Friday, July 09, 2010

Dance dance dance

rata tat tat

dance 1

doot de do do

dance 2

Ta da!

Ta daaaaaaaa

Dress and Belt Target 2008
Shoes Nine West 2010
Necklace and bracelet gifts. They are both Tiffanys. 2010 and 2002.
Earrings craft show 2010

Eye wing earrings and necklace. 


Bracelets and ring


Sneak peek of my desk right at this moment. It's a shame I hate hot pink so much (sarcasm)

desk shot

Ah Friday I never thought you'd get here you magnificent bastard. Over the river and up a highway to Gram's house we go.
Do you have any weekend plans? How was your week?

It is hotter than hell today. My bangs are wet in the top pics. My hair down like that didn't last until I got to work I was so hot. I have ditched the belt too. I was over heating.

Someone mentioned what they wore a year ago. This is me 1 year ago today. I might have the year before that too let me look.

Cut by the thorns, oh I must loosen my grip, Got to let the flower fall from my hand

July 4th remixage


Emily Kennedy said...

So consistently stylish. It must have been unseasonably cool outside in the 2009 pic!

hillary said...

Last year it didn't get warm for a VERY long time. But that is typical New England. This heat wave is so not normal for us.

Tina said...

It's a Tina kind of day, I guess!

That was me posting my outfits from the same day in prior years. I did it for awhile earlier in the year. I've not seen anyone else do it, but I'm sure there have been others. Also, your outfit today is almost exactly what I wore 2 weeks ago. Not to hard considering it's such a basic outfit and we both have that belt (well, mine is borrowed from Kimberly).

So obviously I like the outfit and the old photos!

hillary said...

I have done it myself too. I am just copying myself now.
But today nope wasn't you. It was a blogger I will not advertise or link to.

Who do you think Kimberly saw the belt on in the first place!

hillary said...

See I am copying myself. June 30th 2008

Maybe you copied me? :P

Tina said...

Ha! Could be, you never know. :) And now I want to know who you won't link to. You must email me the deets!!

Felicity said...

I love your posts Hillary, you seem so fun and down to earth. : )

hillary said...

Thank you. I try to not take life too seriously. I used to and it frankly got me no where. Being goofy is much more fun.

EvaNadine said...

your pictures today make me want to tie on my tap shoes and tap-dance... which leads me to thinking of Singing in the Rain... and now im singing that song in my head. :)

meegiemoo said...

I love your stapleless stapler. I have one that's a purple dog. Cute!

Rachel said...

As always, very cute and stylish.

You asked how the week was, so I'll rant for a second - I had a staff of 5 until May, when the execs cut me to 2 (yes, 2, to run an entire ad agency, how does that even work??? We have more executives now than team members). Tues, after a nice relaxing long weekend, my 1 graphic artist left QUIT. Now I have 17 campaigns to run with me & an assistant & now trying to train the girl that answers the phones to design ads and find a new team member. STRESSSSSSSSSS. That's how my week was - how was yours?

Maryn said...

Can you share the details about your iPhone case - that's super-cute!

Chelsea said...

I love that belt! And the entire ensemble really. Dancing photos are the bomb :)

Nic and I are having some peeps over for dinner tonight, then she's out of town Saturday/Sunday. I'm looking forward to just doing whatever and enjoying the alone time.

hillary said...

Maryn its a ifrogz iphone 4 case. I got it at AT&T store.
It's this one.

Cara said...

Aw, I love the retrospective!

Weekend plans? I really want to be getting out of the city and finding a cabin somewhere... but I think I'll have to settle for a casual stroll through some used book store.

WickedThrifty said...

fun accessories! and woohoo for carebears (especially rainbow bellies).
i also have a strange fascination with hot pink... odd because i HATED pink after age 10 or so...

how cool to have such an extensive record of your style! someday i'll start taking real pictures, too...

i feel like i can actually see you buffalo-two-stepping in these pics ;)