Sunday, June 27, 2010

A rare sight

A rare sight of a weekend outfit photo AND a guest outfit! We went for a drive this morning for a nice lunch up in Essex about 45 minutes away. (We drive 45 miles for a $10 meal. That is $10 for BOTH us) Our car's AC stopped working last week so I tried to do wind appropriate hair, I braided it while wet. I haven't put my hair in braids like this is a very long time. I worry I am getting too old for it.


Skirt Thakoon for Target 2009
Shirt Ann Taylor Loft 2009
Born sandals bought with gift card that was given to me by TJ Maxx 2010
Necklaces both from Tiffany's short one is Elsa Peretti and the long one from the Key collection.
Purple hoops Forever 21 2008
Coach rx sunglasses 2007

I find this skirt very hard to wear and only worn it once before. It is very voluminous and it has a weird uneven length ties I only like tied in the back (but isn't good for sitting it a car for a few hours) Today I tied in front but last time in the back.

Detail of necklaces and earrings.


I treated myself to a pedicure. Lapis of Luxury by Essie.

A small behind the scenes look.(I got bored waiting for Dave to come downstairs. I shot myself, my shoes and started on my surroundings.) Every day I hang my purse on the fence across from the wall I pose at. Usually there is a pair of shoes next to my drink waiting for me to change into for the commute. In cool weather I also hang my coat here too.

And for my special Guest!

Shirt and Shorts Old Navy 2007-2009
Sandals Red's 2008
Hat Target 2009 (It is actually paper!)
New clip on sunglasses Walmart 2010. We were there with my grandmother and I spied these clip on ones and bought Dave a pair. He hasn't worn sunglasses in YEARS. (He is stubborn. I've tried to get him rx ones....) He loves his new clip ons and they were only $13! They came in at least 20 shapes and sizes.

photo 1.JPG

I also have some exciting news. (exciting to me) I finally have a phone again! I broke my last iPhone good and dead 2 weeks ago and was getting by on a borrowed very old phone from a friend. I had never texted on a number pad I don't know how people do it so quickly!! It took me 5 minutes to write 4 words.  On Thursday we picked up our preordered iPhones! (The people waiting in the non-preorder line when we were there had an expected 8 hour wait! EGADS!) Dave and I have had phones with keyboards for the past 6 years so I felt like I was walking backwards. Since Dave is Celiac we have had smartphones with web capabilities since he was diagnosed in 2004. I never want him to not be able to eat something because he couldn't look it up and confirm it's gluten free status. I look at it as a medical necessity and I can't even tell you how many times it has saved us in a pinch. (Driving in the middle of no where trying to find a place he can eat something!) I know we don't NEED iPhones and there are much cheaper options but dear lord I love my phone. LOVE. Kiss kiss smooch smooch love.

photo 2.JPG

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Melissa said...

The skirt is adorable and I love both ways that you styled it. I do like the tie in the front better.

I'm SO jealous that you already have the new iPhone! We did pre-order but ours are the ones being shipped on July 2nd. My 3G is about to tank so I just can't wait for the new one! I'm sure you love it!!!

Kelly said...

I really like that skirt - both ways but especially with the black tights. Also I don't think you're getting too old for those braids, they look great on you!

Also - a paper hat? That is awesome.

Congrats on your new phone, it sounds like you guys of anyone need a smartphone for quick info while you're away from home!

Emily Kennedy said...

You look so pretty in hot pink. I totally understand now how helpful iPhones are to your life. What an excellent point.

Lorena said...

I cant believe thats a difficult skirt to wear, well at least is doesn't seem to be ! Both ways you have worn it look fab....
Oh damn car a/conditioners, mine died too... damn.

Kasmira said...

I hate clothing that ties in the back. I either cut the ties off or wrap them around to the front. I usually find the knot too uncomfortable in the back and (if the ends are long) end up dipping the tips in the loo.