Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Made to fit


Dress Talbots from TJ Maxx 2010
Orange suede flats Gap 2009
Brown Cami H&M 2010
Sweater Loft 2009
Earrings Forever 21 2009


This is my new go to style for wet hair. I like using the 4 little clips because it doesn't tug on my head which elastics do and give me headaches. It also looks cute as the pieces dry and start sticking out. I put a braid down each side to dress it up a little. I normally shower at night but in this heat I do it in the morning and wet hair on me takes SO long to style. This was maybe 5 minutes tops and part of that was looking for the clear elastic I dropped on the floor. 

Picnik collage

My earrings were something  I altered.
This is the before of them.

forever 21 earrings before.

I took off the top piece that made these weird ear clips and were SO HEAVY. I replaced it with a simple hook. I took out the middle dangly piece and every other bead along the bottom. Before they were insanely heavy and completely unwearable. I love them now. Much easier to wear and I have a ton of left over beads. I think I paid $3 for them at Forever 21.


I bought this dress at TJ Maxx a few weeks ago. It is Tabot's brand and I paid $15. I went on their website and their dresses range from $80-$160 so I made a good choice. I knew buying it that it didn't really fit me. It was so low cut I would give a free show. The arm holes under the arms are way too big and bag out. It is entirely too long for me to. It was made for someone with a bigger bust than me. (That is the OPPOSITE problem then I usually have. Usually nothing fits the DDs.) But it was cotton, a fabric I enjoy and these are easy alterations. My gram is going to take it all in and try and make a little panel for the cleavage. In the meantime I wanted to wear it! Now I can really say what I think needs to be done. All the things I listed above and remove the tie waist.

Do you alter your clothes? Being 5'3" and a larger bust I have to hem everything shorter and usually tack the fronts of my tops and dresses closed. If I learned anything from fashion makeover shows. I need to makes the clothes work for my body and not make my body work for the clothes. Having to tape and safety pin things closed if NOT ok with anymore. I also dislike always wearing a cami under things. I'm sorry I don't want the world to see my nipple but apparently the manufacturers think I do. Buying only clothing items I LOVE instead of like or it's on sale helps this a lot. I really asses in a store what do I have to do to wear it? Pin? Tape? Only wear with a certain cami? NOPE move on. I hate fussing and tugging and pulling all day. I learned how to hem my own pants it so easy. You don't even need to know how to sew. I really want some of those Hem Gems for the pants I like to wear with uber  high heels or flats. It is so much better than the jankey safety pin method I use now.


Melissa said...

I love the dress; can't wait to see what it looks like after you've had it altered.

I'm not even five feet (4'11" to be exact) with a larger bust (DD or maybe just a D by now) but I rarely have clothes altered. I typically look for petite pants and avoid shirts that would have to be pinned.

I did just find out that the wife of my husband's friend is a seamstress (she's actually done clothes for Aerosmith!), so I've brought some things to her. I'm sure they'll be great and if so, I'll definitely use her again because tailoring is important enough...if it can be affordable!

Casey said...

I have the opposite problem- I'm 5'9. Nothing fits right because you generally can't make pants longer than they already are :(

Rachel said...

Adorable dress! I wouldn't have been able to resist at $15 either, whether it needs altering or not.

I'm 5'4" and do alter pants and skirts. I've gotten where I can't wear anything but petite tops and dresses b/c of the armholes and length between shoulder and waist - I'm just too short torso-ed. I have the bust prob too, but the opposite or you!

My mom alters my clothes - but we're stumped on hemming jersey knit - does anyone have any help? I've got an Ann Taylor skirt that is about 1.5 inches too long and I don't want to ruin it! Should we cut it off and do a really small hem instead of turning up that much? And do I need to do the hem with a surger? We have one, but haven't experimented much with it. The material is pretty thick. Thanks for any suggestions!

hillary said...

I have never hemmed jersey. This is terrible but I would just hike it up. Unless you wanted to wear something tucked in. I would hide it under a belt.

If you were to hem it I think you probably would have to use a serger or a small running(?) stich before you folded it up.

Franca said...

I love your hair! I always love your hair!

I do quite a lot of shortening of stuff to fit my midget size, mainly skirts. I don't wear trousers much, and if it's jeans I'll just let them sloyuch along the floor. i know - awful!

I completely agree that clothing manufacturers aren't very considerate and we shouldn't have to stick clothes to ourseleves for them to stay in place!

whenlifehandsyouapear said...

I'm totally loving the braided look right now and wish my hair was long enough to do it myself!

This Talbot's dress is spectacular!

I had a dress and a skirt altered a few weeks ago and shelled out $40for both, which was painful. After that, I tried to alter another dress myself and ended up ruining it, which was even more painful. :(

chunkstyle said...

