Thursday, June 03, 2010

Red headed stepchild

Skirt and Shirt Target 2008?
Sandals Born 2009
Tank Old Navy 2006
Necklace Katie's
Belt H&M 2010

Dave and I call this the Wallace and Gromit smile

Being a step child is kinda like winning first runner up. You won but you don't have any of the glory or recognition. Sometimes you aren't even playing with the same set of rules and the judges aren't fair with giving out the points. When it came to my step grandparents it was always a formal relationship. They loved me but I wasn't their grandchild. I was always "Sue's kid" Their own grandchildren went 10-15 years without visiting them. I was always there. I was there when she died. I sat silently by while the real grandchildren swooped in and got all the attention even though they were MIA for a decade.

Before K passed away my mom got a bunch of random jewelry. K gave most her things away before she passed so she could see people enjoying her things. She had piles of these plastic bead necklaces from the 60's and 70's and my mom offered them to me. At first I was going to pass on them as I didn't think I would wear them but I took them and they've been sitting in a drawer for years. Lately I have been pulling them out and seeing them in a new light. I feel like K when I wear them. She always so polished and always had on these impeccably matched outfits, each item picked out with lots of thought. She was a wonderful woman and I am glad I knew her. I feel a bit special wearing something she loved.

Do you have any items like that?


La Historiadora de Moda said...

I love the color palette of this outfit! The only pieces that I had like that were stolen when our home was burglarized this summer. It still makes me sick. I hope you get lots of enjoyment out of yours!

hillary said...

Im sorry that happened. Dave and I walked in on a robbery in progress in our apartment. Horrific to deal with.

Clare said...

First of all, I have to say how much I love your Wallace and Gromit smile!! That seems to be Joe's default smile for ALL photos ever. Drives me nuts.

And I totally have pieces like that. It's hard, because I love that they remind me of my loved ones, but it can be really painful to remember loved ones when you're not up to it. Sometimes I'll put on a necklace or ring in the morning when I'm sleepy and only later realize that it was my grandmother's, and I'm not always ready for the emotional toll that it takes.

hillary said...

Clare that is how I am with pop's stuff. i was wearing his dog tags for a little while but it was way too raw and I put it away for awhile.

Candycane said...

I have some of my Grandma's beads too.. she died when I was 5 .. and my mum used to let me wear some of it for dress up, but I broke my fave one, I still have all the beads though :D


♥ Kenz ♥ said...

I don't have things like that...sadly. I think it would be beautiful.

Kelly said...

I have several pieces of jewelry that belonged to family members or beloved friends. I wear something from one of them almost every day (even though I honestly wouldn't pick out most of the styles myself if I just saw it at a store) - for some reason jewelry is so much more sentimental to me than a lot of other things. I can part with books or clothes or trinkets that belonged to someone special, but not jewelry. And wearing them helps me feel connected to those people I love(d). Sometimes it hurts too much for even a year or two after someone dies, but after a while it becomes much easier emotionally to wear the jewelry than to not wear it. Like, if I wear it every day it is a happy ritual of remembering and feeling connected to that person, but if I put it in a jewelry box and take it out only a few times a year, then it always hurts.

spygrl1 said...

Love that little bow belt!

I have a St. John sweater dress that belonged to my grandmother (who is still alive in her 90s), and I really enjoy wearing it -- it tickles me because it fits me so well, which makes me think about how my grandmother must have looked when she wore it years ago and think that we must be similar.

From my grandmother who died a couple of years ago, I have some jewelry; I don't even wear it too often but I have most of it hung on a cork board in my bedroom and I enjoy seeing it every day. The thing that *really* reminds me of her is a bottle of her Charlie perfume. I always used to snitch a squirt of her Charlie when I visited her as a kid :)

Jane Milton said...

First time caller, long time listener. =)

Your post really hit home, as I recently lost my uncle to cancer. Every time I drink a certain brand of soju, I think of the times when we would sit around my grandparent's table drinking said soju and eating sashimi, shooting the breeze, whilst my mom was yelling at her younger brother for "being a bad influence." Good times. I really miss him.

I am not, however, going to pour soju on the sidewalk in honour of my homies. Though the thought *did* cross my mind....

Farmgirl said...

Love that you can wear Katie's things. When I wear her brooches I always feel a little more polished.
Love you doll face~ OX MOM

hillary said...

Thanks so much for stopping by everyone it was nice to hear about your special items.