Thursday, June 10, 2010

yeah.. um...hrrrm. Nope got nothing again.

cute but sad
Blazer H&M 2003
Lace tank Target 2006
Kenneth Cole boots 2006
Brown Target blouse 2008
Necklace Mark 2006

I swear I wasn't sad in that photo. I honestly thought it might look nice if I looked down so you could see hair and outfit in one picture.  That is just how my face was made. People CONSTANTLY say I look sad or why don't I smile. Just because I am not walking around with a grin on my faces doesn't mean I am not 100% deliriously happy. THAT'S JUST HOW MY FACE LOOKS. Oh and telling me to smile will get me to not smile and I probably will flip you off.

See I was born like that

born that way

Not 2 minutes later I was making kissy faces to show you my makeup. I like how my eyes turned out. I should of taken one with them closed. The lids are gold and green.I mixed two blushes and I LOVE them. One if hot peach and the other is pink and gold sparkle.

Oh yeah and another one to show you necklace and shirt detail, accessories too.


When I worked at Berklee there was this amazingly wonderful student worker named Cody. She is tall and gorgeous and is the sweetest thing. Good thing she was or it would be easy to dislike her. She is making quite a name for herself with her electric violin. She even played with Kayne. (Check her out here. She is a very talented girl!) OH yeah so we were talking one day and she said how she wanted a blazer. I thought A BLAZER?! why. The only one I had ever worn was for job interviews and it was solid and boring. She went on the hunt and got one at H&M and god she looked so good! I was instantly jealous and went looking for my own. This is the one I ended up with. I now own upwards of 20 blazers but this will forever be my "first" one. (minus those boring suits I got)

Do you wear anything now that just 5 years ago you could never of imagined wearing?


spygrl1 said...

Very cute blazer!

I haaaaaate when strangers tell me to smile. I know they mean well, but ... shut it!

I wear floral patterns and high heels now and I was vehemently against both when I was younger (OK, more than 5 years ago). I wear button-front blouses now, and I used to hate them (I have finally learned that short sleeves and appropriate seaming and fit make them not so bad after all).

Clare said...

Not THAT is a rad blazer.

5 years ago, I NEVER would have thought I'd be wearing so many dresses now.

Rachel said...

That blazer is fantastic!

Skinny jeans. I said I would never even try any on and now I own several pair. I have always thought they are one of the most singularly unflattering articles of clothing for most women's bodies.

Lorena said...

That question got me thinking!
Knee high boots, hats and shorts to the mall.
Also moisturizer.

Taylor said...

I love this blazer! It looks great with the wide-leg dark jeans. I wear lots of things now I could've never imagined wearing five years ago. A wedding ring for one! Blonde hair for another. Stiletto pumps, dresses, belts at my natural waist, cigarette pants... Well, pretty much everything I wear currently. Oh, and thanks for the tip about my LOFT problem. I would have done that (exchanged for in-store) but the cardigans were an online only item!!