Monday, June 14, 2010

Doing a little jig

Shirt H&M 2010 It is red and white stripe. You can't see it here but I am wearing a red and white striped cami. I was SO proud of myself
Pants 2009 Gap I call this cut "All about the shoes"
Shoes Marc Jacobs 2008 (They have them on yoox)
Bracelts Gifts
Earrings Forever 21 2008

Not sure what I was looking at.

Spontaneous tap dance.
Ever wonder what I am like in person. Ever see Garden State? I AM SAM. oh lordy when we saw that movie Dave was laughing and kept poking me "THAT'S YOU!" When she burst into spontaneous tap dance? Yeah.Sealed the deal.
From last year. (I took tap a little while back. I was honestly by far was the worst in the class)

Lastly what I bought at TJ Maxx. Between the blog, Facebook, Flickr and Twitter no one guessed right. Dave and I honestly thought it was gonna be guessed in the first 5 minutes. I got the black sandals. Which might look familiar.
Picnik collage
I bought the champagne Born sandals last year for $60. TJ Maxx has the black for $29.99!!

I will break it down with a  little process of elimination for you. The dresses. I don't wear white so no on the dress.(if it came in another color... it might of been a different story.) I don't wear maxi dresses nor do I ever bare my arms. I don't show my cleavage. (you guys haven't noticed what a prude I am? I attempt to dress modestly. Once in awhile it sneaks in there and I obsess about it for days)
I have to wear Rx glasses so no on the sunglasses. (I take my glasses off for photos every morning) But damn if I don't want those Kate Spade and heart ones. Contacts and me just don't get along. :( poutttt
The purple sandals weren't quite my style and despite what I might tell you tomorrow I do not need another pair of red shoes! (I have about 7, maybe 8.)
VIOLA black sandals. I actually took a lot more photos of items but I didn't want to do a giant photo plop.


Bridgett said...

i just bought a shirt similar to that one! the shoes are really cute, good choice.

Heather said...

Could you buy the sunglasses and get the RX put in??

hillary said...

Heather technically I could. But my lenses cost $600 and I already have one pair. I have to wear progressives (trifocals)

La Historiadora de Moda said...

Just out of curiosity, why do you take your glasses off for your photos? I always assumed you wore reading glasses or that you did contacts some of the time.

I love the top on you!

hillary said...

Because I have one bug eye. One eye is very bad and the other has little rx so I have a bug eye effect from the one coke bottle lens. Hot I tell you.

C Lo said...

That's so funny....I was in TJ Maxx last week and they had your champagne ones and I almost tried them on and sent you a photo...except they didn't have any left in my size.

You look rad today, I think I need to go to H&M soon. I love that shirt.

Tina said...

I hear ya. I had lasik for that very reason. Contacts and I stopped getting along after about 10 years of wearing them. At first I didn't mind giving them up, b/c I LOVED my glasses (I still miss them, in fact) but I hated not being able to wear sunglasses. I had one presciption pair, but I couldn't wear them for sports. So I finally broke down and got lasik when I was doing some major cycling and needed to wear sunglasses. I am actually looking forward to getting reading glasses. Is that wrong?

Love the tap video!

♥ Kenz ♥ said...

I love your red shoes...I am wearing red patent leather Ecco flats today too. :)

Kelly said...

I thought I recognized those sandals!

And that top is totally adorable.

Clare said...

Um, okay, your tap dancing video made me SO HAPPY. It's now an officially awesome Monday. And I love the outfit, too. One part chic office-worker, one part barbershop quartet. Yes!

Lorena said...

I can't see your pictures :(

hillary said...

what pictures can't you see the ones in the post?

Bianca said...

Love the top, and the red shoes are soo great!!

Also, I have shoe envy for those Born sandals - they are sooo pretty, and look nice and comfy for walking. :-)