Friday, May 07, 2010

You can tell everybody this is your song

this one?
Sorry back to iFone pictures. DSLR was dead this morning. URG I WANT MY P&S BACK!!!!!!!!
Dress Target 2008
Boots Kenneth Cole 2006
Blue cami H&M
Necklace and Bracelet Tiffanys
Turquoise bracelet CSA conference (Celiac Awareness. See its a stock of wheat with a no symbol over it)
Silver and Turquoise earrings Gift from my dad
Pin you can't see it is a bread and butter fly. (Click here to see a movie still of them.) Dave got it for me when we were "dating" (we never dated exactly. But the time before we were married) It is ironic now because Dave can't have bread....
Belt Target


So this has a cowboyesque feel. I have real cowboy boots (two pairs) and I have cowboy belts but I was going for more a feel then a full on look. I feel like a female version of my dad in it really. He has always rocked the denim on denim look. He also have a cowboy belt he has worn everyday of my life. I now have one like it!! (I have pop's that my dad gave him 30 years ago when he bought his. I need some holes pocked in it though)
me and my dad 1983

Today is graduation day where I work. It made me kinda nostalgic for my graduation day which was also when I left Florida. So **Ahem** this is me a "few" years ago on my graduation day. Oddly I had a horrible migraine that day and I do again today. Ah the memories.

If you graduated did you walk?

I did. I was the first kid to go to college in my family, not walking wasn't an option. Dave didn't walk at his though. His was at the exact same time as mine across town. He decided instead that we would all go to mine. His parents and my dad and his girlfriend all flew down and went to mine. We then had Dave put on my cap and gown and we "faked" his graduation photos.
daves "graduation"
He and I didn't go to the same school but hey who would know the difference! When Dave graduates in December HE IS WALKING. I don't really care if he wants to or not. :) I get to sit in the stand and hoot, holler and clap dammit! (oh for anyone new here. Dave went back to school 5 years ago to get an Architecture degree.)


Clare said...

I love the cowboy feel, and I ADORE that dress!

I walked at all of my graduations. I'm not a huge fan of all the pomp and circumstance, but it was the only way to make it feel real. Plus, I didn't have any other plans that day.

Jess said...

I need cowboy boots like whoa. It is sad that I live in Texas yet don't have a good pair anymore. I had a vintage pair that were my grandmother's that were AWESOME until they didn't fit anymore. :-(

I graduated a semester early, so I was in a December ceremony rather than the big May hoopla at my university. It was a "normal" graduation and that was really nice. The May stuff was multiple ceremonies, etc. and it just felt so tiring and overdone. December was just right...I walked, my parents & grandmother took me out to dinner, then I had a small party with friends.

Kelly said...

I realllly like that belt.

I didn't walk at mine. Honestly I felt like I sort of "settled" for the school I did (loved the city, loved the people, loved the size of the school and I got a scholarship so it was free, but it wasn't exactly an academic challenge) and I didn't feel like I had really achieved much by getting a degree from there. So I didn't want to walk. My parents were kind of disappointed but I don't regret it at all.

Lemondrop Marie said...

Love that belt and nail color. I did walk, at the family's urging. It was long and kind of annoying... I guess the pics make it worthwhile looking back.

Lorena said...

Every time you wear that belt, I secretly want it.
Love that jean dress. I have been looking for THE perfect jean dress... yet to be found.
OMG.... how exciting that your husband is getting his degreee !!!

BrooklynShoeBabe said...

1. Yes I walked in my college graduation. Except for my grandmother, who got her degree at age 43, I was the only one who graduated from a 4-year-school.

2. Ten years later, I walked in my grad school graduation because I was the only one in my family to get a Master's degree. From the time I was little, I knew not walking in any graduation was a no-no.

I also had to dress up. My grandmother was so appalled at what the undergrads wore under their gowns--cut off shorts and tees!--that she has been permanently scarred. lol. Every graduation season she has a flasback.