Wednesday, June 16, 2010


We had an Open House at my work today. Basically it was so other departments could come by and we had signs on our offices saying what we did. There was lots of free food and mingling. I think I only had a few moments of my social leper sneak out. All in all anyone who knows me real life should be real proud I talked to tons of people and only hid once.
We didn't decorate for it because our office always is decorated.
One of my coworkers made HUNDREDS of these starts and paper cranes and they have been hanging up year round. I love them and they are happy educing. She made sure each person has a crane over their space.

And this is what I wore
Dress Marc Jacbos 2008
Orange suede flats Gap 2008
Organic cotton Cami H&M (Lordy I love these. I need MORE) 2010

I have made the joke before that there are people at my work who don't know me. It really isn't that big a place. More than 3 people said they liked my "party dress" which is funny because I actually forgot about the party when I got dressed this morning. This is just everyday me. (well that and after 4 years they still don't know me)

A little more upclose despite how many times I have worn this dress I don't think I ever got a detail of them. They are folded and tucked. 


When I was grabbing the camera off my chair I got this up close kinda moon facey pic but I kinda dig it and you can see my pretty necklace and lipstick.

accidental photo

What do you do for a living? (I have asked before but there are new faces so feel free to answer again!)

My job changed this winter and I now work in ordering. I order all formats of material. Books being the majority. I also do a lot of work on licensing for ejournals and access problems. I could tell you the rest but it would be a novel (oh I am so punny)


Clare said...

Dude, I love this dress and your adorable curls!! So funny that your coworkers said it was a party dress! I know better. :)

I work in student affairs at a university. I do registration, advising, basically, it's an everything-but-the-kitchen-sink kind of job. And I love it!!

Bianca said...

PRETTY! Love the dress and your MU and hair.

My title is "Marketing Specialist" but really, I am more of an analyst and do special reporting projects for my company. :-)

Rachel said...

LOVE the dress! I think it's an everyday dress too, not just a party dress.

I'm director of the in-house advertising agency for one of the top 3 auction companies in the US. It's ridiculously stressful and busy and I will not go into everything I do because that would also be novel length. Suffice it so say I manage everything from daily ops to major accounts to new client proposal, also do graphic design & web arts, accounting & quarterly reporting, campaign planning and budget creation and about a bazillion other things. Somehow I manage to pack it all into about 50 hrs a week.

And I should be working not commenting b/c I have no time to even take lunch today! But your blog just calls to me when I see a new post pop up in Reader....

Heather said...

I'm an administrative goddess. Finance, HR, etc. for a division at a University.

I also must comment on your hair - lovely. As well, I wish I had a co-worker who decorated with cranes and whatnot! That is a nice thing.

Emily Kennedy said...

Your hair looks excellent in these pics.

I am a full time Project Coordinator in a research center at a midwestern University. I am also a part time graduate student in the Sociology Department.

Lorena said...

You look sooo pretty !
THE HAIR looks amazing :)
I tend to be shy too. For some reason people do not remember me. I meet them and then I see them again and my husband has to introduce me AGAIN.
Plus everyone says I LOOK UPSET. I am not upset.
I am a serious gal.
Now, I am trying to make an effort to be a little more sociable but it's just baby steps ...
I do Marketing and brand management for a perfume line, my area is Latin America.

Kimberly said...

Love that dress every time you wear it!!

I am a Property Manager for a portfolio of Commercial Real Estate Buildings including a high-rise office building in downtown Indianapolis. I deal with everything from tenant relations, lease negotiations, vendors/contracts for service, managing maintenance engineers, right on down to picking out the toiler paper!

Andi B said...

Love that necklace.

I work for a bank. My job title is officially something like Corporate Banking Sales Analyst. I set up cash management products and services for commercial banking customers. Let's just say it's not my dream job. I've worked for the same company nearly 8 years and I don't feel like there is a single person here who really knows me, so I understand!

Distractedly Yours said...

Cute as always!

I'm a medical editor for a company that creates content for continuing medical education. if you're interested in where. :)

Bridgett said...

i love the curls.

i'm in grad school for school psych.

EvaNadine said...

i also think your hair looks extra-lovely today. :)

i do a software and applications tester.

Sammie said...

My Title is Business Application Analyst, but basically I administer & maintain the Global Contracts that my company signs with their vendors. I pretty much work in excel 98% of my day. (oh and my company manufactures Analytical Instruments - HPLC machines)

I'm pretty lucky, I work with some amazing women (out of our group of 20, there are only 3 guys!) and the company is pretty great too!

AND I love your hair (as usual) but the curls are super cute.

Ally said...

I love this dress - it may be my favorite of yours :)

I'm a Property Manager for a residential community of high-end apartments and condos. I work with residents on issues they may have, deal with vendors, order supplies, lease apartments, collect rents, send residents notices and manage my staff of maintenance/pool folks.

Moni said...

I love your outfit!

I just graduated from law school last month and am currently studying for the bar (it sucks). In the fall I'll be working in house at a major technology company, specializing in contract negotiation, legal research, and due diligence. I'm really looking forward to starting my new job. Hopefully it'll live up to my expectations!

Kelly said...

Ooo I love all those decorations you have!

My title at my day job is "Documentation Specialist" which basically means that I write user guides, customer newsletters, etc., and copy edit/fact check the ones that other people write. (Not that you could ever tell that from my blog because that's just a big mess of grammar terribleness.) I also do a bit of freelance writing at night, which I like because it lets me flex my creative writing muscles (which I rarely get to do with the software manuals)

Lisa said...

I adore that dress! I can see how people would think you dressed up for the party, the dress has a festive look to it.

I think I've answered this question before, but just for kicks, I'm a high school history teacher and a graduate student. I think both those things are pretty explanatory. I'm also a kickass knitter, just saying.

DanaElayne said...

I teach high school English/Literature. I teach juniors and seniors. :)

Taylor said...

Your hair looks fantastic! (Well, it always looks good but I love it this way.) And that dress, adorable!

I do data analyis, working with engineers and production supervisors for a large manufacturing facility - we do a LOT of govt and DOD orders. Access 2007 is either my best friend or my worst enemy. It is... not what I pictured myself doing as I kind of hate numbers yet I love my job! Go figure.

Karlee said...

I love having a decorated office. When I worked in the office of the local bookmobile we decorated and hung up paper bookmobiles for a party. They were then left there until after I left.

I work as a quality control chemist for a generic pharmaceutical manufacturer. I probably use some of those HPLCs that Sammie's company makes.

janiece said...

I love the dress too. The colours look great together, and are set off by the shoes.

I am ... a librarian! Specialising in medical and health librarianship. At the moment i am running a specialist HIV/AIDS library.

Cyn said...

I too like your hair today- the curls have a nice retro look being a bit pinned up.

I work at a public liberry- I started following your blog after another blogger linked to you standing in front of some bound journals. "OMG," I thought, "Another person in Libraryland who cares about fashion and other fun stuff!"

Now that I'm in charge of people I can't have quite as much fun with my eye makeup and nail polish, but I still stay far away from the stereotype...

Tina said...

I'm an attorney, but I don't work at a firm - I work at an off-site center, so I have a lot more leeway with my wardrobe than I would otherwise.

rlutz said...

I love your hair today...and your dress. I am an account executive at an advertising agency part time and the other part I stay home with my two little boys.

Cali369 said...

I'm a new reader from the UK. I work in IT, in Technical Sales which means showing and explaining the technical side of our software to potential customers. The team I work in is almost totally male - there are two gals out of 20-ish men.

hillary said...

eeeeeeeeeee Its fun hearing what people to it also helps think of you as more real. Like oh yes thats the writer etc...