Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I've been careless with a delicate man

outfit 6.21.11

Dress Marc Jacobs (80% off most worn item I own?)
Shoes Clarks
Bracelets beaded ones are very old from H&M and other two are new from  American Eagle. (They are also currently buy one get one free!)
Earrings H&M (I got 8 pairs all different colors for $2. Perfect for people we love to be matchy matchy)


makeup  side by side 6.21.11



The sparkle friendship has an elephant on it. The trunk is up so it mean that it is lucky too!

SHOES CLARKS 2008 6.21.11

Click shoes to see new pedicure.

I didn't think this was a great makeup photo, bit blurry, but you can see my little set up I use to take pictures in the background. Tripod, camera case, glasses off, sweater on chair. All grab and run.


Woke up with a terrible migraine today. I will probably look like this most the day. ( I have no sick time! )


We have an event after work today. I didn't even remember until this morning. Most my shoes are packed so I had to wing it. I know I have to do something about my hair before then and I hope my makeup lasts. You think one of those little braids in the front with a bun says architecture event? My head was hurting so bad this morning I had to decide makeup or hair and makeup always wins out in my mind. (My under eyes were a fright!) Luckily the dress was hanging on the back of the door already or I wouldn't of even of managed that.

How are you all today?

I am stressed about packing. I've tried to develop a "don't complain while you are doing it because it DOESN'T HELP" philosophy. But there is NO WHERE TO PUT ANYTHING. ack. Also the second I say "pack it" I need it. Where did I put the OH DAMN in that closed box. What about? Nope that is in a box too. Also things I haven't touched in years got donated and now I suddenly want to use them. Silly girl.

Oh make sure you enter my Apothica giveaway too!


Cassykins said...

I hope your head feels better soon. I get really bad migraines, too. I don't like the medicine I'm on now, though. Advil migraine is much better imo.

Sal said...

That dress delights me every time you wear it!

Lorena said...

This dress is one of my favorite of yours.
Ok, I peeked at your pedicure and loved it !
Tell me more about it, it was not done by you.... was it ?
Me, well I am very, VERY pissed off at work.

Cara said...

That is such a beautiful dress! I'm a little afraid of wearing bright blues and reds together (It's a bold statement), but seeing how effortless it looks on you, I may have to give it a try.
Hope your migraine lifts!

hillary said...

This dress? It orange. You Can tell Here


Although red and navy are One of my favorite combos ever. Bright blue and red I'd be leery of. Purple red and blue I couldn't do I don't think.

Chalkdust and Boots said...

Holy God, do I love your hair and make-up in this post. Actually, the whole look. Hope you felt better. Migraines are not good news.

Megan Mae said...

That is the happiest, bubbliest dress. Also I didn't realize until now that the peterpan collar? Is sheer. Sorry to hear about the migraine! They're the worst.

I am pretty alright. Today's had good and bad, but I found a quarter and have a box of hair dye for tonight. So all in all. A-ok.

No Guilt Fashion said...

I love that dress. I hope your moving problems are over soon. I absolutely hate packing!!!
No Guilt Fashion

rlutz said...

That dress is so wonderful! I hate packing, I always put it off until the last minute. your hair looks great up like that! Have fun tonight!

hillary said...

Thank you everyone. I wasn't feeling well so I didn't go. Home today after a night of not sleeping and feelin awful. Hoping it passes ASAP. The boxes won't pack themselves. (despite how much I pleaded with them to)

hillary said...

I had it done. I said "can you do a design on the big toe" she said "flower?" ok. I wish I could tell you better what she did. It's silver and white on "you don't know Jacque" by opi

Brooke said...

awesome bracelets!!

Lorena said...

I loved the pedi..... is there such thing as a pedi envy ?

Lonestarcasie said...

That dress is Precious and you can always rock a gold shoe. Metallics are very useful in the instant "rocking it" department.