Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Birthday Giveaway! Ophelia's Apothecary lip balm

You knew it was coming didn't you? Waffle wants YOU to have a present for her birthday. Waffle is giveaway one lip balm from Ophelia's Apothecary A LIMITED EDITION pink sugar lip balm.

Doesn't that photo look just like her toes?

Ophelia's Apothecary was kind enough to make a limited run of 4 "Kitten Toes" lip balm for me and I am giving one of them away in honor of Waffle's first birthday. (I bought all 4.)


It smells just like a cupcake! (which happens to be Waffle's favorite thing in the world. Don't worry we asked the vet a little frosting is FINE) She was quite smitten with the smell.

It is so silky smooth and your lips are literally soft for hours. It has to be one of the best lip balms you will ever used. (And I own $45 La Mer balm. Seriously this is better)

To win ONE Kitten Toes lip balm leave a comment with your name and email address and say one nice thing about cats. Waffle will choose the winner on June 5th. (I still haven't figured out HOW she is going to pick.)

FINE PRINT If winner does not contact me by June 7th 8pm EST a second winner will be chosen at that time.

So enter to win. Or not. Waffle doesn't really care. She's a cat.
kitten toes

ETA Dave just mentioned that crawlers might gank the email addresses and spend stupid crap so please format them with the AT and DOT com.


C Lo said...

Ok! My name is Cyndi and my email address is onesmarmymama@gmail.com and although I have met many a' cat who didn't like me, I've never met a cat I didn't like. And probably want to take home. Hence the four I live with. :P


Cyn said...

I wondered how Waffle would be celebrating her birthday- and how generous to be a part of a giveaway!

Dogs may be loyal, but cats are incredibly intuitive. All of the cats I've lived with (and my current cat in particular) seem to know when I'm upset or really excited. And it's awfully nice to have a furry little nurse when I feel sick. (And my Doug cat is very loyal as well).

Happy Birthday Waffle-cat!

Cynful456 at sbcglobal dot net

♥ Kenz ♥ said...

Kenz (kenz@alltheweigh.info)

I heart kitties because they're furry and they purr...hehe I feel as though I've known Waffle since birth even though that's not precisely true. :) I do believe I've known of her as long as she's been a part of your family though.

And wow...it does totally look like her little feet. hehehe So cute! Happy birthday Waffle!

Bri said...


My longest relationship other than family is with my cat, she of the bright pink nose. ;)


Lorena said...

Hi Hillary, can u read this to Waffle ...?
Dearest Waffle,
I had been waiting for your giveaway.
Your little pink paws remind me of my dogs'.
I have never owned a cat but when I do I will call him Pepper, that I know.
One of the things I like about cats is that you guys have litter boxes and you dont need to be walked... also you dont bark histerically when there are fireworks...
Happu B day Waffles!
Lorena rodgari@hotmail.com

Jill said...

My name is Jill and my email is jillshack2002@yahoo.com.

I'm glad I'm not the only one who is kitty toe obsessed! I have three cats and one of them has little black toes that she likes for me to play with and massage. She especially likes it when I let her flex and curl her toesies around my finger. Her baby toes are so cute I can't stand it! See what I mean? It's a sickness!

Have to go...there's a cat resting his head on my laptop mouse....makes it hard to type!

Eyeliah said...

I'm allergic but still sometimes pet them (despite the itchy eyes it causes). :)
eyeliah (at) stylesymmetry (dot) com

Jen said...

Jennifer here...I've always loved cats, and a big part of that is that, for the most part, you have to earn their love in return. Not every cat will come up to you and try to be your best friend (like certain other four-legged household pets...). So when a cat loves you, you know you've done something right. It's a good ego boost for all parties involved!

Email is guenevera at gmail dot com.

EvaNadine said...

oh! i have missed my kitties ever since i had to part with them!
my parents just got two kittens (Sonny and Cher) and they are just TOO adorable -- i may be visiting my parents more often now! ;)

Heather said...

What a nice giveaway!! I just spent 2 and half weeks with Boo Boo Gataki and while she shed copiously on me and woke me up on the hour, every hour and that wasn't fun there was something very special she did that I loved. Ms. Gataki is a lap cat. Whenever I was sitting reading or watching tv she would come and lay on my lap purring away - I loved it.

(you have my email - nutellaqueen)

D'Rae said...

I am a total cat lady! If I didn't have hubby, I would probaly have 4 or more cats running around! But, all I have is Sophie...

Waffle's toes are adorable and that lip balm looks just like them!

slice.of.life(at)hotmail(dot) com

Maria said...

Maria at mdatilano at gmail dot com

Kitten toes lip gloss would be awesome, seeing as how I'm allergic to cats and am not able to enjoy REAL kitten toes... unless I dope myself up with anti-histamines half an hour before.

Rachel said...

Happy Birthday Waffles!!! His toes are adorable!

