Monday, June 28, 2010

Bang bang, she shot me down

Shirt Gap 2009. It is VERY long and low cut which makes it hard to wear. I had to bunch it up a little because I wasn't liking it tucked. I threw a cami under it to solve the low cut issue.
Cami Old Navy 2008
Skirt my mom made it
Belt/sash  American Apparel 2009
Shoes Dansko Sissy 2009 But they still make them
Earrings I made
Elsa Peretti for Tiffany's bean from Dave
Glass dichroic necklace from my mother in law
The skirt is actually very very full. This is me wearing it last year.

keep twirl

this detail

I told you a few weeks ago I was having a hard time with the Goody Spin Pins.. remember? They kept coming loose. I think because my hair is insanely heavy. Well one came loose while I was eating lunch one day and I went to grab it because I could feel it falling out. It slipped out of my hand and went down into a floor AC duct. I could hear it tink tink tinking it's way down. I have had one pin for a few week which is completely useless to me. This weekend at Target Dave suggested I buy a new set because the concept is great especially for someone like me who has frequent migraines from pinning my hair. Last night I tested putting those two braids I was wearing up with my now THREE pins. OOh it kind works! It is 10:18 am and it is very loose again but I think I can make it work with some practice.  It is supposed to be in the 90's with a feels like temp over 100. I needed my hair UP and out of my way today. I also wore head to toe cotton.


Once I got to work I slid the bow to the back. I just liked it better that way apparently.

What did you do this weekend? Any good meals? 
Dave's parents came to the city and we went out for Thai food, Toy Story and Tasty cupcakes. It was a fun day and I LOVED Toy Story. My mother in law had on a cute outfit inspired by some that I put together for her last weekend. She looked great! She even had a little red belt on to match.


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Lisa said...

I'm impressed that your mom made that skirt. I wish my mom would make me skirts.

Your mother in-law looks nice! I like her necklace a lot. We had lobster this weekend which some people may consider to be a good meal, but I'm not all that crazy about.

hillary said...

Lisa it is what my mom does for a living. She is a pattern maker and a fiber artist. (she custom dyes wool)

Sal said...

What a vibrant color combination. And I adore the braided 'do.

Lemondrop Marie said...

Wow, your hair is lovely. I can barely remember to flat iron. Love those shoes. We ate junk all weekend... off to the gym today for payback.

Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
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La Historiadora de Moda said...

I love that braided 'do! I made risotto on Saturday night, and I had a yummy brunch at one of my favorite places yesterday.

Kelly said...

Hey I saw Toy Story too! At the drive-in. I almost cried!

Erik made me an AWESOME sandwich this weekend that sounds weird but is amazing. Toasted oat nut bread with lunchmeat turkey, garlic/herbed cheese (like generic, more spreadable boursin), and thinly sliced green apples (I forget exactly what kind). He made me a second one on Sunday because I loved it so much. Other than that I ate a lot of crap. Pizza and chinese food. Blech.

Hey by the way what song are those lyrics from? When I read them I thought it was from "Frankie's Gun" from the Felice Brothers, but I just looked up the lyrics and they are "he shot" instead of "she shot" so I guess I am wrong.

hillary said...

It's been done over a million times. Sonny Bono wrote it originally though.

hillary said...

Sorry I left out that the song title is. bang bang my baby shot me down.

rlutz said...

love the skirt with the red belt bow in the front!
I also saw toy story 3 this weekend with my sons...loved it!

spygrl1 said...

Great skirt -- I love the red/blue color combination!

I helped my mom with a yard sale this weekend; some combination of lack of sleep, crappy food, hot weather and bright sun gave me a migraine, so Sunday I tried to do as little as possible.

Tina said...

Love love LOVE the braids up like that. I'm totally going to try that this weekend in my hair. Now I just need to find some of those spin pins. I can never find them.

Lorena said...

I cannot get over your braided hair.
Looks gorgeous ! Is it easy to do ?
Have you DIY'd it ?

hillary said...

You don't need a diy it's so easy. Put your hair in two braids.(see yesterdays post if you don't know what I mean) Pull them back with end tucked under and pin. That's it. You could do it with all lengths I imagine. if your hair isn't too thick it might stay all day. Mine had completely fallen by noon. It was wet too.

Cara said...

The hair is fabulous... as is the skirt with the bow in the back... a modern twist on a vintage look!

I really wish my hair was thick and long enough to do that.

I'm still salivating over the lunch I had on Friday - it wasn't all that fancy but I'm guessing it was the quality of ingredients that did the trick: italian sausage, tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese toasted on a multigrain bun. We almost did cupcakes at the local farmers market, but didn't make our loop back there until they had closed for the day.

Clare said...

Well, even with the frustration, your hair looks fantastic!!

And Dave's parents are so cute! They look like him! (duh, Clare)