Friday, May 28, 2010

What's in my bag?

I am posting my purse in a ploy to make you show me what you have in yours. I AM SO NOSY.

Both images are clickable this time so you can uberzoom cause I know you wanna.

Edamame charm
Glamour Magazine
Bust Magazine
nook e-reader
Coach wristlet with Hello Kitty Alice in Wonderland Charm I got at Sanrio in LA. Wristlet no longer available but you can still get one the same but in another color.
Kiehls pocket spike
Key wallet from craft fair
Tyvek pouch for headphones which are missing. Dammit. Local store
Coach Ocelot case with my work id and T pass in. No longer available
Ginger Snap lipbalm from Bag Lunch
I think I sniffed everyone of SOWA Market
Kitten Toes! lipbalm from Ophelia's Apothecary. Read about it here.
Tiny Lorac lipgloss from a kit
Osmanthus face moisturizer spray from Petite Threla GET ONE!
Work keys I accidentally took home they have mon-keys caps on them
Twilight hand sanitizer (I kinda don't like the smell I decided)
Shape rubber bands. Dave and I have a set we've had for at least 5 years I hadn't used because they were expensive and I got them in one of those funky shops in Cambridge and I used one on a present for my mom and she loved it and Anna told me highschool kids wear them. This guy was selling about 5 or 6 kinda in the T and I got the "fast food" set.
Japanese material Alice in Wonderland pouch from Etsy MishMash Designs .The small stuff below it goes in it.
*Purse little silver pill case gift
*Origins stress sniffer (can't find on site)
*Hello Kitty bandaid case from Masami's trip to Japan!
*Swiss army knife from my dad
*Glass nail file. OMG I LOVE IT. You can actually file back and forth and it doesn't tear your nail. It was a gift and she said it was from a local store! But if you see one GET IT.
*Clean and Clear oil dabber papers
*Aurora chocolate coconut solid perfume from Morbid the Merrier on Etsy. My review here.

Oh and that is Daisyboo's head on the left. Her and Waffle were being OBNOXIOUS.
inyourpurse 003

Now show me yours!


Emily Kennedy said...

You are so cute, and it's so freakin' adorable how your kitties are lovin' up in these pictures!

Lisa said...

Thanks for the snooping opportunity! I posted mine, so you can be nosy as well. I think your contents are cooler than mine. I also don't have any cats to interfere in my pictures.

♥ Kenz ♥ said...

I love these posts! I'll post mine and tweet you so you can check it out. hehe

chunkstyle said...

C Lo said...

Ok, I'll do one of these posts this week. I haven't ever done it because it's embarrassing. My purse is generally 2093487987457923475 receipts, my wallet, 293847 gum wrappers, and some lip gloss.


Heather said...

I love this!! I'm so nosy about people's purses and fridges. hehe - show us your fridge!!!

Those glass nailfiles are amazing! If you want more let me know.