Thursday, May 13, 2010

An outfit and an unintentional review of Surf Spray

Coat and ruffle shirt Ann Taylor Loft 2007 The coat is a swing but but the stiff denim makes it stand funny. It looks best undone when I am moving around.
Pants Gap Dave creased them for me this morning! 2010
Shoes Clarks 2009

All the full length photos that Dave really tried to get in focus and framed came out blurry. All the detail shots he took without paying attention and was pretending he was paparazzi for the people watching us. They came out clear, in focus and apparently my skin is clear. (It SO isn't I got a new concealer that is meant for photos and it works a peach!)

I have done the denim on denim quite a few times before. My favorite being this one from 2008.
and now for something completely different.

Blurry detail of coat closed
denim 013
hair detail
denim 028
black oxfords clarks
denim 021

I normally HATE my hair no matter what I do to it. I usually spend a chunk of time every morning flat ironing because my hair isn't wavy or straight it is just this poofy mess. I bought Bumble and Bumble Surf spray at the recommendation of a friend (Hi eden!) I can't even tell you how much it has saved time. Time, energy and frustration! I wondered how to show you that it worked but I can't quite figure it out.
What I do
Go to bed with wet hair
Wake up with wild messy hair
Flat iron bangs (3 swipes done)
Spray hair and twist into a few sections just grab and twist
Secure with clip
Get ready for work
Right before I leave take clip off and run fingers thru it

DONE. It really does give you sexy beach hair. It is expensive at $22 for 4 ounces. MUCH more than I normally spend on hair products but dude I LOVE IT. I haven't liked my hair this many days in a row in a very long time. Also the TIME it saved! No more flat ironing and fussing!

Do you have a magic product?


Clare said...

Love the denim on denim, love the pin in your hair, love, love, love.

Jess said...

You look totally gorgeous in that last picture facing the camera! (Not that you're not USUALLY, but that picture is great in particular.)

My magic products are my combo of my Lush face wash (Baby Face), eye cream (Enchanted Eye Cream), and moisturizer (Celestial). A few years ago I tried Bare Escentuals and it made my skin completely freak out--tiny red bumps, flakes, itching, awful. Once that reaction was over, my skin was never the same. Now Lush is the only thing that keeps it looking good.

spygrl1 said...

I agree, that makeup detail shot is gorgeous! LOVE the hair -- that's what I always imagine my hair will look like long, but really it just becomes a haystack, so I'm sticking with short. :)

V said...

I really love the denim on denim! Gotta get the guts up to do my own version.

Kelly said...

I really like your idea of twirling an clipping it up - I will have to try that!

Chelsea said...

thanks for the explanation of how you got your hair this way... I love it! especially the green bobby pin.

my magic product is aveda's be curly curl enhancer cream. it's magical for curls and waves... encourages the curl while helping with frizz. love it!

D'Rae said...

Love the denim jacket! You look soooo pretty in that last photo!

C Lo said...

I've been meaning to try that stuff, but it is pricey for how much you get so I've been hesitant. THANK YOU.

Before I got to that part, I was thinking "Damn, her hair looks fabulous today!"


mamichan said...

Paul Mitchell quick slip. Makes my hair softer, shinier, and it air-dries quicker with this stuff. Bumble + bumble brillantine is really similar. I like the PM better because it's a pump and I think it smells better.

Heather said...

I like the sounds of this product. I think I may have to give it a go.