Yup you do have great summer hair. I have a weird thing about putting mine up...I think I need more hairdo clips n pins n such.
nice earbobs though, cute altering.
I've only badly hemmed too-long pants and cut v-necks into crew-necked tshirts (I look neckless otherwise).
carry on with your summer hair!

Distractedly Yours said...

I *should* alter my clothes more, but I don't. It is something I will invest time in once I'm at a goal weight. Right now, I'm moving through sizes pretty quickly, so it seems like a waste of money to do it at every size. I usually just rig some stuff here and there.

I need to take a picture of my dress today. It's black with yellow, white, and gray paisley. We could blind people if we stand next to each other.

LOVE the hair!

Clare said...

Jankey safety pin method all the way!

Seriously, though, I alter a lot of my stuff. Sometimes it takes me a few months to get around to it, but I'm so short that most pants eventually need to be dealt with.

Kelly said...

Your earrings look a zillion times better now. So cute!

I don't alter clothes much. Mostly because I suck at. I tried taking a sewing class but I HATED it and just stopped going, even though I know that learning how to sew would open up a world of clothing that I don't even bother with now (like, mostly anything that isn't a stretchy knit). I've had things tailored but it was always expensive and usually not worth the cost. The most expensive alteration ended up being the one where the new seams busted open after one wash. I still get angry thinking about it!

Lorena said...

Your hair looks amazing- I totally dig the braid look.
The colors on the dress are perfect, I would have probably picked it up too.
I have issues with pants, they are ALL LONG on me.
The same for long sleeved shirts, they always need to be altered. I feel like a dwarf sometimes.
I get things altered but sometimes it costs more to alter that what I paid for the garment.

Lisa said...

I love how you altered the earrings. They look completely different and infinitely better, good thinking on that.

Being 5'1" I have to hem all my pants, so I usually try to buy wide leg b/c they look the most normal after being hemmed. I think there is a common misconception by clothing manufacturers that if you are a petite woman you don't have breasts, b/c I find it difficult to find a blouse that I can button over my chest without gapping yet fits in the waist.

I'm also intrigued by those Hem Gems . . . if you get them do a review!

Cara said...

I used to get my mother to alter clothes for me all the time... then I moved too far away, and the "alteration" pile just got bigger and bigger. I JUST received a free sewing machine from a friend, so I'm looking forward to having more control over my clothes. It won't be quite as convenient as my mother doing it for me, but it saves trying to explain exactly what I want ("can this be moved over here, and add that there instead of this here" never really worked that well).
The hair looks fabulous again today. I'm so jealous of thick hair... until it takes me basically no time to dry mine in the morning!

hillary said...

When life hands you a pear. Your hair is totally long enough! I do a French braid and only add from one side and yours is actually perfect. If I knew someone with short hair id totally show you how. Oh maybe gram will let me do it on her. You only need about 2 inches to do it. Let me find this girl I saw with a great tutorial last week.

Cara my mom is 1,000 + miles away or I'd make her alter everything. She is a sewer by trade. (pattern maker and fiber artist)

Lisa I know it kills me how petite = no boob. I know much more busty petites than not!

Melissa looking at your photos i never would of guessed! One of my grandmothers is 4'10"(well she might of shrunk! She would admit though!)

Casey my mom has to buy longs I don't know who she wears though. (mom you reading this?)

Lorena they're wicked expensive huh? Once I bought a petite coat and the sleeves were too short (that's never happened before) I paid $40 to have them altered!

Franca we should make buttons "thou shall not fashion tape!"

Chunkstyle. How the hell did I not see you today?

Distractedly did ya take a pic?!

Clare my pile just keeps bigger and bigger. I know ita been awhile there are lined wool pant in it.

Kelly i don't either but I am gonna change that. I want things to fit and no longer want to make do. I dislike sewing. Daves great at it though!

Rachel said...

Thanks Hillary! Silly but I never thought to roll the waist and hide it (I do tuck in the blouse usually). I think we'd totally screw up the hem on this one so I'll try that. I only pd $5 at thrift store so I may consider paying a professional, it's a gorgeous skirt so would be worth it.

hillary said...

I found the video of the girl with the short hair braiding it.

tinyjunco said...

hi Rachel! scroll down on this link to 'construction tips'. it gives instructions for hemming jersey knit (the key is to use a stabilizing fusible interfacing). i've tried this method and had good results. if you have any similar material and can do a test first, all the better. if you're nervous, roll it under like hillary suggests, or you could take up the extra length by making a new elastic waistband.

Hillary - love the earring alteration! i used to alter clothes all the time, now i just sew 'em from scratch. but honestly, i've even altered panties.....steph