Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Happy Anniversary (not wedding)

14 years ago you appeared on my doorstep. I didn't know who you were but I got in your car anyways. The doorstep is gone now but you are still here. We have been though a lot these past 14 years. We lived in 3 states, had 8 apartments, have had 3 pets,  we were in 3 car accidents, you were sick for 4 years and we took over 25+ trips to the emergency room, over 30 doctors, we went to 7 colleges and 3 (soon to be 4) degrees were received.
me and dave
with the birthday boy
us at Logan
Hip hip huzzah
At rissoteria

I know it isn't our wedding anniversary but I think meeting deserves it's own anniversary.
If I am hungry you cook me a meal.
If I am cold you give me your coat.
If I don't like my meal you hand me yours.
If I am scared you check for monsters.
If I can't open a jar you open it and tell me I had loosened it for you already.
If I am mad at someone you say "we hate her"
If I want Waffle when she is cuddling with you, you hand her over.
If I want to dress up for Halloween you sew me a costume.

I mean I could do this all day. You would move heaven and earth for me and I hope that I do the same for you.

And I am sorry I never said yes when you proposed.


Andrea said...

very sweet! congrats! D. and I celebrate our first date over anything else. We can't ever remember our wedding day, but our first "official" date is more memorable for us :)

Jess said...

You guys are the sweetest! :-) I love it. Happy meeting anniversary to you both. I think celebrating any milestone is important, and you wouldn't have any of the others if it weren't for the day you met!

Lorena said...

Ahhhh what a lovely post and all those pictures... but, my favorite HAS to be:
If I am mad at someone you say "we hate her"

Lisa said...

That is so sweet! I absolutely think you should recognize your meeting anniversary. After all if it wasn't for your meeting there would be no other anniversaries. Congrats to you two!

hillary said...

Thanks guys. It is sort of our dating anniversary too because we never dated. We were just "together" but lived on opposite ends of the country and then moved in together. We skipped dating totally.

Cyn said...

Ah, love. I can't describe it, but I can point over at you guys and say "this".

A terribly sweet post that makes me think it's only going to get better for the two of you. :)

DanaElayne said...

I have a huge lump in my throat, and I'm all teary eyed. I'm such a dork!

You and Dave...well, you rock :)

Kelly said...

awwwwwwwh! You and Dave are seriously one of my most favorite couples ever.

Marianne said...

So cute! :D Congratulations you guys. You made me think about that song... "Grow old with you" from the Wedding Singer, because you both look increasingly happier as time goes by on the pictures.

La Historiadora de Moda said...

Such a sweet post! Congrats on many years of happiness together and I wish you many more!

Sheila said...

Aw, this made me tear up! That is so lovely that you guys have such a special connection.

I must go hug my husband now.

david said...

too sweet dahling. i seldom like photos of myself but i really like the couples pics you found, we look good together don't we?

it truly seems like yesterday when we were sleeping on the floor of our first apartment cause we didn't have a bed yet and we'd go to 7-11 every night to get bevvies.

thank you for everything, you make life much more interesting and fun.

Kristen said...

Awwww, congrats!

whenlifehandsyouapear said...

Truly one of the sweetest posts ever, and so much fun seeing all the photos!

Tina said...

totally brought a tear to my eye.

hillary said...

Thanks so much everyone. I didn't even think of it until one of you said it. The photos aren't in order of time. I should of done that huh?!

Bridgett said...

aww you guys are a cute couple and seem very happy together. <3 congrats!

paisleyapron said...

Your love is beautiful. Congratulations!

Clare said...

You two seem like the perfect pair. Happy anniversary!!