Tuesday, June 01, 2010

she bangs she bang.....erm

Sweater Cynthia Rowley (March 2010)
Dress Ann Taylor Loft It's this one in Navy. It was $25 last Wednesday.
Shoes Vera Wang for Kohls. (2009)They are the Leia model which happens to be the second half of my first name (it's supposed to be my middle but it got messed up government wise somewhere along the way)
The mark is from my glasses
green and blue glass ring
navy leia sandals kohls
This is only the third time I have worn this sweater for a variety of reasons. It is memorable and people say things such as "Oh I STILL like" as if to say I should only of worn it once because you might not like it the second time? I wear things in my closet OVER and OVER. I worry I look repetitive and when people say things like that I wonder am I not supposed to? Is it assumed I only show new things? I dunno the answer, these are the questions you ask yourself.

My bangs desperately need a trim. I was too busy watching Bridezilla and Harry Potter Marathons to be bothered this weekend to do it. I did dye my hair though which always TAKES FOREVER. Blarg. 2.5 hours and 3 boxes of dye is what I am up to. It is the same color I have dyed it since 1998(7) so in answer no it isn't new. I just go so long in between it starts to take on new shades.

How was your long weekend?
I kinda chronicled mine on my tumblr as the weekend progressed. I hate to post the same things two places for fear of boring people to tears.

PS Today is Waffle's first birthday!


Sal said...

Those might just be the best navy sandals in history.

And I can't quite believe that people tell you they "still" like your duds. They're keeping track? EESH.

Dave77459 said...

I think you hit a homerun with this look today. I like shorter skirts on you, and those cool shoes just amplify my opinion.

You know I saw this first on Flickr, and when you posted the blog entry name, I had to come look. I thought your hair and especially your bangs looked terrific today. It's like they are a statement of your fashion sense, and I appreciated them.

My weekend was swell. 900 miles on the bike was hard to beat, but I also smoked a steak. I'll go read your recap.

Candycane said...

Happy b'day Waffle!!!

Love this look on you! And those shoes are great!!

I remix things ALL the time and worry that people won't want to look anymore!

Sal xXx

spygrl1 said...

Wow, it seems impossible that Waffle is 1!

Those shoes are hot/fierce/fantastic!

Now to share a random thought: I have this weird thing with patent -- I often really dig it on other people, but I avoid it for myself. Not sure why. I wonder if I should try to break out of that rut or just accept it as part of my personal style/taste?

Lisa said...

I had when people throw in clauses to their compliments such as, "That STILL/ACTUALLY/SURPRISINGLY looks good." If you're not going to commit to a compliment why give it?

Happy birthday Waffle! Do they make kitten cakes? If so you should give her one!

hillary said...

kickass cupcakes in davis square does have a kitten cupcake and waffle was VERY unimpressed. She prefers the regular vanilla with vanilla frosting ones from there.

Jess said...

Ever since I read that it was Waffle's birthday today, I've been singing a Waffle birthday song to myself, a la the Simpsons episode where Michael Jackson and Bart write Lisa a birthday song. Waffle, it's your birthday...happy birthday Waffle...Waffle it's your birthday...

I love today's look, btw. I am really into navy right now and the combo of navy and green is a favorite!

Dana said...

Happy Birthday Waffle! :)

Melissa said...

I think if you like an item, wear it all the time no matter how memorable it is! I do love that cardigan and I personally would wear it All. The. Time.

The entire outfit is spectacular. And that's saying a lot for me because I'm not a huge fan of navy, but you make it awesome!

hillary said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes for waffle!