Friday, June 04, 2010

Friday blurry Friday

Got outside and my camera was dead. STORY OF MY LIFE. iPhone photos it is.
Sandals Marc by Marc Jacobs. They aren't available anymore but these are  Sandals from the same collection.  and have a similar look.
Jacket, Pant, Shirt Ann Taylor Loft 2007, 2007, 2008
Red tank H&M
Ring High Gear
Bracelet my mom made it in high school Sometime from 1973-77
Necklace Tiffany Similar looking necklace at a 1/10th the cost.
I have worn this shirt quite a few times lately. These pants are insanely hard to wear. I wore them a lot when I got them about 3 years ago but its been at least a year since I wore them. I HAVE to wear a heel with them or I look short and fat.
Old photo not current paint job.
marc jacobs sandals
Soaking wet hair. I did a french braid headband and forgot to take detail.

I wanted to let you guys know that I added an affiliate page. I've added Amazon Affiliate where I will link to products that I review on Amazon.Or to similar items to what I am wearing as I have been asked to do that for quite a few times. I will get a small commission of the purchases. BUT all items I review are things I purchased with my own money in a store. This way you can readily purchase them yourself and possibly help me out because buying things add up! As always all my reviews are 100% how I actually feel because as I said I purchased them and am not influenced in any way. I only link to things I love. If I don't like something I won't review it. There is enough bad press out there. If I think you should be WARNED about a product that is a different story. Any questions feel free to email me.

I am also building an Amazon store of things I have reviewed. You can check it out here!

Do you have any plans for this weekend?
Other than watching Alice in Wonderland finally that is all I have on my agenda. Dave is going to be helping out with this public art piece too. If you are in the metro Boston area you should check it out.


Kelly said...

This is going to be a weird thing to notice but in that shoe detail picture, your ankles look delicate and pretty (well as pretty as ankles can be!)

This weekend is going to be a bunch of work. I need to clean my house, fix my water heater (woke up to no hot water this morning, woo hoo), take Traci to the vet, clean out my garage, fix my bike, clean out my old car (it just died on the way to work the other day, so I have to get all my stuff out before it's taken away), and pack up a bunch of stuff (I'm moving!). So I will be a dirty mess all weekend. Oh and I guess I have to go to the gym and work out a little so I can use the gym showers since they have hot water!

mansionmogul said...

omg your mom MADE that bracelet - it's beautiful. I would wear it all the time!

Also now I want red toes - your look so fab in that shoe detail.

hillary said...

My parents went to this highschool that had all kinds of fun trades you could take for fun. I have jewelery both them made in highchool. About 3 or 4 pieces. I have to say that was last summer and it was a pedicure they don't look that nice when I do it!

Lorena said...

Thank you for your comment, indeed karma will hopefully bite her ass off- in fact yesterday was her last day to leave the apartment and as of this morning she was still there. Now I have to do the police crap -
On better things, I really like your top and... this is going to sound odd but I want to see your toe.
Is that a flower ??? OMG!!
Did u do that yourself ?
I also have a hard time wearing pants like that, in fact it became so hard that I just kept two of them. One in jeans and the other is a little bit more dressy.
It also makes me feel like a fat midget.

hillary said...

Lorena it is an old photo. It was a pedicure and I added the flower to cover where my nail broke AGAIN. I don't have a zoom in shot. I feel like a fat midget today that is why I havent taken the heels off all even though I am cleaning my office.

Farmgirl said...

Your Going to Love Alice in Wonderland~ we watched it Wednesday night ~ I really enjoyed it. Tonight I have "Dear John"

Lisa said...

I know you said the shoe/foot picture is old, but I love that pedicure! I never get pedicures because my toenails are so tiny I feel like it's kind of pointless.

This weekend I am: getting a wedding dress fitting, attending a bachelorette party (not for me), and (hopefully) writing a paper.