Monday, May 24, 2010

Talking about love is like dancing about architecture

Dress Land's End. Dave picked it out. It is black but looks a little navy here huh? (Available here, if you are in the slightest bit petite. 5'4" and under go for the petite. The regular was about 4 inches longer on me and the sleeves went over my elbows)
Belt Target
Shoes Nine West. (Available here)


I know I just said yesterday I feel weird posting pictures of my feet. Today is no different but I wanted to show you the rose gold. I have no issues of posting about waffle's toes though.

How was your weekend? Any good meals?
We had a pretty great weekend. Friday Dave took me on a "date" (It is a big joke with us because we didn't things an untraditional route and we never dated. We went from long distance to living together. I met him on vacation visiting my family.) We went for GF pizza, then cupcakes and a leisurely walk around Target! During the school year everything is rushed. We have to be in and out of Target in 10 minutes. So it was so nice to take out time and wander. It is dangerous for Dave though because he found all sorts of stuff he liked.I am used to assessing clothing in 5 minutes flat so I only encouraged him. hee.

Saturday we went for a drive up to Essex and then hit the mall in Danvers. It was nice and it I finally got a new bottle of Kiehls Formula 133. Seriously ONLY conditioner that works on my mane and I don't break out from using. (Pantene gave me such a horrible reaction recently)

Sunday my inlaws came and we went out for breakfast at the Friendly Toast in Cambridge. It was amazing. We had to wait an hour and the service was terrible but they had GLUTEN FREE PANCAKES! Dave and both his parents are Celiac and this was something none of them ever did. Have pancakes in a restaurant. I even got GF ones so we could share. Mine were Cashew, Chocolate, Coconut with Coconut sauce, Dave got Elvis banana and peanut butter bacon ones. So did his mom. His dad got blueberry then eyeballed all out candy confection ones. First time in 6 years for Dave that he got to eat pancakes in a restaurant. (Disneyland had waffles though. I'd be remiss if I didn't mention those) We then went to SOWA markets and I saw two bloggers but was too shy to say anything to them.

Edited to add. I do love a good shirt dress. give a little love to get a little loveI totally got caught.....twice.


Sal said...

Heeeey, I know that dress! Looks fab on you, kitten.

david said...

too cute, i really like the dress/pose today.
i had a fun weekend - it was nice to see what it feels like to be a normal person :D

Emily Kennedy said...

So, were the gluten-free pancakes good? I have to know! I am always so glad that you're able to find so much great food for your Celiac's situation.

You look outstanding in shirt-dresses. Maybe that's one of the reasons you like them.

Jess said...

I really covet that belt. It's so cute and versatile! Love today's look (and the polish, omg!!).

Kelly said...

I love your nail polish and I don't think you need to be shy about posting toes, your feet look like you actually take care of them well, which is more than can be said for 99% of the toes I see in IRL or online.

This weekend was good! Saw Iron Man, went to a street fair, rented Where the Wild Things Are (although we both fell asleep in the middle so we still have to finish it), and had dinner with my family.

Kelly said...

Also, I am a big copycat and I just bought those Nine West shoes. I just couldn't help it, every time I see you wear them I want them!

Clare said...

You DO love a good shirtdress, and they love you back! Glad your weekend was so nice!

♥ Kenz ♥ said...

I'm a big fan of the shirt dress. It looks awesome on you..just saying.

Work With What You've Got said...


I miss commenting. I might just start emailing you comments.

That outfit is fabulous. I love love love the belt. I totally thought it was going o be one of your MJ pieces.

Chelsea said...

gorgeous dress! you and sal are making me want to visit land's end...

and I really love all of your shirt dresses... I want a collection of them too! In the past I bought a couple that I ended up donating because they were more of the pencil skirt variety, but these full skirted ones are my dream come true (for you, anyway!).

my weekend was great! relaxed, reorganized my dresser top, went out to eat (yummmmmmy mac & cheese and bread pudding... sorry Dave!), and more relaxing.

Lisa said...

Your nails are fabulous!

My weekend eating was kind of disappointing. I got a huge croissant at Starbucks, but it was kind of lame. I also got a latte which consisted mostly of foam. Usually they do better, I was bummed.