Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Foux da fa fa


Skirt by my mom
Black blouse Target 2008
Pink and White cami Gap 2002
Shoes Marc Jacobs 2009
Necklace bought with gift card Lucky and Loft gifted me 2010
Earrings made by MIL

OK so maybe the iPhone isn't the best for outfit photos. This is the third one in a row I did on it and one day was fine but two were washed out. This for example is PINK not pastely soft but Pepto pink. It is another skirt by my mom. It is nice and full too.


It is good for twirling in. woooah (that is what I say when I tumble over)

photo 5

Earrings my MIL made me. I took her to bead store one day and put her to work.


I have on shoes too. UNTIL THEY CAME UNGLUED
Still glued...


Not glued. I know I can fix it but now I am wearing commuting shoes all day. Wah.

What you also can't see is I only had one button buttoned and I have on a pink and white lace cami. see? That there at bottom? (me looking down at myself with camera)


The reason it is important that you know that? Dang you can't tell here either.(If you ever ask your husband to take a picture of his shirt I advise be very specific. heee)  But anyways  Dave has on a salmon and white stripe shirt. It looks pink in some light and orange in others. Well you get the point. I give up today. blarg.


We are screwed. People already ask if I am my mother in law's daughter. (My sil is a year old than me and we oddly have the same wardrobe. We can be thousands of miles and years apart and we meet up at in laws and have like 5 clothing items the same.  But we couldn't possibly be any more different though)

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spygrl1 said...

Two cute skirts in a row from your mom, cool!

Hee, at least your husband WILL take a photo of his shirt. I think if I asked my BF that he would say, "That is ... not something I'm going to do" like Jim Halpert on The Office.

Sal said...

The skirt is just darling! Love the print, love the twirling. As always.

Felicity said...

I love your hair style.

Clare said...

Love the sweet girliness of this outfit.

(Oh, and thank you for using "faux de fafa" for your title! Totally made my day)

Rachel said...

Love the skirts by your mom! They are so cute.

And I completely believe the article you linked - we are screwed too. After almost 10 years we are starting to have such similar mannerism that sometimes I'm not sure anymore what characteristic belongs to whom. My parents have been married 37 years and they are actually starting to look alike physically. It's kind of funny!

Heather said...

I really like black and pink together. That skirt is twirl-ific!

(groan - heheheh)

Taylor said...

Foux de fafa! Oh, Bret and Jemaine, I miss them so. (We sing "Business Time" a lot around this house.)

Too bad about your shoes; they are awesome! As well as your skirt. So fun and pretty.

Cara said...

At least you can blame your photo issues on your phone... something is up with my camera these days and I can't get it to read colour properly with any setting. I think, however, the issue is more with the person trying to fix it, than the camera itself.

Boutique Girl said...

Ack - your shoes - I hope that they are OK?
I love that nail polish!

hillary said...

Thanks guys! I am going to try and glue the heel back on this weekend! Those are my favorite sandals!