Friday, June 25, 2010

My words? I ated them. (and a review..... of Crocs. Shut up)

or how about this one

Shirt H&M 2010
Skirt Ann Taylor Loft 2010 See below for the ruffle detail
Belt H&M 2007 Yes it is off center on purpose. I lined it up with the ruffle.
Watch Target gift from MIL 2010
Earrings I made

Hillary made

Yeah so these adorable shoes I have on. Uh they're Crocs. I KNOW I am totally having a "my words" sandwich.


It all started innocently enough. There is this commercial where a girl comes home from work, kicks off here heels and these too little creepy goobers come running and massage her feet. Then it ends with her walking out of the room in these ADORABLE looking red chucks inspired flats. Dave and I both remarked how much we loved them and that is was SHOCKING they were from Crocs. We have a store about 2 blocks from my house. I never went in. WHY would I? I was all OOH CROCS ARE GROSS. This commercial has been airing for a few months and I have been eyeballing in the store as I walk by and they only just got them. Then I tried them on... and I kinda fell in love. I am still anti big duck looking Crocs. But these? These I am ok with. As I was checking out I noticed two little holes in the top.
CAN I PUT GEMS IN THESE I asked the sales girl!
Yup she said.
I ran over to the kids section and started rooting through. I settled on red stars and h's .99 cents a piece. My mind was reeling from all the combinations I could do. I may or may not of gone home and looked at all 500 on their website. Now Dave says I should just leave the stars and forget the h's. But I am twitchy about how there is an exposed hole. A hole that says "there should be something in me"

What do you think? I just balanced the h on top of the right one.

Do you have any plans for this weekend?
My in laws are coming and we are going out for Thai food and to see Toy Story 3 with them.


Bridgett said...

omg i want these now!! super cute, i really like the brown ones.

i like your H a lot, i think it is really cute and goes with your library job. :)

i really like the mushroom and ice cream cone ones.

DanaElayne said...

I have over 60 something pairs of Crocs...high heeled, sandals, everything. I mainly wear the "cuter" Crocs. I wear them all the time when I'm teaching. I haven't found a more comfortable shoe company (for my feet). I have been eyeing those Croc band shoes for a while. I totally want them in red!

They look ardorable on you, and I would rock the H. I like it.

Kelly said...

I really like how you lined up the cherries with the ruffle!

I've never tried Crocs but I have a few days next month where we are having customer training at my work and we will be on our feet all day, so I think I might want to try the Crocs ballet flats because even with my comfiest shoes my feet start hurting after a whole day without sitting down. But then I'm afraid I'll become addicted to the comfort! hahaha

Clare said...

As a long-time anti-Crocs advocate, I do believe I may have just converted.

Lorena said...

Haha... I have not eaten THAT sandwich!
I honestly do not like Crocs I would rather go barefoot.
However I must admit yours are cute.
Have you thought of putting a ribbon through the holes and tying a cute little bow ??
My weekend starts off with taking the hubby tomorrow for breakfast after we drop the dogs off at the dog salon and then take my car to have the A/C checked. Its not working well and its been HELL HOT so I got to get it looked at.

rlutz said...

the crocs look cute on the skirt and belt...
plan to take the kids to toy story 3 this weekend and organize my closet

Lemondrop Marie said...

Love that you added the H! We just called our fave Thai restaurant for takeout. Happy Friday,
Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
Purseapalooza giveaway

Brooke said...

wow, those are Crocs?? LOVE.

I know exactly what commercial you're talking about - and never even realized it was a shoe commercial (can tell how much attention I pay! lol). That commercial always makes me feel so bad for my poor feet. Maybe I should get them some Crocs... like these... :)

Emily Kennedy said...

Oh my word those are REALLY cute! I like them with just the red star. I thought you were being oh so chicly asymmetrical. But either way works.

Archives said...

i am SO GLAD i am not the only person that commercial worked on!!!

seriously, crocs are lame. right? that's what i thought, but...then i tried some on. C O M F Y. i got a pair of plain black ballet flats and a pair of green wedges and i'm in love.

oh - my vote is stars only! super cute :D

Kelly said...

I just bought some. Just like yours (minus the gems). I'm a big copycat!