Sunday, June 13, 2010


What they say is true you really do get the max for the minimum! When TJ Maxx asked me if I wanted to give my thoughts on their stores and their summer fashions I said HECK YES! They provided me with a $25 gift card to get something and to let them know my thoughts on the experience.

outside tjmaxx

TJ Maxx has long been a family favorite. My grandmother took me there often growing up. I still remember when my section "changed" and I started shopping in the ladies section instead of the kids section. They do and always had current brand name fashions you can find in department stores at a fraction of the price. They make deals with stores to buy overages and such. (I am sure you've all seen the hilarious commercials about how they make their deals)

When I think of summer fashions I think of three things. These are the only three things I need to get me though summer in style!
  • Sunglasses
  • Sandals
  • Sundresses!
Here is a sampling of some of the great fashions I found at my local TJ Maxx today.

Sunglasses aren't just a fashion statement they are investment in the health of your eyes. (They also help prevent crows feet from all that squinting in the sun) But if you are going to wear them for your health doesn't mean they can't be cute!

KATE SPADE!!! Seriously where else could you get Kate Spade for $39.99?



I await anxiously each year for the day my feet can come out! Sandals are a summer luxury and the season isn't a long one here in New England. That's why TJ Maxx is so great for cute fun sandals, you don't have to pay a lot for shoes you can only wear a month or two a year.



Lastly Sundresses
The reason I love dresses so much is it is one item and your done! You don't have to worry about which top goes with which bottom! One item dressing is how I like to roll in the hot summer sun.

With the popularity of Mad Men making ladies everywhere seeking out lady like 60's inspired dresses.Those dresses do not come cheap but TJ Maxx can give you the look at a low price.
white dress 3

Maxi dresses it was refreshing to find a style that wasn't too long on a girl my height.
maxi dress 2

Grey dress 1

I enjoyed my shopping experience. They were very on trend and the prices couldn't be beat. My one complaint? TOO MUCH GOOD STUFF! It was hard to pick when there was so many great options. I think I need to back for those heart sunglasses. Thank you again to them for providing me with this opportunity. Do you know what I took home?

Do you shop at TJ Maxx? What is the best deal you have got there?


Farmgirl said...

your too dang cute for words~

Taylor said...

I LOVE that black and white polkadotty dress. LOVE it. Wish I'd seen it in the two times I went to our TJ Maxx this weekend, haaa. It's dangerous having one literally five minutes away from my house, I'll tell you that much.

Tina said...

I love all your finds! Did you take the grey dress home? That's my first guess, and my second is the polka dot dress.

Distractedly Yours said...

I hope it was the polka dot dress, because it is ADORABLE. If not, you need to go back and get it. :)

hillary said...

I don't want to give it away yet but I will give a hint it was not the white dress.

Kaisa said...

I really really hope you took home the wedge sandals! I love them :)


Heather said...

purple sandals or maxi dress would be my guess...although any of those sunglasses would have been a great purchase on that gift card.

Bridgett said...

i love tj maxx! all the sunglasses are so cute and it makes me sad because i wear glasses so i can't wear sunglasses.

you should go back for that white dress!

Cyn said...

Oh man, I love TJ Maxx as well- I love to hit them up for purses, shoes, and small gifts for Christmas (you know, the neat little things you need to have on hand just in case...) I also seem to do really well at finding Calvin Klein dresses and Bandolino shoes at mine (love them both).

I covet the sunglasses and the black and white dress you found. The maxi dress you tried as well as the shoes were also cute. Methinks I need to do some shopping...

Lorena said...

I DO! I DO !
Usually shop there for bras, shoes and bags.

hillary said...

Bridgett I wear glasses too. (I'm usually holding them in photos. ) so that's another hint.

D'Rae said...

I am going to say the wedge sandles.

EvaNadine said...

my first guess woulda been the polkadot dress, but since you already said thats not it, im gonna go with the kate spade shades -- too good a deal to pass up!
and seriously, you DO need to go back for that other pair of sunnies -- those hearts on the sides are too cute!

i LOVE me some tj maxx. its like thrifting -- i never go there with a specific purpose in mind, other than to find a deal. :)

Marianne said...

You're so cute! love the "mad men" dress...

And I LOVE TJ Maxx! We don't have them here in Canada (we have Winners, which is similar), so we sometimes go to Vermont or Upstate NY just to shop there... I have found my favorite middle-of-nowhere store where I find gems such as 15$ Missoni sunglasses.