Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Doubt'll be the fire of your delight

kinda like this one
Teal gingham shirt Gap 2008 (I own over 10 gingham shirts. I just can't stinking resist I have black, red, green, teal, purple, pink....)
Brown long shorts but they are supposed to be shorter but I am short and forgot I want to shorten them before I wore again. Ann Taylor Loft 2008
Shoes Cynthia Vincent for Target 2010
Turquoise cami H&M
Necklace Avon 2008
Earrings I made

Not much to say today. I really liked this outfit at home and felt kinda badass quirky but then I uploaded the photos and it is all WRONG. blarg. You win some you lose some.

OK today I want to know what beauty products do you carry with you? Say in your purse right now? also what is for lunch?

This is what I have in mine


Now I will clean my purse out and remove most the lippies but by Friday it will look like that again. I grab in the morning and forget to take out at night. I don't really need to carry two solid perfumes with me so I will take one of those out too. The glass file is the cat's pajamas. I love that thing and if I ever lost it I might weep a little. I HATE to file my nails as they are brittle. This makes it almost enjoyable.The clean and clear oil sheets are the best damn invention ever.


Karlee said...

I am in love with those shorts! I don't really carry any beauty products with me. Since reading your posts I am on the lookout for a glass nail file.

Heather said...

I have linen pants that are slightly longer than those shorts and are the exact same brown. I love the combo of those blues with brown. Also I LOVE your necklace!!!

As for beauty products in my purse - today I have a scented handcream (does that count), two lipglosses and two chapsticks plus one of those glass files - love!

Lunch - I forgot my lunch today at home so I'll likely have an uninspiring piece of pizza.

What are you having for lunch?

EvaNadine said...

im carrying my small purse today, so the makeup baggie had to be left out. all i have with me is burts bees lipbalm and a few solid perfumes (which i bought after reading your recommendation!)
here at work i have a nail file and clippers and cuticle oil and a stash of emergency makeup.

lunch today is chicken salad dear fiance made last night. and carrots + celery and a cheese stick. right now, im trying pretzel M&Ms for the first time. yummy.

Kaisa said...

fantastic necklace and you have the most amazing shoes! just love these ones!


whenlifehandsyouapear said...

I've got to agree about the oil sheets! I've never had oily skin until the past couple of years and I was super excited to discover them. I just wish I could buy them by the case!

I usually toss several lip products in my bag too, so it's not uncommon to have 5 tubes of lipstick and 3 glosses rolling around in there until I clean it out.

rlutz said...

love your necklace...
in my purse--
rosebud lip salve, Clinique black honey lib gloss, MAC lipstick in pleasing and urbandecay in pleasing...
Also I have two hair rubberbands and a black clip...growing my bangs out and they are so annoying!

Lisa said...

Those shoes are magnificent!

I usually carry no less than 4 lip products (amongst them usually chapstick, always several glosses, occasionally a lipstick). I rarely carry any other beauty product though unless you count sunscreen. I possibly have the world's oiliest skin, but I found if I use those sheets/re-powder during the day I just get oilier. I've accepted my skin and its constant sheen.

Felicity said...

Purse- L'oreal Colour Juice Stick in Strawberry Fields, Kiss My Face Strawberry lip balm and a mini Davies Gate hand lotion.

Lunch- Trader Joe's Masala Burger on top of salad and a kiwi

I love your shoes and necklace!! Cheer!

Kelly said...

I love this gingham shirt every time you wear it. It would snatch it right off of you if I saw you on the street, so perhaps it is good we live far away.

Lunch was tomatoes and pasta, cottage cheese, salad, and blueberries. And I couldn't enjoy any of it because I was reading a book and it was talking about fetuses and worms and it just generally made me lose my appetite. Hmpf.

In my everyday bag I have a powder/mirror compact and lipstick (usually MAC Viva Cyndi or Mary Kay Mango lip nectar). I usually have a concealer stick in there too, but I took it out for my weekend bag and I forgot to put it back in my work bag.

Moni said...

Right now I have far too many beauty products in my bag because I keep meaning to clear some out and haven't gotten around to it yet. Hand lotion, hand gel (does that count?), MAC blot powder, retractable powder brush, sunscreen stick for touchups on the go, burt's bees lemon cuticle cream, badger cuticle balm, and far too many lip products.

Burt's bees shimmer stick
Gap lip balm (spf 18)
tarte 24/7 (friday, spf 15)
Softlips balm (spf 20)
Estee Lauder tender lip balm (spf 15)
MAC lipglass (russian red)
NYX lipgloss (real nude)
MAC slimshine (pink d'lush)
MAC lipstick (name worn off)
Korres wild rose lip butter
2 different hLancome juicy tubes

Today's lunch was chips and salsa, shredded beef enchiladas, and refried beans. Not very healthy, but good!

Fashion Girl said...

I just wanted to say that I am in love with those shoes,very cute.

As for beauty products in my purse... about ten different lip glosses, even though I always forget to reapply.

hillary said...

ooh I am SO nosy so thanks for telling me what you guys had in your bags!