Monday, June 14, 2010

REVIEW Lime Crime in Centrifuchsia

Two years ago the New York Times published this great article about lipstick. It is worth reading.

One women in the article talks about how buying lipstick is satisfying when you can't buy that $400 blouse you want. I have to agree. Buying a new lipstick just personally gives me a little thrill. It also mentions how it is a primal pleasure.
Taken from the article:
"April Lane Benson, a psychologist in Manhattan who works with compulsive spenders, said there are two reasons why women would want lip color more than other affordable pleasures. Lipstick can be applied as many times a day as you’d like. “It’s very primal,” Dr. Benson said. “The mouth is an organ of so much pleasure. Kissing is what you do with your lips.”

Women in my family have always been lipstick wearers. My gram has 6 in her purse at any one time. My great aunts would wear them under their straps of their bathing suits on the beach for constant reapplication. Dave knows how I feel on the matter and buys me lipstick often. The only thing better than buying a lipstick is when someone buys it for you. (mind you we share an account heee) I think one of my favorite sentences ever is "Do you want to go look at MAC He knows how to cheer me up. While I don't suggest that when you are blue you go and buy something. I think you should head you emotions head on... blah blah. You get what I mean. 

lips edited

They look similar in tube but they are quite different on. In order MAC, Lime Crime and MAC Dazzleglass.


This weekend I returned 6 empties to MAC and picked up a new free tube! Then Dave picked out a gloss to go with it. (It is so fun when he comes with me because he starts looking around and picking things out I would never in a million years of picked and they almost always look great. He is a big promoter of don't judge until you try with clothing, makeup and polish. If I hold something up he said "dunno try it on") I also came across Lime Crime.

I have wanted Centrifuchsia since it came out but the $5 shipping on a $16 tube of lipstick was way too much for something I might not like.You never know how something is going to look on you. Especially when I can walk up and try something MAC at $14. I have to say I LOVE my Lime Crime lipstick. It is bright as hell and that baby STAYS PUT. I had it on all day yesterday through two meals and french fries! I reapplied once but I honestly didn't need to. I think this will be my summer color! I will so go back for more. I can't believe I used to be afraid of lipstick. Ladies don't be scared! You don't like it? Wipe it off and try another! You'd be surprised what a good lipstick can do for you.

My MAC gloss is a Dazzleglass called Funtabulous.It has blue shimmer in it. It has a very nice teeth whitening effect. Dazzleglass is my all time favorite lipgloss formula. Shimmer shimmery without that gritty glitter effect. I was so happy when they added them to their permanent collection.

I have to say putting on a bright lipstick makes me feel better. I feel like I can't pout with a bright Fuchsia mouth now can I?


Kelly said...

I love this color on you!

Lorena said...

That color is soo pretty on you !
Now, I have an odd question.
Does Waffles like lipstick ?
I ask because my dogs ADORE lipstick, when I am putting it on they sit there, waiting for me to put some one.. which I accept I do.

hillary said...

She loves it. When I put it on she wants to sniff me. I use mostly MAC and they all smell a bit vanilla sugary. Daisyboo doesn't seem to care one way or another.

Rachel said...

Ooooo, love the centrifuschia! so pretty with your skin tone.

bought 4 - yes 4 - lipsticks on Sat. CVS has Sally Hansen's Natural Beauty Lip Color 75% off making them like $2.50 a pop. Bought one and loved how it felt so got 3 more. Normally will only buy Revlon lipstick from the drugstore, but was very surprised by the slick, moisturizing formula. It's not MAC quality, but for $2.50 you can't pass that up.

dawn said...

That's a really good color for you. I love it!