I love a cat's purr, the most soothing sound in the world. I miss my kitten - Kittles - who was sadly killed by a speeding motorist last summer when he escaped out of the open garage. The call of the wild was too strong, but he didn't understand the danger. Keep Waffles INSIDE!

almost forgot the giveaway!! email is mamak2327 AT gmail DOT com

Emily B. said...

Oh little Waffle...I still have an image of you crawling into a shopping bag and playing in it. Little streak of lightning, you are.

Miss M., I think you know my email address and I would LOVE that lip balm. And it looks gluten free, too!

KayeStar said...

Hi Hillary and Waffle and Daisy.. and Dave too! Happy Birthday Waffle. It is Katee here. My 2 girls (Ida and Ivy) were very bad last night, sneaking onto the counter and trying to break into some frosted cookies, but they are soo darn cute and their purr melts me so i couldn't be mad at them! Kitten Toes is the BEST name for that lip balm!!

kayestar26 AT gmail DOT com

Jess said...

Happy birthday to Waffle and those cute pink toes!

I love cats because they are so snuggly. My kitties love to curl up with me on the couch or on top of my chest when I'm in bed. My baby Coco is the snuggliest...she follows me everywhere and burrows into my lap whenever I sit down.

My email is jessicafritsche at gmail dot com!

mamichan said...

You know I love a lip balm!
My grandmother always had cats b/c my aunt would bring home strays. I loved going to her house as a kid since my dad is scared of cats and dogs and he never let us have pets.
mamichan AT gmail DOT com

Kelly said...

Happy Birthday Waffle! I like the way cats rub their heads against you...so snuggly!

proficiscamur {at} gmail {dot} com

spygrl1 said...

Awww, such a sweet contest!

I'm Trish (spygrl1 AT yahoo DOT com), currently sharing my house with two cats. One of the best things I can say about them is they are hilarious. I get so much enjoyment out of my cats personalities and antics.

And clearly I like to photograph them: http://www.flickr.com/photos/spygrl1/sets/72157601199983146/


Dave77459 said...

Waffle has grown to be such a long legged beauty! She has such a regal bearing as well!

Happy birthday!

Dave77459 CAT gmail DOT com

Natalie said...

When I was a little girl I was so obsessed with cats that I would catch the neighbor's cats and dress them up in my doll clothes. Now I realize that probably wasn't the nicest thing to be doing to the animals I loved so much!

Natalie (natalieckennedy AT yahoo DOT com)

LisaJ said...

oooooh...I love kitten toes! So cute! Too many nice things to say about kittens so I will just say how much I love to snuggle with them!

Lisa lajump(at)gmail(dot)com


Clare said...


clarebld at yahoo dot com

I love the way that cats interact with each other. It is my lifelong dream to get kitty siblings someday.

Ellejay said...

I love kitten toes too! My tuxedo cat has pink toes but some look like he's stepped on a black ink pad... so cute! :)

Good choice on finding Ophelia's Apothecary! Deborah is so creative!

lindsayelmore AT gmail DOT com

Bridgett said...

bridgett dot chambliss at gmail dot com

i asked my fiance what's one nice thing i can say about kittens he said they're soft. haha, so i'll go with that.

Lisa said...

Hi! Happy Birthday Waffle! We adopted our first cat six weeks ago and the second one two weeks ago yesterday!

I adore how Dilbert looks so stoic and uncaring when our dog Sid tries to show him a favorite toy but then grooms Sid later. I also love that Noah has pink kitten toes like waffle. Before I adopted him I would not have been so wild for kitten toes lip balm but now it's a must!


janiece said...

Cats are amusing, an endless source of entertainment (i have 4, so i should know). You can't go past a creature whose head, from behind, looks like a tennis ball with 2 points stuck on it.



kristine said...

hiya waffle!
happy birthdayy [:

sadly I can't have a kitten because my sister & boyfriend are both REALLY allergic. even my puppy is a "hypoallergenic" one. (a poodle so he has hair, not fur) but maybe one day I'll get a kitten anyways [: There's always time <3


christine said...


after 15 years and nearly a dozen moves, my kitty still curls up on my pillow at night. and now he sleeps in my kids' beds. when i was a kid, our cat always slept on my bed, and she was the only way i could calm myself down after waking up from a nightmare (i always had horrific nightmares as a child.) she would sleep on my chest and start to purr the moment i'd shift around at all and it always centered me and made me feel safe again. love sleeping with a kitty. <3

brittneynikkole said...

Not only will I say one nice thing about cats, I will tell you the BEST thing about cats: Purring Pillow. You roll over find an even softer, furry pillow on top of your pillow (because your cat is supposed to sleep on your pillow... right?) and when you rest your cheek on it that delightful rumbling purr starts. This is why I have such a hard time getting out of bed in the mornings.

Happy bday Waffle!

brittneynikkole AT yahoo DOT com