Saturday, June 05, 2010

Late spring cleaning

This has been the week of cleaning. Our apartment got an overhaul over
Memorial day weekend. Well the living room did and we pulled things to
sell at a yard sale. Friday was my office's big cleaning day. We all
take a day to go through our offices and get rid of what we don't need
or in my case get rid of the McDonald's toys I'd collected this past
year. I forgot to take before photos this year (I usually do) but here
is the after. When you sit at a desk all week I find I do better when
it's personalized. In the past I'd always shared spaces and nothing
was mine. I'm there most my waking hours! Oh and the post it
situation? My mil and dad's girlfriend are constantly buying them for
me. The three of us are suckers for paper products. I can day I'm the
only one in my office with pumpkin for fall, daisys for spring and
snow men for winter. I have shaped paper clips a friend gave me too. I
live seeing someone with something on their desk with a purple polka
dot paperclip on some documents. I know it originated with me!

1 comment:

Heather said...

LOL I LOVE your post-it 'situation'! I'm a sucker for shaped post-its.