Tuesday, June 08, 2010

I just want the girl with the blue hair to keep on dancing...

Brown stripe skirt Target 2008
BROWN shadow striped vest H&M 2007
Blue shadow striped shirt H&M 2008
Shoes LL Bean
Pocket Watch gift to Dave xmas 1998.

I feel my legs are MUCH smaller than this skirt says they are. See

Normally I feel GIANT. I know I know but it is true and this once that I saw myself in a photo and said NO NO I am smaller in the legs than that. It cuts me in the wrong place it needs to be hemmed. The ruffle needs to be taken off and shortened. Maybe gram can do that for me as it is a bit beyond my sewing skills. OK end of ramble. Long story short I have smaller legs than that.

When my bangs are this long I look a bit more attitudey than usual. That is saying a lot because I usually look like I have an attitude to start with. heee.

or dis?

Do you remember when my hair was like this?

pink hair day after I did it.

I'll never tell you what I do on a Saturday.

I really liked the hot pink / dark pink (depending on how well I mixed the colors that time) But it was REALLY hard to maintain. it was the under layer of my hair. It would leech onto the top layer. It ran out every time it got wet. I stained me, my tub, my pillowcases, my towels, some tops of my shirts etc. It was also labor intensive and involved lots of tin foil. Dave wasn't a huge fan of the blonde either so I went back eventually to my current color. (I keep doing the same one over and over I just go so long in between people forget how dark plum it is every time I redo it and think it is a new color) Oh the POINT. I was waxing poetic at Sally's this weekend looking at the pink dye. Dave and I saw the synthetic clips! And it was only $3.99 and exactly the length of my hair! (though you can totally cut it) I said OOOOOOOOH color without commitment. I had lime green clip in hair when I was 7. I thought I was so bad ass. I got the blue Dave liked best but now I want the hot pink, red and dark purple.

how about this one?

I am not pretending it looks real. It just is so much fun without the mess I can't resist even if I am almost 32. I found them even cheaper on Amazon. I am imagining an updo with it weaving through! oooh.

I think I might need to place an order. I will throw them in my little store too if you want to find them easily later on.

Did you ever experiment with your hair color?
Since my mom is a hairdresser I have done virtually everything with my hair.  The only thing I haven't is gone all over platinum. I still may someday. As a natural red head though it will require me to see a professional to have it done and maintained. I am not ready for that commitment yet. One of my all time favorites was the kick ass colors I had in 2008. The Vincenzo had woven like 4 colors through my hair so depending on how I parted it, it was more red, more blonde, more chestnut. He disappeared. I went back to have it redone and he was gone and no one knew where he was now. NO ONE has ever come close to his work so I gave it up because it is REALLY expensive at most salons in Boston to have them do 4  foiled colors at once. REALLY EXPENSIVE.
gots my hair did. 
It may be hard to picture but Dave bleached his hair a few times. He also went blue and purple. He is so damn endearing instead of looking rebellious people were always telling him how cute he looked. He couldn't rock the boat if he tried.No scanned photos sorry! I don't think we have any photos of the blue or purple. That was when he first got really sick in 2000 and we don't have many photos of him then.


EvaNadine said...

i love playing with my hair: style, length, and especially color!
i had one of those clippy hair color extension things for halloween, and i couldnt get itt o actually slip into my hair for the life of me. im not sure if i was using it wrong or if it was just a cheap clip (it was from Hot Topic) but i ended up having to use hair clips to get it to stay in place.
did yours work easily? it looks great, and i cant see at all where the clip went in!

hillary said...

It has great little teeth bendy clip. You can't see it because I made Dave watch my head and tell me
"can you see it now?" "How about here" "is here good?" Haa. Also I have THICK hair. Very thick hair.

Sal said...

I am so impressed/jealous. Your hair looks amazing in any and every color!

Sammie said...

I love experimenting with my hair! I just went to a coppery red for the summer and have been trying to grow my hair out since this time last year.

I am obsessed with your hair today, it looks amazing! (it always looks great though!) I really like the contrast between the bright blue and the deep red.

hillary said...

thanks I flat ironed it into submission after not doing it for maybe a month or more and used a heat activated gloss

♥ Kenz ♥ said...

I love the blue!!!! Love love love it!!! :)

La Historiadora de Moda said...

I love the blue! I change my hair style and color quite frequently. I just went back to brunette after several months as a redhead.

Kelly said...

Your pink hair looked awesome, that stinks that it was such a pain in the ass. Also I love your pocket watch - that plus your blue puff sleeves reminds me of Alice in Wonderland!

In high school I did a lot more with my hair color - we weren't allowed unnatural colors at school but I would do the "natural" colors I could get away with, like red and black. In college and until about February of this year I just sort of bounced around between a few different shades of dark brown or reddish brown. The red streaks I have now are as "crazy" as I've gotten, although honestly they only look red about half the time, the rest of the time they're a light reddish brown because the color washes out so fast.

Tina said...

I wish I was brave enough to mes with my hair. I occassionally put in highlights or add a red rinse, but that's about as wild as I get. I really want to do blond once, just for fun, but I am pretty sure that I would look wretched. Oh well.

Dave77459 said...

You look so attitudinal in the hands akimbo pose. Awesome!

It's kinda fun to have seen so many of your hair variants in the past. So much fun and great hair.

Clare said...

Good gravy, that blue streak is absolutely amazing. You look ridiculously beautiful in these pictures.

I used henna on my hair once, and it turned all auburn-red, which was kind of cool. I kind of want to do it again now that it's summer, but I never have the balls to do anything more permanent.

hillary said...

Clare I did henna in highschool a few times no problem and then one time it turned green and black and I vowed to my mother (a hairdresser) I would NEVER us henna again. I couldn't dye over it I had to let it grow out and keep cutting it off.
She was SOOO pissed.

Candycane said...

Wow love your hair both with the pink and blonde and as you have it now .. I change my hair a lot too!!

Sal xXx

DaniellaBella said...

I have blonde hair with a pink streak right now and you are so right about it being hard work. It's rubbed off on the other hair and leaks every time i wash it! I end up drying it with toilet paper! I do absolutely love it though...