Sunday, May 30, 2010

Unconventional Collectibles Nail Polish

A new addition to the the unconventional series. One of my To Do list items for this long weekend was to go through and organize my polish. While I don't use everyone everyday I do use a LOT of them often especially with the Konad stamping.
entire collection
While I had it all on the floor I decided to do some photos. I have to say I actually had LESS than I thought I did. Polish is one of my mom's and Dave's most commonly gifted items. My mom is a licensed hair dresser so she can get me OPI, China Glaze and Essie at wholesale cost. :) It is nice to have hookups. For the 14 years we have been together Dave has given me so many polishes. When we were first dating the first year Dave had bought me a tiny bottle of purple polish and he had it in his hand when he rang the buzzer at my dad's house. He dropped it on my dad's cement front step. heeee My dad NEVER let him forget it and it never came out!

Detail shots.
the opi


Calvin Klein (If you know you know Dave you KNOW instantly he picked this little set out. He loved the small square bottles) apparently it is no longer available. Boo!
calvin klein

The oddballs
the oddballs


Decorator's these had a tiny tiny brush for detail work

Rimmel and one Sally Hansen. I didn't notice until I uploaded that one of them wasn't like the other. I saw square and instantly grouped it.


China Glaze
china glaze

Sally Hansen
sally hansen



American Apparel (yes that's me on the right side of their page! Dave is guilty for all these! It is next to his school)
american apparel

And the ones I decided I haven't worn in awhile so I don't need them
don't wear

If you don't like polish you don't need to share that. This is what I collect and I love. Hey I don't drink , I don't smoke. I polish.

To keep them from thickening get yourself a bottle of thinner. You can find it at Sally's. I also use Seche Vite top coat. Dries your nails in 5 minutes flat.

If you are from a polish company and you'd like me to review your collection please feel free to email me! byhillary AT gmail DOT com

Feel free to ask if you'd like opinions on any that I might have.


david said...

which brand and color is your favorite?

hillary said...

American Apparel Mouse is my favorite color right now. Gram took my bottle so you kindly bought me a new one.

OPI is my favorite brand for consistency in product.

Melissa said...

I love your nail polish :)

Have you checked out Makeup Alley's nail polish board? It's great :)

C Lo said...

So weird, because I was actually JUST LAST NIGHT thinking how you have turned me onto buying polish and wondering if you had any of the same as I do. I am loving that Sally Hansen Xtreme wear. I think we have a couple of the same colors. My next big leap will be for some Opi, I just never go anywhere that sells it, really.

Heather said...

What I like about your collection is the variety of colours. I collect turtles - anything turtles. (I've stopped.) Your collection is more useful!

Dana said...

I love OPI colors. After I saw you using Funky Dunky, I had to run out and find it!

I am drooling over your collection! :)

hillary said...

Melissa I have but I have never really posted over there. I don't need another obsession I tell myself ;)

heather I am like that with hello kitty

Clo I actually don't like the x-treme wear. I have had really bad luck with them. They chip easily and they stain your hands BAD. I like the sally hansen maincure ones a lot though.

Dana it is just fun to say it isn't it?

Lorena said...

WOW what an amazing collection !
You probably have more colors than my manicurist !

Melissa said...

I know you mentioned once that you love blues--do you have China Glaze's For Audrey? It's designed after Tiffany blue :) It's my favorite!

hillary said...

yup I do. It's MIA at the moment.
But here is it on me.

Sammie said...

How do you store your polish? My collection has grown like crazy over the past few months & I can't keep up! I need something so I can easily see what colors I have. Everytime I look for something I end up taking them all out and lining them up to decide... and i've dropped a few in the process... not pretty.

Iris said...

Wow! That is an impressive ammount of polish :)

hillary said...

which brand do you find works best with your stamps? I bought the konad/imitation konad kit with 21 discs and i find sally hansen (which the majority of my colors are) don't show up very well.

hillary said...

I don't use any one brand exclusively but I know Essie isn't good for it and American Apparel makes nice opaque solid no shimmer colors. I use a lot of sally hansen too. Depends on what combo you are looking for. Sally hansen silver look SO good on almost any color. But if you are doing dark on dark it might not work as well.