Monday, June 21, 2010

you should be doubly gratified.

Dress Gap 2008
Green cami H&M 2010
Gold bangles gift
Strawberry necklace Kenneth Jay Lane for AVON 2007
Earrings I made
Dansko Sissy Sandals. Mine are from 2009 but they still make them.

You can see the nice shape of the dress mid twirl the best.

Hair is Kasmira's Lazy Girl Updo. I had someone this morning stop to ask if the stick was the only thing holding it up. I explained to her how to do it. $5 tomorrow hers is up. It is seriously the easiest look to do.


I hate closeups of my face but I did a nice green and gold eye.


Then I put pink and white shimmer on inner corner. (I look tie tie)


And the accessories.


I had a very tiring weekend. We were up in NH again. The traveling back and forth and in different beds is getting to me. I didn't fall asleep Saturday night until after 4:30am and I couldn't sleep in yesterday because family was coming for Father's Day. It was a nice day but HOT oh lordy was it hot. We got my dad a fire pit. I can't wait until he sets it up. I bought smores ingredients too.

Saturday I had a styling appointment. My "client" (my mother in law) Started a new job this week and after not being in an office for awhile she was a bit stuck. She thought she had maybe 6 out fits. I took every single item of clothing from her closet and we made over 80 outfits! I showed her layering which isn't something she had done before. I also utilized a bunch of bright colorful beads she'd had from at least the 70's. I recommended a few items to add to her closet and she is set until winter! My recs were

red sandals
red belt and black belt
red, black, green white camis
and if she can find it a denim skirt in a look she likes.

For example here I showed her how all three tops work with the same cami and skirt. She was only wearing one of the shirts butted up with the skirt before.

In this one I showed how a necklace and a cardigan could change up the entire look. (she didn't have the red sandals when I took these!)


It was fun and went pretty quick. I took pictures of every outfit and uploaded them on her laptop to reference later. She then treated me and Dave (her son) to dinner! The rest of the weekend was spent with my gram and dad. One of the weekend projects was fixing my gram's cabinets. She decided to paint them and it was a disaster. She is on a remodeling kick and sometimes she decides before bed it's a good idea to paint the paneling.  My dad ripped it down and put new beadboard up for her. (gram sand first next time! hee)


This is what it used to look like.


I sadly don't have an after he was still putting it up when we had to head back to Boston. (About 80 miles)

It was a nice but VERY tiresome weekend. We ended it with a mini picnic on my pop's grave and it was a nice way to end a very stressful weekend. I love my family but OY VEY.

What did you do this weekend? Have any good food?
I didn't have anything worth mentioning this weekend. tre sad. Get me a piece of fudge stat!
I do have THREE new polishes to review if you guys still like those. All three were gifts which makes them more fun. Gram surprised me wearing blue polish when I showed up! She had even bought one for me! 
Click to enlarge to see those beautiful blue nails.


spygrl1 said...

Lovely summery look! I like the red accents with the cool blue and green.

And omigosh I that is soooo what I need! I need you to fly to IL to rummage through my closet and say "Oh honey no!" and "wear this with that."

Kelly said...

It sounds like it was fun helping her figure out all those outfits - that's awesome that you got 80 outfits out of 6! Good idea taking pictures of everything.

This weekend was kind of a throwaway weekend. We had lunch with my dad on Father's Day and we had a birthday party for my mom on Friday, but other than that I got just about NOTHING accomplished. I don't even know how I did so little. I lay down to watch TV on Saturday early afternoon and somehow accidentally fell asleep and didn't wake up until 8PM! So then I couldn't fall asleep until 4AM. And I've been in a weird place ever since trying to get back on track. It's catching up to me because I am SO TIRED today.

Lisa said...

It must be so much fun to help someone make outfits! I just love the idea of being able to poke through someone's wardrobe, especially older people who have years of awesome stuff. Every time I go home I love to go through my mom's jewelry and clothes.

I went to VT to visit my parents and celebrate father's day. There was tons of food consumption, most of it not photographed, but some of the highlights are here:

Melinda said...

I love that strawberry necklace! It's so cute. This weekend we did a little father's day celebrating with the step kids and we ate some NY style pizza Friday night.

Andrea said...

aren't you just the cutest! that was so nice to help your MIL. I love the outfits ideas you suggested-- you should come to my house soon & help me. I'm starting this new job in the Fall and I have no idea how to look more "serious" and professional. I always seem to lean toward looking like a 5 year old at the beach :)

hillary said...

Thanks for commenting guys.
It was really easy and fun to do the pairing. I showed her how to do things she hadn't thought of. it really only needs that extra set of eyes. Now I need someone to come do mine!