Thursday, May 27, 2010

The not so gentle art of distraction. Redux

I thought if I wowed you with clip art galore you might not notice I forgot my camera today. I went a little overboard. OK a lot overboard. By the time you are reading this I have inserted and removed 5 suped up photos.
The macaroons are to tell you the shirt is red and white stripe and not infact pink.
photo 3.jpg

My pants have ties at the bottom. I have always worn them loose but today decided to cinch them up. They move dangerously into harem pant territory that way. But I have owned them WAY before the trend came out. I am actually wearing a red and white striped cami under the shirt that peeks out of top and bottom.

I feel pressure to ask you all something good today after all the responses from the past few days. Which were AWESOME. I am a bit twitchy at times and things bother me when they weren't intended to. What I am getting at is if I ask what YOU do can you not direct at me with a "You should do x" I get all uppity when I thinks someone is TELLING me to do something instead of just letting me know what they use. I want to know what you do not what you think I should do. Know what I mean? Small thing really but I am already on edge and little things push my buttons when they shouldn't if I was in my right mind. Answer it how it was asked basically. I do often ask what you think I should do. Lately not so much.

Also let me clear this up because a lot of people seemed to be confused. I am NOT Celiac. My husband is. Feel free to read his story here. I have had gene, blood, endoscopy, allergy, umm something else embarassing lalalala. I am not celiac 100% nor did I ever think I was. But because I live with one I have to be careful about some things he might have contact with.

ON THAT ANNOYING NOTE (Sorry I gotta be honest with you guys about when things get to me. I am still very delicate emotional wise. More so lately that last month)

What is YOUR haircare routine?

Mine changes all the time to accommodate the weather or time of year or if I am out of products. Right now because I haven't dyed my hair in forever I am not using the color shampoo I usually use. I shampoo with Brilliant Brunette,(which has been DISCONTINUED! ARG) condition with Formula 133 By Kiehls. Which is the ONLY thing that gets my knots out. I comb it while I condition it. I do not comb it once I am out of shower. I put a little Moroccan Oil in it. Go to bed with damp hair. In the morning I flat iron bangs and then style my hair either with a flat iron or some Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray

clip art is all courtesy of Pugly Pixel

EDITED TO ADD I feel like a jackass for saying all that but if I delete it then it looks weird and the internet already saved it forever in people's rss. I'm just whiny. I don't like to be told what to do. Getting it from lots of people lately (in my daily life) But I ADORE hearing your thought on thing. I really do.


Distractedly Yours said...

Hehe, I get the same way sometimes. "Whatever, I do what I want!"

Haircare routine is complicated. I only wash every other day at the most. More often and it gets too dry and strips my color. I usually use kiwi color shampoo and condition with biolage color formula. I also do the comb through in the shower. Once a week, I use back to basics clarifying shampoo (it's tangerine and something-scented so it smells yummy) to get rid of product build up.

Once out of the shower, I use a combo of sebastian's whipped creme (it actually looks and smells like whipped creme-it's difficult to not eat it some mornings) and sebastian taming elixir.

I try to let it air dry for a bit, but then I blow it the rest of the way dry using a paddle brush. I flat iron it and add some bedhead manipulator to tame fly aways/add texture.

The end!

hillary said...


Distractedly Yours said...

Haha, glad you got my reference. That's what we also say when our cats are acting out like bratty teenagers. Whatevah, whatevah!

Lauren said...

PS, I know it's Dave with the Celiac. :]

hillary said...

I get TONS of emails about it. Wasn't just you darling.

Heather said...

Mostly explained yesterday in the bacne comments but here is the more detailed - I rarely vary this.

Shampoo every mrning - currently using Dove (one of the deep moisture ones)
leave-in conditioner (I like trying different brands)
styling mousse - ones for curls (again I like trying different brands)
I then bend so my head is upside down and defuse until damp-dry. I let the curls airdry after that.

C Lo said...

That makes sense. It probably is just easier to make it your lifestyle as well, since you LIVE with him. Just my take...

I shower daily, I use Pureology and I usually mix it up, some combination of the hydrating, the "straight" one, and the green one which is some sort of all fixing one. Right now I'm using the hydrating shampoo and the straightening conditioner.

