Wednesday, June 09, 2010

It's always yours

Word. I didn't pre-plan last night. When left to the last minute I tend to do the same thing. But I couldn't find THE vest. My fitted collared men's style one. Technically then I guess it isn't the same. And I certainly didn't wear a Bumpit with UBER straight hair before.


My bumpit is kinda low today huh? I like it up higher usually. hrm.

brownstripe 137

I was adjusting my hair so you could see the bow and the collar on my shirt but I kinda dig it for a detail photo since you can see my earrings too! Bonus!

brownstripe 119
black oxfords clarks
If you are wondering what my thoughts on Bumpits is please check my review from last year.

Dave's shirt like mine bit the dust yesterday and had to be pitched. I was kinda sad. We can't dress like twins now.

Do you and your significant other ever dress alike?
Dave copies me ALL THE TIME. I wear a red cardigan he comes out in a red zippy track jacket. I wear an orange shirt he puts on an orange shirt.


Farmgirl said...

OH it's cute when you dress alike~

Farmgirl said...

OH it's cute when you dress alike~

Clare said...

Unless I wear a ratty white t-shirt and cargo shorts, Joe and I usually don't match. ;)

And seriously, those pants? Awesomesauce.

Lorena said...

My husband does the same.
I think he does it to piss me off. I'll put on a black polo shirt and jeans and turn around to see him wearing the same thing.
We have one shirt that is the same. But we have only worn it once because everyone picked on us, asking if we were in a boy band and all sorts of things.

Kimberly said...

You did very well for not pre-planning. I am always a big fan of this combo on you.

As for dressing a like - Dave and I get ready on complete opposite ends of the house so if we end up dressed a like it is purely coincidental. If we end up like that I will usually go toss something else on though.

I BLEED PINK said...

I love those pants!!

Me and my BF tend to accidently wear the same colors. He will come over and we will have the exact same color on its too funny.

Lisa said...

Sometimes Andy and I match. Usually it's unintentional, and we don't notice until someone points it out. Andy doesn't like to be "matchy" so it rarely happens on purpose.
Your hair looks fabulous! I want to try bump-its, but I'm afraid if I put it in my hair I would never be able to get it out.

hillary said...

Thanks guys. Pleated cuffed jeans is the last thing I ever thought I'd own and I have worn these more in the two years I've had them than any other item of clothing I've ever owned.

Candycane said...

Love the outfit and your hair looks amazing here!!

Sal xXx