Thursday, June 10, 2010

REVIEW Benefit Ultra Shines in Back to the Fuchsia

The lovely people of Shop it to Me sent me a gift card JUST for 10 people signing up for their service (mind you it took me almost 2 years for 10 people to sign up, I am not sure if that speaks to my popularity level or my level of pushiness)
So I did what any normal person would do and I blew it on something silly. A $18 lipgloss from Benefit. $18 is a lot of cheddah for lipgloss in my book. Especially when MAC is $14 and they have a recycling program where you bring back your empties for NEW product. Since I was only paying $8 for it because of my Macy's gift card.... It seemed like a deal. Thanks again Shop it to Me! (If you would like to join Shop it to Me please go via my link! I want more lipgloss!)

I LOVE Benefit but find there stuff is a bit out of my price range.Dave actually buys Benefit as a gift for me at time. He is a sucker for their aesthetic and knows I don't like the shell out for it.

I got one the new the Ultra Shines in Back to the Fuchsia





Let me say I feel SO WEIRD posting a close up of my lips. So weird. The gloss is very pretty fuchsia with bluey sparkles in it. (Blue tones make your teeth look whiter) The coverage is build able. You can layer it for a more intense color look. The is one thickish coat. It smells slightly peachish?? If you ever tried their glosses people it is the same smell. It is something I can't place. Probably because I don't eat fruit unless it is in pie form. The smell goes away and isn't strong at all. I really like this color and honestly think it would be universally flattering on all skin colors. It just LOOKS bold in the package. It really isn't. The gloss also isn't sticky. It is more slippery and there are no glitter chunks! You can't even feel the shimmers. I don't mind sticky gloss though. It reminds me when I need to reapply. I don't know that it is any shinier than regular gloss and I know that is the whole point of this line. I will let you decide on that. Is it shinier? I would buy again... if someone gave me $20. Or If someone wants to gift it to me. I won't say no. :)

Now once again for good measure.


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