Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Weekend Roundup

A little late but better late than never?
Last week I wore
Don't call it orange. It is red. blarg4.29.2010--
I liked my Thursday outfit. Sadly it was my most uncomfortable though. I had these tags scratching me all day. They were up in the neck and I tried cutting it out with scissor at my desk without a mirror and eventually decided shoving scissors in my dress was going to ruin the dress or me. They were BRUTAL they were so rough. I was very uncomfortable in Wednesday red dress. Now of it was working for me. I felt fussy and fumbly and rumpled.

This weekend was nice. Saturday I got a massage. A first. Dave had given me a gift certificate a few months ago. OK not to be hokey but I have to say it did a lot for my grief. I have been having lots of "crazy" (probably perfectly normal) thoughts and I obsess more when it is quiet. It was like she was shhhing my thoughts. Just when my mind would start screaming again she would soothe it out. Weird right? You totally are unfollowing me now. The rest of day I was TOTALLY vulnerable. I started crying in line for ice cream.(I say it all the time but I am not a crier. I am more apt to scream than cry.) But it was a good thing! I was FEELING. I made Dave go to this ice cream place we have passed no joke 50 times and never gone. We drive by in the winter and I see the "pumpkin ice cream" written on a sign outside and think "OOOH I wanna go there" but we never do. Pop always stopped for ice cream. I always got one. Because who isn't gonna sit on a picnic table and eat ice cream with their grandparents? Pop say "want to stop" and I'd always yell back "OF COURSE" knowing full well I'd be sick later on. I am "allergic" to dairy. Born with it. But I indulge and almost always pay. You know what? Not only did I eat it and cry. I didn't get sick. I feel like the cosmos was telling it I was meant to do it right then. (But not a free pass to eat dairy) It was ginger molasses and it was wonderful. It was a rough day but it was very cathartic. The rest of the day isn't that interesting except for the not having clean water. OY.

Sunday we still didn't have clean water. They called it a state of emergency and warned not to drink, wash your hands, do dishes or do anything you normally do with the water. Boil Order. I didn't feel safe drinking it even after boiling. We had tried to get water Saturday but everyone was sold out.

We went out to lunch and hit up Tiffany's (Hello mother's day. wink wink nudge nudge. It's fine my mom already got it!) and I had been planning on buying myself a key necklace with some ladies nice things money. My mind has been grasping on the concept of a key. I keep looking for the "key" to happiness, key to my grief, key to being successful. I thought it would be a physical reminder (that and damn if I wasn't so insanely jealous seeing it on peeps. I was greennnnnnn with envy. Bad Bad I know better) I wasn't about to ask Dave to help pay for it though because I certainly DID NOT NEED it. I just wanted it desperately. He was pretty indifferent (or just worn down) with my constant googling and shoving my laptop in his face saying DO YOU LIKE THIS ONE? Can you get me the ruler how long is 20 inches. ad nauseum. I was annoying. We get to Tiffany's and he is attentive and picks out his favorite and favorite chain and tells me how I choose well and how nice it looks and how much he likes it compared to online pictures. We picked out a present for his mom (I picked who we kidding) I told him how we would pay separate so I could put it on my ladies account and maybe they'd give us TWO blue bags to carry out.
Then he bought it for me. I am well aware I have the best husband on the planet. He sews my clothes (see today's dress) He cooks me dinner. He listens to my wacko phone calls in the middle of the day when he is working. He is my best friend. He is my soul mate and sometimes he spoils me rotten. I then spent the rest of the day obsessing about the money and wanting to return it and asking him to go back so we could return it. (if you weren't sick to your stomach before... I apologize because I know it does now) I went with the one that looks more like a key and less like a charm of a key. Which were lovely but I just liked this one the most. My eyebrow lady (whom I have the biggest crush on) GUSHED. I gotta admit it's nice when someone gushes over something you love. Makes you feel like you have great taste. ha!

Hey I complain to you why not tell you some of the nice things now. I have only had it for two days but people keep commenting on how perfect it is. And again I tell myself to stop obsessing about the money. What is the point of working for a living if you don't bother to live? I didn't touch the house money. We aren't going without this week so shut up already right? right. We are far from rolling it in but the bills have always been paid and always early. I have NEVER not paid a bill on time or with assistance. EVER. I take pride in that fact. We did lots of other stuff that was only interesting to me so I won't bore you anymore.

We did finally get water. We literally bought it off the delivery truck. The butcher ran out to grab it off the truck because so many people were looking for some. We also put new sheets on our bed. LORDY if are looking for new sheets. The organic cotton store brand ones at Target feel wonderful. Waffle LOVES them. She keeps petting them. I slept so well on them last night.

I also want to thank Dave for being a part of my blogging. He didn't want to be on it at first but I wore him down after 8 years? He was a bit annoyed when I sent in his photo to Cute Boys with Cats but today when he was actually on the site and he had 38 "hearts" before 9 am he didn't seem to mind anymore. :) Go see him and Waffle HERE .

What did you do this weekend?


Bridgett said...

i love the key necklace and i loved hearing the story about how you bought it.

Kelly said...

I got my first massage when I was going through a hard time too. I felt just like you - vulnerable the rest of the day. And it really helped me with what was going on in my life at the time. It sounds so crazy! I've gotten some since then but none have lived up to the first. I felt transformed after.

Lorena said...

I am so glad you got your key!
Ha! it's funny how I also went through measuring each KEY! I actually printed life size keys and cut them and "tried them on" before I picked it. Then I emailed my mom who gave it to me as a gift (the big one)...
I think it was great you got it. I read somewhere just recently that you have to REMIND money that YOU own it and not the other way around.
Remember you deserve it, all bills are paid. WHY NOT?

Emily Kennedy said...

Massages bring out the super vulnerable side in me as well. That's one of the reason I rarely get them. I never know if I'll have a full afternoon afterward to just feel kind of blissed and melancholy.