour on more than one occasion because someone reheated fish in the microwave and it smelled that bad and i felt sick.

hillary said...

Good to know for people in NY area. we don't have it in New England. thanks!

david said...

Tuna fish. The only thing I hate more is warm tuna fish. There was a summer that Hillary and I worked at a restaurant and I vividly remember tuna melt with provolone day.
Banana anything wigs Hillary out. Especially artificial banana ie runts.

whenlifehandsyouapear said...

Hee hee! Banana Runts are pretty icky.

I can't stand the smell of Spagettios (or any other canned pasta product). I tended a little girl years ago and she ate them often, but the smell and sight of them makes me ill and I had a hard time cooking them for her. I vowed never to feed them to my own kids, and I haven't!

Andi B said...

I'm wearing the same Gap dress today! I'm wearing mine with a brown tank and leopard print peep toe wedges. I'm also the person that left a comment on Flickr once about how this dress made an appearance on What Not to Wear. :)

Fish SAUCE smells really bad. I do eat fish on a regular basis, but no dishes made with fish sauce. When I make a recipe that calls for it, usually something Asian, I leave it out.

Lorena said...

OH I want some of that astronaut ice cream....
And answering your question,
I cannot stand the smell of papaya and the smell of liver as its being cooked.... g-r-o-s-s- !

Brooke said...

I ADORE your gold Borne sandals!!! I have VERY similar ones in pink (same double flower, mine are 2008 though so I guess they changed something about them). Yours look so great - I so rarely wear mine because they are pink - gold goes with so much more (I wish I had gotten gold).

I'm kind of obsessed with astronaut ice cream. There is something so intriguing about free-dried food :)

Lovely dress, too!

IrishRedRose said...

Peanut butter. I doubt I would like the smell anyway, but I am lethally allergic and it makes me feel like I'm going to be sick. Someone told me smells are particulate in nature, so this makes sense, I guess.

A mean little boy in kindergarten once taunted me by grabbing me and breathing his pbj in my face. He ended up with my lunch on his shoes and I still remember the look of shock on his face with such amusement!!

Oh, and microwaved asiago cheese is horrific. A friend once brought a dish with that in it to work three days in a row. The first day when she heated it up a customer would ask "um...did a know...somewhere in the store??" Second day someone asked if a dirty diaper (?!) had been changed/left somewhere. Third day, the coworker preempted the question by poking her head out of the back room and apologizing beforehand. Heh.

I am fascinated with astronaut ice cream and must go find some!

accidentalcitygirl said...

Sauerkraut. My dad is a fan and used to make a big pot of it occasionally. I would have to leave for hours. *gag* Also, beans, any kind. Not as bad as sauerkraut, I can cook them but I can't eat them. I can't get around the smell. *shudder*

mamichan said...

Wagamama Wednesdays, I am so jealous. I like the Food Should Taste Good chips but I agree that some of them smell really strong. I can't stand boiled cabbage smell, or chocolate.

Brooke said...

did my comment about this DAYS AGO seriously not post? UGH my computer can be such a pain in the butt sometimes!

I have those SAME shoes, only in pink (mine are 08) - love yours in gold so much more. I always have so much trouble finding ways to wear them because they are so big and bright - I love how chic yours look!

Great dress, and fabulous ice cream. Why is everything better freeze dried? :) Love the pedi!

ps: great matching mani!! great minds think alike :)