Thursday, June 24, 2010

GUEST REVIEW Confetti Polish in Moonstruck

Today we have the pleasure of a guest reviewer. Sue from Farm Girl On the Hill She is the REASON I love polish so much. It is all her fault. That is my story and I am sticking to it.

Woo Hoo~ CVS has a new line of Polish ~ Confetti is the brand name~ (I can't find it on site yet) on back of Bottle it has MBA Beauty Inc out of Stuart Fl as company name. If your into the Putty shade (I am! See my thoughts on it here!)  then this shade might be one you'll want to add to your collection. MoonStruck ~ # 087

It has a itty bitty hint of Purple in it ~ but you'd have to really be out in the bright sunlight to catch the tish hint of Purple ~ I'd had on for past 2 days and as a Fiber Artist I am hard on my polish and it's still looking good~ (As her daughter I can tell you that she does a LOT of manual labor for her business with her hands in dye pots too) If I wasn't wanting to put the Kewl Blue shade I picked up from the new line I'd be keeping it on for a few more days~ at $1.99 a bottle it's well worth picking up~ 

Thank you Mom I mean Sue for your lovely review. Now HAND OVER THE BOTTLE AND NO ONE WILL GET HURT. Stay tuned for another guest review later.


Farmgirl said...

I'm stepping in for a minute to check on deliveries of fiber supplies and heading out to town~ I'm gonna have to fight my steering when to not pull into CVS and another shade. 1.99 is a cheap girlie girl fix! Love you doll face.OX Mumzy

Kelly said...

Thanks for the review! I blame Hillary for re-igniting my interest in nail polish lately, and I've been wanting to get a shade about this color but I'm always worried about it chipping because I am very chip-prone. I'll have to try this out!