I blow dry, flat iron to smooth it out and make it shiny, then curl. It takes me about 20 minutes to do all that. I usually use Pureology Shine Luxe finishing polish thing, but the place I buy my hair stuff has been out of it the last two times I've been, so in the interim, I am using this d:fi polishing creme thing, which doesn't work as well but will do for now.

Rachel said...

I think all women are entitled to be cranky at times, regardless of the reason.

I shampoo & condition every other day. What I use changes regularly, right now I'm in "cost effective" mode so I'm using

Pantene Ice Shine Shampoo
Pantene Restoratives No Frizz Conditioner
And the Pantene Deep Clean Shampoo once a week to clear build up

I have curly, super coarse, hair and tons of it so I always us Christophe Shine Serum for Thick/Cury Hair immediately after showering

Then small amounts of Garnier Fructise Curl Creme Gel, KMS Salt Spray and Aussie Sprunch Spray

I've been lazy/running behind lately so haven't been drying witha diffuser. Have just letting air dry.

Kelly said...

hee I love your macaroons and your index cards!

Hair: I shampoo about every 3 or 4 days. I try to stretch it out as long as I can but on the 3rd or 4th day it gets really FLAT and blah. I have a zillion shampoos and conditioners that I switch between - mostly John Freida's stuff for red hair, Aveda's Madder Root pair, and my curly ones (Wash n' curl shampoo and Daisy Fuentes conditioner for curly/fine hair). I use whatever I feel like I need. Then I blow dry for straight (with a product either for volume or straightening) or diffuse it for wavy (curly hair gel). The 2nd day is my favorite - I just brush and go. Maybe put some serum on it if it's frizzy. 3rd day is usually half up and and 4th day is usually an updo because by then I lost all volume.

I do want to start shampooing at night and rag rolling overnight this summer because I HATE using my blowdryer in the summer. But my hair looks like crap if it air dries.

WickedThrifty said...

i'm pretty cheap about my hair (big surprise) but i don't like to buy crappy mass-produced stuff with parabens and all of that evilness because 90% of what you put on your scalp gets absorbed into your skin/bloodstream/brain o_O

CVS is carrying a not-too-expensive organic line of shampoo/conditioner with AWESOME scents. i forget the name but the bottles are short and round and colorful.

i use natural instincts dye - used to be balinese amethyst or egyptian plum but they seem to have discontinued the exotics. *cries* so now i use rosewood, just a dark auburn on my hair...

for product, i'm naturally slightly curly so i have to use some kind of humidity milk or smoothing cream or something. i'm still looking for a good one, 'cuz dr. bronners makes my hair look greasy and fructis (which i do like) is full of evil. *sigh*

hillary said...

Dave and I used to both use rosewood! we'd dye each others that color. His hair is dyed rosewood in his senior portrait though it's hard to tell.

Beck, At Her Best said...

I'm pretty lazy with my hair. I only wash it 1 or 2x a week with Pantene or Head & Shoulders. I'm not too picky about shampoo or conditioner, sometimes I put leave-in conditioner in it but all I ever do is put it up in a clip or a bun. I'm thinking of getting it cut chin length like I had 2 years ago just because I actually did more with it when it was short.

This shirt is too cute. I've loved all the outfits youve done with the red+white+black color combo

Moni said...

I have kinky/coily/curly hair (similar to guitarist Bibi McGill or dancer Sabra Johnson), so the two key factors that determine my routine are preventing my hair from getting dry or tangled. I wash it once a week with some type of sulfate free shampoo/cleanser (dr. bronners or jr liggets shampoo bar). Sometimes I'll conditioner wash with Trader Joes Nourish Spa instead. I deep condition with Aubrey Organics (GBP, Honeysuckle Rose or Island Naturals). I use Giovanni Direct leave in, then braid my hair in about 8 braids with some type of moisturizer and a little coconut oil and let it dry overnight. In the morning I'll unbraid and either wear it out or pull it back into a bun. I also henna my hair about every other month. It's a little tedious, but I like the way it makes my hair look and feel.

Wicked Thrifty, are you referring to the Organix line? I've heard really good things about their products, especially the Coconut Milk version.