Monday, June 07, 2010

Turquoise makes me think of mermaids

And the winner of the Kitten Toes lipblam is Lorena with Comment #5. I did delete my comment first before I input the number in the random picker

Sorry for the delay in posting I was unexpectedly out of state this weekend with out computer access.

Again I forgot to charge the darn camera. iPhone it is. 

Tunic top Marimekko for H&M 2008
Shoes Trish of Capri Target 2009 (see the little pink rhinestone turtles below)
Pants Gap
Necklace Tiffany's
Bangles from friend Emily.
I don't have anything to link today! Everything is too old to still be available online.

I find this silk tunic impossible to wear. Frankly I just don't like how I look in tunic cut things. The only saving grace on this is the sleeves which I love and that it is very soft silk.
Previous wearings 2008

Oh no its Marimekko! 4.14.08


I used it as a cat eye wing here but this is one of the eyeshadows Dave and I made awhile back. Read about it here.


Did you have a nice weekend? Any good meals?
Mine was stressful, I won't get into it because I would start complaining and we don't need to start the week off with me complaining. Last night though Dave made this zucchini cheese and tomato dish that was so good I literally was scrapping the pan to get every last bite. He cut the zucchini into strips and rolled in cheese and baked in a tomato sauce. NOM.

As I mentioned I set up an Amazon store with my favorite products. I linked to reviews I wrote of each product and I wrote a bit about each one. I spent hours on it Friday and I think it is looking great. I am wicked excited that I have a one stop shop for when I need to stock up! (I do not get any discount what so ever)

I did finally see Alice in Wonderland. I really liked it but I also have an affinity for the story. I even have a costume Dave made me. Yes MADE entire thing himself.

work halloween party


Dave77459 said...

I like how the toes and shoes match the palette of the top.

Your Alice costume is adorable!

♥ Kenz ♥ said...

Are your toes painted with Ocean Potion from OPI for Sephora? If not, then what? Love the color...

I had sushi this weekend which isn't really out of the ordinary, but I decided that I like sashimi which is kind of new for me.

hillary said...

orly snowcone with yellow stamped feathers

Emily Kennedy said...

Such most EXCELLENT shoes!

Kelly said...

That tunic is amaaaaazing! I'm wary of how I look in tunics too but I love this on you.

These weekend was alright - not a whole lot of fun or relaxing but it was very productive! Good meals too. Erik made me this pasta I love, he puts grape tomatoes, garlic, and olive oil (and butter maybe? I forget) in a pan and bakes until the tomatoes pop. Then we put it over pasta and it is deliciousssss.

Bianca said...

That is a lovely eyeshadow, and top.

And you made the cutest Alive ever. :-)

Lorena said...

I am certain that Waffles picked me :)
I have this Marimekko tunic in another colorful print and I agree with you, it is difficult to wear.
Love you in blond !
Yesterday I made cous cous, it was really good - or so I say, maybe I was just hungry.

laniza said...

I love the colors of the tunic. Have you tried tucking it in or would that look too weird?