Thursday, June 17, 2010

When my turn came I was ashamed


Hoodie with princess sleeves I know I got it in 2006 but I don't remember WHERE. It was somewhere in Portland Maine
Dansko Sissy Sandals 2009 but you can still get them here
Denim like substance pencil skirt NY and Co 2009 Does anyone else find these stuff very generously sized?
Shirt H&M 2009 It has cute ruffles on front. I got it last year and wore it to Dave's birthday and stained
 it but I love it so much I wear things over it to cover the stain.
Earrings AVON 2007
Necklace gift from a blogger

Dave's 30th.
IMG_0924IMG_0910IMG_0954patent red dansko sandals

I like how my makeup and hair turned out today. I was running wicked late because I curled my hair so I kinda slapped a few things for makeup on and it actually looks better than when I put effort into it. huh. Funny that.

this one

How is your week going so far? What is for lunch? and for a silly question. What shampoo do you use? and are you a soap or body wash person and what brand?

Right this moment I am using the Bumble and Bumble Red Shampoo and the conditioner. Dave actually bought them for me last weekend because Aveda stopped making my custom blend and the Madder Root one was turning my hair orange!! It was making me twitchy. I kept asking "It is more orange isn't it?!!"
I am usually a body wash person but I have been using Buffy from Lush it is a buffing body butter. It exfoliates you like mad then it leaves a slimy butter on you that you rub in after shower. IT IS AWESOME. My acne is almost entirely gone on my body and it has been helping my legs too because it is so moisturizing. It kinda hurts a little but I dig it. I also smell WONDERFUL after.  Dave uses anything I don't like. We work well like that. I buy it and don't like it and he takes it. Funny something I hate the smell on me when he uses it, I think he smells wonderful.
And does anyone know how to get gum off a silk dress? urg! Yes I know cleaners but I want to try myself first.


Emily Kennedy said...

This is a super adorable look. Don't laugh, but right now I'm using Pantene Pro-V Fine Hair Solutions Fragile to Strong, and Aveeno Positively Nourishing Calming Body Wash. Yes, just drugstore stuff, but hey, I use an expensive conditioner...

hillary said...

Who cares if it's from a drug store?! Why would I laugh? I'd use drugstore and if anyone made a red deposit shampoo. Sadly no one does anymore.
Most my body products are drugstore. Dave is using Pantene Ice Shine that I had bought for me but I had a HORRIFIC reaction to it. Bad bad bad. Almost went to hospital it was so bad until I realized what was doing it to me! He uses it without a problem and his hair is duck feather soft!

Heather said...

silk - try rubbing it with ice and/or actually put it in the freezer. I did that with some wool pants and it worked but I have never tried it with silk.

Lunch - boring - sandwich, rye with cheese and spinach

Shampoo - Dove

I tend towards soap...body washes seem too messy to me.

My week so far has been busy. Went to a fancy dinner for my boss the other evening with all the higher ups and it was at a restaurant they all rave about. I ordered fish and it wasn't cooked properly - gross.

C Lo said...

1) Yes I find their stuff generously sized, which I like. :P

2) I am currently using that LOreal shampoo I messaged you about, the pink one, and the mauve Pureology conditioner (smoothing I think). I'm a body wash person. I usually have a few. Right now I have some sort of Olay moisturizing one and Victorias Secret Coconut Passion.

DanaElayne said...

I use Color Me Happy by Clairol, and I am currently using Victoria's Secret Coconut Passion and Island Escape. They both smell like summer to me. I'm all about matching scent to season.

For lunch, I had a pbj, sea salt and cracked pepper chips, and a HUGE naval orange.

Andi B said...

Funny, the 2 shampoos in my shower right now are the above-mentioned Pantene Ice Shine and a Lush shampoo, the wonderful violet-scented Daddy-O. I am a total Lush head. I like Buffy but my favorite body butter scrubby thing from them is Aqua Mirablis. It smells like peanut butter, or some other kind of nut butter- makes me hungry.

Your photo booth pics are adorable.

Lorena said...

Oh, I have read about LUSH products but have never tried any, you are making me want to have this like NOW!
I am currently using a Lavender L'Occitane soap which you can smell as soon as you walk into the bathroom and it works well with my skin. My legs get irritated easily and they start itching like mad-
Next I will be using some Rose hand made soaps that I got in our vacation in Morocco.
As for shampoo, L'Occitane has been my choice for some time now, but I always try something else in between which can range from an organinc anti dandruff to Crabtree & Evelyn.

Kelly said...

Your hair has been looking extra pretty lately! and I agree, New York & Co is VERY generously sized. It drives me nuts!

My week I have been in a funk lately and I have been feeling annoyed by life even though nothing really is wrong. Lunch is probably a chicken salad sub from Subway, because I forgot my lunch at home. I have a trillion shampoos but I most often use John Freida, Madder Root, or a Giovanni sulfate-free one (right now I have the Tea Tree Triple Treat but I think I'm going to give that to Erik - he loves it but it dries my hair out too much. He is like Dave, super helpful for getting rid of stuff I don't like!).

I use soap (irish spring) except I do have moisturizing body wash I use every day in the winter and every once in a while in the summer when my skin feels dry.

Sadly I know nothing about getting the gum off :( yikes! Good luck!

Kelly said...

Also Emily - I can't think of anyone who would laugh at you for using drugstore stuff! Almost every body care/makeup thing I have is from the drugstore. The only reason I use Aveda is because like Hillary said, I can't find a drugstore color depositing shampoo either. But I just about had a heart attack at the price!

david said...

"Right this moment I am using the Bumble and Bumble Red Shampoo and the conditioner."

so were you in the shower with your netbook or my iphone? either way i'm not sure if that's covered by the warranty...

Candycane said...

Cute necklace and hoodie :D

Sal xXx

Lemondrop Marie said...

Dang it, I have already exceeded my shoe budget this month, those are precious.
Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

Chloe, Butterfly Cupcakes said...

Your shoes are cute. I love Lush products, I recently got a toner from them and I love it!

Felicity said...

I love your shoes! I just discovered Sappo Hill oatmeal soap, it smells like cookies, it's divine!

hillary said...

Ooh its so fun hearing all the shampoos you guys use thank you all for postin!