Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Futures so bright I should of worn shades

Dress Target 2010
Clarks Book Pumps 2010
Necklace Banana Republic 2008
Ring MFA store 2009
Earrings I made

Makeup detail
makeup detail
IMG_1183Pewter flats book pump clarks


better left?



Looking down where the two braids overlap


Girls: "want us to take your picture?"
Me: "uh no thanks I am all set. i am working on a project"

Girls : want us to take your picture. ME: no thank you I am all set.
If you know anything about Boston you probably have heard of The Big Dig There used to be a GIANT green hulking central artery through the middle of Boston that divided my hood from the rest of the city. The artery was an over under and people were living under it and it blocked all the buildings on either side and when they tore it down a few years ago it was a shock at what disrepair the buildings along it were. Also now you just crossed a street to come over to my hood. You didn't have to go in a tunnel under the highway where lots of shit went down. Mom look away.(My family did not want me to move here AT ALL. As some of you know my uncle was murdered here, meaning Boston but not where I live in particular, before I was born) The first week we lived here someone asked Dave if he had any heroin while we were crossing in the tunnel. We didn't know it at the time we had to go home and google what he had said. But now my neighborhood is the safest in all Boston (I KNOW I was robbed in my own home and I walked in on it but really it happens everywhere!) But seriously the rumors are true about where I live and it is VERY self policing. They don't put up with any shenanigans.
OH so the point yeeees. So when they took the artery out and put it under ground there was all this prime real estate. Then they turned it into parks! It is the craziest thing on and off parts to the highway are on either side but in the middle are gorgeous parks with fountains that are MEANT to go in an play. I take my nail photos there but today I tired outfit photos. It was 7:30 am and very busy and as you can see above... people noticed. Urg. I am shy so I don't know that I will try it again any time soon!

If you take pictures in public of yourself what do you say when caught?


Kasmira said...

Future's so bright, you had to wear BRAIDS!

LOVE LOVE LOVE the braids. They look so cute and your hair is so lush and full. So jealous over here.

Lorena said...

That is such a pretty color.... and the braids...!! wow!!

Kelly said...

I don't take pictures in public because I would be too embarrassed of being caught! I get nervous in the winter because with all the leaves off the trees, one of my neighbors could see me if they stood in a certain spot on the porch. And who sits on their porch in the winter? No one. But I'm still paranoid.

Anyway, the few times I've had "public" pictures, I had Erik take them. I figure if I have someone else in on it, people will think I'm less weird and will more think that I have a good reason for doing this. hahaha

Tina said...

LOVE the braids!!

I get busted taking pics about once a month (and by busted, I mean peoplpe come up and ask me what I am doing rather than just staring at me). THe last time it happened, the owner of a store came out and said that I had been reported as "someone suspicious taking photos of your building." LOL I usually say what you said - that I'm working on a project and I have to take pics of myself for it. I just let them assume I'm an art student or something. I'm trying to decide if I am brazen enough to tell them the truth. I think I'll get some business cards and just hand them to people when they ask. Embrace the truth! (if I ever get brave enough, that is.)

Beck, At Her Best said...

This dress is such a fantastic color. I love the braids too, I might have to try this style myself sometime.

I'm way too chickensh*t to take my photos in public. The closest I've gotten is when I take them on my patio once in a while.

hillary said...

I can say that is a first! someone referring to my hair as lush! thank you.

Beck don't be scared! I mean people do much more embarrassing things in public. heee.

Tina if you are public property they can't say BOO! But your a lawyer you know that.

Kelly yeah dave too It is rare if I take them in public alone. I get all wigged out and draw attention to myself I am sure.

Lorena your hair would look nice like this!

brittneynikkole said...

Such a lovely shade of polish and it looks great with your ring.
I hate it when soldiers wander by when I'm taking my outfit shots. They rarely say anything but good grief, do they stare. Sometimes I think about getting mouthy "what, you've never seen a girl with a camera?" but I usually just try to pretend they’re not there.

Clare said...

I've luckily never been approached by anyone when I take my pictures in public. I think I'd freak out.